Stakeholder Register in Project Management

stakeholder registerEarlier, I’ve discussed the stakeholders, and now we are going to talk about the Stakeholder Register.

Before we move any further, let’s have a quick summary on the stakeholders.

“A Stakeholder can be a person, a group, or an organization that may be affected, impacted or have any interest in the project, or in project’s outcome either directly, or indirectly.”

Stakeholder Register

A Stakeholder Register is a project management document, which contains the information about all project stakeholders. It identifies and lists the people, groups and organizations impacted by the project. In this register you can find every detail about the stakeholders including their names, titles, role, interests, power, requirements, expectations, and influence to affect any project objective and many more things.

It is very important for you to create the stakeholder register as early as possible if you want to complete your project with minimum hassle. Once you create the stakeholder register and list all identified stakeholders in it, you can easily draft the strategy to manage them.

The Stakeholder Register usually contains the three types of information — stakeholder identification information, assessment information and their classification.

A Stakeholder Register may have following information:

  • What is the name of the stakeholder?
  • What is the title held by the stakeholder?
  • What is the role of stakeholder in the project and/or in the organization?
  • What is the contact information of the stakeholder?
  • What are his requirements from the project?
  • How do the stakeholders like to communicate?
  • How often would the stakeholder like communicate?
  • What are his expectations from the project?
  • How can he influence the project?
  • How about his interest, whether it is high, medium, or low?
  • Classification information; e.g. whether he is an internal, external, positive, supporter, resistor or a neutral stakeholder.

These are the information that you can find in the stakeholder register. You are free to customize the stakeholder register as per your project’s requirements.

As the project progresses you will identify new stakeholders; therefore, you have to keep your stakeholder register updated every time you have any new information.

Once you create the stakeholder register, you can define the stakeholder management strategy to deal with them.

Here this blog post about the stakeholder register finishes, so now let’s summarize all important points once again:

  • A stakeholder is a person, group or entity impacted in any way by the project.
  • A stakeholder register is a project management document, which contains the list of all stakeholders and every detail about them.
  • The Stakeholder Register must be updated as any new stakeholder is identified.

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