PMP Braindump: Sure-fail Strategy for PMP Certification Exam Preparation

PMP BraindumpSince you’re studying and preparing for the PMP Certification Exam, I’m sure that you must have heard the term Braindump (Brain-dump, or Brain Dump), because a lot of websites on the Internet will be offering you their braindumps to pass the exam with a 100% guarantee.

So, you may have a few doubts in your mind regarding these braindumps, like

  • What is a braindump?
  • Are they really helpful for my studies?
  • Should I use them for my PMP Certification Exam preparation?

Therefore, to answer all these questions, I’m writing this blog post and I hope that after going through it, all of your concerns will be answered.

Okay, now let’s get started…

What is a Braindump

Technically a braindump is the transfer of large quantity of information from someone’s mind to any media like paper, computer’s hard-disk, etc.

Though, there is no official division of types of braindumps, for the sake of discussion, I am dividing the braindumps into four categories:

First type of Braindump is your own braindump that you create for your own exam preparation while studying. You read something, understand it, and make a short note of it, so that you can remind yourself of it at the time of the exam.

Second type of Braindump is same as the first type but it is prepared by you and used by someone else. For example, let’s say that you prepared your short notes (braindump) and you passed the exam. Now these notes are useless to you; therefore, you give them to your junior or someone else to make use of it.

Although, there is nothing wrong with it but it is not recommended because anyone who reads your braindumps cannot revise all of the concepts and thoughts that you used while preparing it. Only you can get full benefit of your braindump, no one else can get that.

Third type of braindump is the braindump in which you write down your memorized stuff on the paper in the examination hall just before the exam begins. For example, you can write down some formulas, draw some graphs, or note some important concepts or definitions.

This braindump helps you in the exam and many experts also recommend it.

Fourth type of Braindump is the braindump which is intentionally created by someone to be used by others.

The purpose of this blog post to make you aware of this type of brain-dump and the sure-fail strategy refers only this kind of braindump. This type of braindump is a memorized version of any information (i.e. real exam questions) which is sold to the students to pass the certification exam.

These days the term braindump is hijacked by some fraudulent websites, which provide it to the students to pass their exam with a guaranteed result. Their braindumps refer to the question bank that has been memorized from the actual certification exam and recreated as a duplicate copy of the exam.

This is an absolutely illegal practice that is not going to help you in long run, and may cause you to lose your certificate if you get caught. Even if you don’t get caught, a certificate obtained by this way will not give you any real benefit of understanding the subject and soon your employer will lose faith in you.

Benefits of the Braindumps

  • No real benefit of using the braindump; although, you may get your certificate by cheating the certification authority, but this will not help you too far, ultimately you will be caught for having no real skill.

Drawbacks of the Braindumps

  • Using the braindumps for the exam is unethical and it is like cheating.
  • You may get caught and lose your certificate.
  • Sooner or later, you will be caught for having no real skills.
  • Braindumps violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement with the certification authority.
  • Once you use a shortcut, you will never try to learn real things, and it will harm your ability to learn and understand the subject.
  • Braindumps degrade the value of certification.
  • It harms everybody except the site or person from whom you have purchased it.

It is my humble request to all of you who are reading this blog post – don’t go for the shortcuts, it will diminish your skills and your career growth in the long-term. These braindumps have compromised the whole certification process by degrading the value of certification and killing the learning and innovative skills of students.

This was all about the PMP Braindump. Please share your thoughts and experiences through the comment section.


  1. Bill M. says

    Brain dumps are allowed when taking the exam. It is not cheating and your suggestion that it is cheating, or it somehow degrades one's ability to learn, is absurd.

    • says

      If you refer the braindumps as a short-notes of important concepts or the formulas noted by the student himself on the paper provided by the Prometric staff, it is perfectly OK. It will help him a lot during the exam.

      And if you refer the braindumps as the questions that has been memorized from the PMP Certification Exam and given to students to pass it. This is an illegal practice and like cheating with the certification authority.

    • chris says

      It's cheating stupid… It's actual questions from actual exams… The reason you think it's absurd, hmm. you've probably done it… I have done it also, but for minor cert nothing serious like PMP… You would have to be a fool.

      • Jason says

        I think many of you are mssing the point here. Writing down knowledge areas, formula, processes, contraints, ect…all of this is okay considering they give you paper and pencil to do this. Some people keep mentioning memorizing test questions that you can buy…would this be cheating? Sure if you could actually do it, but considering they have a bank of a couple thousand questoins to give you on the exam, that these questions are updated regularly, and that the questions on person gets on a test are different than the person next to you kind of makes this impossible.

        • Fahad Usmani says

          PMI has a pool of questions from which a candidate has been given a selected number of questions during the test. Therefore, it is obvious that the person sitting next to you may get entirely different set of questions.

          Anyway, before giving the exam you sign a non-disclosure agreement with PMI that you will not discuss these questions to any one. If you do so, you are breaking the agreement which is unethical and illegal.

          • Mohd H says

            on 4 of Nov 2012, I failed in PMP Exam which has 200 Q that no even one Q like 625 Q that I got them from
            They are lie and just say simulation exam and guarantee to pass the exam, so I studied 625 Q, but I didn’t find any Q of them in PMP Prometric Exam.

            • Fahad Usmani says

              Hello Mohammad, I am very sorry that you have failed the PMP exam. However, I believe that you still have two more attempt left with you to pass it.

              And don’t trust anyone who guarantee for 100%.

              Let me know if you require my help regarding your PMP exam preparation.

              • Muhammad Motalieb says

                Hi I have failed in Feb. 2014, and plan to write again before Nov 2014. please assist me with any advices to pass the PMP. it will be highly appreciated.

  2. E. says

    it is allowed to have a braindump …. you should think long and hard before passing judgement on anything….your a bad pmp for thinking that way..

    • JAE says

      How can Anyone Disagree with this concept? Basic Project Management states if you try to take shortcuts it will always bite you in the ass… so why should taking the PMP exam be any different? Integrity is everything, study hard, learn your methods and pass your test with honor.

  3. says

    When you buy a set of questions and answers that are memorized by someone who took that same exam, that is braindumping and it is illegal. If you are caught using one, you will lose your certification. It is the same as using answers from an exam in any class you are taking. It's cheating and it's wrong.

  4. Vivek Leonard J says

    The point is not to go for the fourth type of braindump that Fahad is referring to. I am sure he is right. He never vouched against the first 3 types of braindumps.

  5. Abdellah says

    Fahad, I understand exactly what you mean in regard to using brain dump in PMP exam, I respect your opinion, I only want to add to that my intake.
    first let me ask an open question:”what if the exam was open book” like other exams that I personally took, same amount of questions and time frame… and they still tough to pass.
    Like, NICET exams, trades ( electrical, Plumbing, HVAC ) exams are all open books….
    I do believe PMP exam will not carry the value it does by being the way it is, no books or reference material allowed in the exam room, the purpose is to test your knowledge of PMI.
    PMI knows by requiring experience managing projects or even being involved with projects, they all know that companies have their own ways of managing projects- not PMI ways but their own ways.
    that one of the reasons they require you to learn the PMI way for the test, the key word here is learn and knowledge, that s way among the components of PMP methodologies there is 9 knowledge areas.
    so they expect you to learn it and know how to apply it in real life when the situation requires it.
    So when you come to the exam site, you have what your brain can hold and handle as far as knowledge, which means they are expecting you to treat the whole exam process as project by itself and how you will manage the triple constraints you are facing with ( Time, Scope, Cost).
    Cost if you become a member, of PMI you get the advantage of a discount etc…
    Scope , how you will learn PMBOK and get tested on it.
    Time, you have 4 hours, how you will manage to deliver the product/result on time without sheeting, all you have is what you held in your scull, damping it before you start the exam in a sheet of paper is a legal and ethical strategy you develop to manage your time, because one of the big Challenges a Project Manager is facing every day is the amount of stress and not enough hours in the day, so managing his personal and projects time is s kill to be learned, which proves that you were able to use your mental capacities to deal with stress,
    Knowing how the brain works under stress is key, when you are relaxed you can recall information stored in your short or long term memory, but under stress your brain will fail you, which means you fail the tests.
    They other important thing I need to point out, WE do not learn the same way to be able to recall what we learned quickly , some are visual learners, some are auditory, and other are kinetic… what ever way is best for every person to use to recall the info from their brain is legitimate.
    Last but now least, I am taking a class in the local chapter of PMI ( Midwest Region of US), you know that one of the methods they encourage to use?? yes you guessed it right, BRAIN DUMP,

    • Fahad Usmani says

      Hello Abdellah,

      If the certification authority allows you to take a book inside the exam, you can but if they do not allow that you can not do that.

      The point is that you have to follow the rules set by the certification authority and which you agreed to adhere with.

      The PMBOK Guide itself says that it is the collection of recommended practices that work most of the time but it does not guarantee to work in all time, you have to develop your own methodology to run your project.

      What kind of brain dump your local chapter is recommending?

  6. Abdellah says

    In your second paragraph, you said that rules have to be followed, I agree with you there, bu doing a brain dump you are not breaking any rules, to the contrary , you are adhering to PMI code of ethics.
    it is all about the knowledge you put in your brain, than you dump it back for your use.
    your comment about PMBOK guide, it is a guide, not engraved in stone, that means out there in the real world, managing projects does not flow those rules, it will better to do so, that exactly is the aim of PMBOK and PMP people out there who will change the culture of managing projects.
    you know about CAPM? I am sure you do, PMI encourage newbies who don’ t have enough experience to get their CAPM, you know why? simply it is recommended that if you are the PM in your company, a CAPM in your team will boost the success of your project, yes, you guessed it, he speaks the same language and use the same terminology, hence the same processes and knowledge area, etc….
    As far as my local chapter, they encourage the use of dump sheets, because not every company has and use the same concepts/processes, so when you take the exam, the answer shall be from PMI prespective, any ethical method you use to remember the 43 process and 514 ITTOs or formulas, shows that you did some work to memorize it in your brain, then to re-call it the time of the exam.
    of them was to train to recall page 43 of PMBOK guide out of memory.
    gurus of quality and HR along with their theories.
    and any thing you think will be of a benefit to you, cause no two exams are alike even if they are sitting beside each other.

  7. says

    Seems the meaning of ‘braindump’ to PMPs is different from people taking other IT certifications like MCSE (which is infamous for just needing to memorize the braindumps and pass the exams). I suppose no one taking the PMP exam would just recite the answers of real PMP exam questions leaked by unethical test-takers.

    The misunderstanding among those making the comments above may be due to the facts that they do not come from the IT background or they just did not realize ‘braindump’ may have a bad connotation.

  8. Ali says

    Dear Fahad,

    Can you give me advice for PMP exam. i already failed once and afraid to go second attempt..

    may be your advice is useful for me.

  9. Fahad Usmani says

    Hello Ali,

    Can you tell you how did you prepare yourself before going for this failed attempt? Provide me full detail of it including the resources and books used by you.

    Don’t worry, the PMP exam is not tough, you only need to prepare with right tool and right strategy.

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