How to Become a PMP

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You have decided to become a PMP. Now what? This is the first question that comes in your mind as soon as you decide to become a PMP. Not only you; in fact every PMP aspirant thinks the same way as you do. I also had the same feeling when I thought of attaining this certification for the first time. Now that … [Read more...]

Changes to the PMP Certification Exam – January 2016

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Update: The PMP exam update has moved to 11 January 2016 to allow all stakeholders adequate time to prepare for this change (Source: PMI).  I hope you are aware of the changes that PMI is going to implement in the PMP certification exam. In June, 2015, PMI published a new PMP certification exam content outline, … [Read more...]

What is a Pareto Chart?

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Today we are going to discuss the Pareto Chart, which is one of the seven basic tools of quality management. I am writing this blog post upon receiving a few requests from my visitors who asked me to explain the Pareto Analysis. Sometimes it is very difficult for you to understand the problems and their causes and … [Read more...]

What is a Workaround?


In this blog I have discussed the workaround many times in some blog posts and in comments. Although this is not a very difficult concept, a few visitors asked me to write about it. They have some doubts such as: What is a workaround? Which plan is used for workarounds (contingency plan or fallback … [Read more...]