What is a Workaround?


In this blog I have discussed the workaround many times in some blog posts and in comments. Although this is not a very difficult concept, a few visitors asked me to write about it. They have some doubts such as: What is a workaround? Which plan is used for workarounds (contingency plan or fallback … [Read more...]

What is a Monte Carlo Simulation?

thumb-monte carlo simulation

If you are involved in risk management, you must be aware of the Monte Carlo simulation. The Monte Carlo simulation is a quantitative risk analysis technique which is used to identify the risk level of completing the project. This is one of the most important techniques in risk management; however, you will not … [Read more...]

Six Myths About the PMP Certification Exam

thumb-myth pmp exam

During my PMP exam preparation I encountered many myths regarding the PMP exam and application filing procedure, which causes me a lot of trouble and headaches. I believe that this may happen with you as well. However, if you trust any these rumors, your preparation may be badly affected, you may feel … [Read more...]