What is the Passing Score for the CAPM Certification Exam?

passing score capm certificationPMI does not disclose the passing score for the CAPM certification exam; moreover, I have also gone through the CAPM handbook to find the passing score for the CAPM exam, but no luck there.

It is a common perception that if you select correct answers for 61% of the questions, then you may pass the exam, but no one can guarantee the truthfulness of this claim.

Therefore, I suggest you aim for at least 70% in your CAPM certification exam; i.e. 105 questions out of 150 questions. Forget about the pretest questions because you cannot differentiate these questions from the rest. Therefore, consider all 150 questions as real test questions.

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  1. maha says

    Hi There,

    I took the PMP 35 course recently, however i feel i dont qualify to do the PMP. Therefore im considering applying for the CAMP.
    Can i still apply even though i took the PMP course? and should i study from the same material the PMBOK edition 4? and rita’s book edition 7? should i prepare the same way and study the same material i took during the course?

    Also regarding the application- is it ok to mention that I took the PMP 35 hours instead the 23 hours mentioned in the application

    Thank you


    • Fahad Usmani says

      Hello Maha,

      I’m 100% sure that you can apply for CAPM exam with your PMP training.

      CAPM exam is more like a theoretical and based on the PMBOK Guide. Therefore, your main emphasize must be on the PMBOK Guide with any other reference book; e.g. Rita.

      Regarding your application, I think it is ok to to mention 35 contact hours for the training.

  2. maha says

    Hi Fahad,
    Thanks for always responding quickly!
    Can you please send me the name of the CAPM books I can use in addition to the PMBOK 4th edition?
    and some helpful free test websites.
    Thank you!

    • Fahad Usmani says

      Although, I never never gone through any CAPM book but I think Rita’s CAPM exam preparation book will be enough for you.

      Regarding the online materials, you can browse all PMP blogs and forums. I don’t see any blog or forum devoted to CAPM only.

  3. Sajid says

    Also a clarification, there is a feeling that one needs to pass all 5 process areas e.g. PMP grades the exam in those areas e.g. Below Proficient, Moderately Proficient, Proficient. The earlier thought was if you were below in one, you would also be given a fail e.g. Initiation – BP, Planning – P, Monitoring – MP etc.

    This is just a grade to let you know how you did in each area. The pass mark is still determined by the percentage. The pass mark still remains at 61%.

    • Fahad Usmani says

      Hello Sajid,

      You’re saying that “The pass mark still remains at 61%.” How do you come up with this 61%?

  4. Abbas Darwiche says

    I have the Core Performance Concept ” CAPM / PMP ” 4th… test training software. Do I have a chance to pass the CAPM / PMP by taking the Training Test Exams?


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