Project Selection Methods

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It happens many times that you get many choices when selecting the best option. For example, you may have the option to select which movie you want to see or where you should go for your next vacation. In your personal life you may make the decision just randomly, or based upon your experience and/or suggestions … [Read more...]

Critical Chain Method (CCM) in Project Management

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We have studied the critical path method (in my previous blog post), which was used to develop the project schedule. This technique helped project managers manage their projects in the past. However, in today’s fast moving era, a project manager has to build an aggressive and realistic schedule because time is … [Read more...]

Critical Path Method (CPM) in Project Management

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If you have been into project management, you must have heard about the Critical Path Method (CPM), which is a project modeling technique developed by Morgan R. Walker and James E. Kelly in late 1950 (Wikipedia). The critical path method (CPM) is extensively used by project planners worldwide for developing the … [Read more...]

Types of Procurement Contracts used in Project Management

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Today we are going to talk about all types of procurement contracts used in project management. Procurement management helps you identify a suitable supplier or a contractor to get or lease goods or services. These days, procurement management is a necessity of organizations, and everyone must deal with it at some … [Read more...]

35 Contact Hours of PMI’s PMP Training Program


When I was preparing for my PMP Certification exam and I was searching for any affordable 35 contact hours PMP Training Program, nobody was there to guide me to which PMP training provider I should select, or what type of training program I should join. Honestly, I was not even aware that there were any other … [Read more...]