PMP & PMI-RMP Certification Exam Preparation Books

Here I am providing you with a few PMP and PMI-RMP exam reference books with short reviews. All these books are authoritative; you can use any of these books for your exam preparation.

I recommend you buy more than one book, at least two; this will help you study the same concept from different angles.

You can select any of these books for your reference, but don’t forget to read the PMBOK Guide. It will be very difficult for  you to pass the exam unless you study the PMBOK Guide.

Since the PMBOK Guide is a dry book, if you start your study with this guide, you may feel tired and sleepy. Therefore, go through any reference book before you jump into the PMBOK Guide.

Please note that these are my personal reviews, and have nothing to do with either the authors or the publishers of these books.

Okay, here are the books and my short reviews.

Head First PMP

head first pmpI got this book at the beginning of my 35 contact hours training program.

When I opened this book for the first time, it appeared a little weird to me as it has a lot of comic images, handmade drawings, signs, non-linear tilted-inclined text and lot of notes in the margins.

However as I started following it, I found this book amazingly easy to understand. I really enjoyed reading it.

You can see the popularity of this book on Amazon where it has the 2nd best seller ranking in the “PMP exam” category.

This book will make you comfortable with mathematical questions, especially for Time, Cost and Risk Management knowledge areas.

This book teaches you everything required to pass the PMP exam.

At the end of this book, you will see a full length mock test consisting of 200 questions. Although the level of these questions is a bit low, it helps you with identifying your knowledge gaps.

I am sure that you will love this amazing book.

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Kim Heldman

kim heldmanThis is my second recommended book.

This book explains the concepts as a project management process sequence instead of explaining it based on knowledge areas.

I liked it because the explanation of projects based on project sequence seems more logical to me.

Each chapter of this book shows you the list of “Exam Essentials” and key terms encountered in the chapter. This helps you remember and grasp the key concepts of the chapter.

This is really a good book, and I would recommend you use it.

This book comes with a CD which includes exam preparation software, an assessment test, electronic flashcards, and some audio recordings.

The author of this book has more than 20 years of experience in project management, and currently this book has the 10th best seller ranking in the “PMP exam” category on Amazon.

The standard level of this book is higher than the PMP exam. If you study this book, I don’t think you will have any problem passing the PMP exam.

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Rita Mulcahy

rita mulcahyNo doubt that Rita Mulcahy’s book is the most famous book to study for PMP certification exam preparation.

The author of this book was very knowledgeable and experienced in project management.

This book is so popular that it has consistently maintained its 1st position for “PMP exam” category for a long time.

The standard level of this book is par with the PMP exam. If you study this book, attempt all questions given in the exercise, and try a few more practice questions, you will be in a comfortable position to attempt the exam.

Rita is very good at giving real world examples. Reading this book will be like a reading a novel.

One thing I like about this book is its process chart. Rita has a process chart in her book which is a modified form of the “Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping”. (PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, Page 61)

Just one look at this chart clears many doubts, and helps you remember the project management processes in sequence.

This is a good book to study for PMP certification exam preparation.

You can buy the Eighth Edition of Rita Mulcahy’s PMP exam preparation book by clicking on the link below.

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Andy Crowe

andy croweThis is another famous book for PMP exam preparation.

The appealing point with Andy Crowe’s book for PMP exam preparation is the inclusion of a Free 7 day trial subscription to the Velociteach comprehensive online preparation tool “InSite”.

You can activate this subscription one week before your exam and take full advantage of it. This tool gives you a boost to your exam preparation before the real exam.

This book has a full length test at the end. Although the difficulty level of these questions is not as high as the real exam, it helps you identify your knowledge gaps.

The author of this book, Andy Crowe, is PMI certified PMP, PgMP, Six Sigma Black Belt holder, and the founder of Velociteach, a company that provides training for many project management certification exams.

This book has the 7th best seller ranking in the “PMP exam” category on Amazon.

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The PMBOK Guide

pmbok fifth edition

The PMBOK stands for “Project Management Body of Knowledge”. This is an official guide from the PMI, and it is the basis of the PMP exam.

This guide is a bible for all PMP aspirants, and you must keep a copy of it with you at all times.

It does not matter how many reference books you study, your preparation is not complete until you go through the PMBOK Guide.

Read this guide as many times as you can.

Although, the PMBOK Guide is a dry book, once you start understanding this book, you will love it. In the PMP exam you will see many direct questions from this guide.

If you’re a member of PMI, you can download this book for free from your PMI account.

However, if you want to study with a printed book, here is the Amazon link for your reference.

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PMP Formula Guide

PMP-Formula-Guide 217X300

I have seen many people struggling with solving mathematical questions, which constitutes a significant part of the PMP exam.

If you are not comfortable with mathematical questions and are unable to decode their results analytically, you are not well prepared to take the exam.

Therefore, I have written a short guide on PMP exam formulas to explain the mathematical concepts to you and decode their results analytically.

I have taken the utmost care to select the simplest examples to explain these formulas so that you can understand them easily and apply the concepts in the exam.

I assure you that once you complete reading this guide, you will be in a much better position to solve mathematical questions in your exam.

In this eBook, all questions are explained with every possible detail, and a practice question is given to test your understanding.

I hope you will find this eBook useful for your studies.

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Rita’s Risk Management

Rita Risk Management PMI-RMP

I believe this was the first book published specifically for PMI-RMP certification exam preparation.

Like Rita’s PMP exam preparation guide, this is also the most famous book for PMI-RMP certification exam preparation.

This book is a step ahead of its sister book for PMP exam preparation in storytelling; it is more like a novel than an exam preparation guide.

This book explains risk management concepts very well, and it is written in a simple, easy to understand language.

Although, this book explains the risk management concepts well, it does not cover the mathematical part very well, and there are not many practice questions.

Overall, this is a good book to go with.

You can buy this guide from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

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Abdulla Alkuwaiti

Abdulla Kuwait PMI-RMP

This is the second book I studied during my PMI-RMP exam preparation.

One thing I like about this book is that it is very focused on the exam content. It covers the whole syllabus, and walks you through all processes.

This book emphasizes practicing ITTO so that you never miss questions based on it. Moreover, this book has a full length mock test at the end to test your knowledge.

The only drawback of this book is that it has some typos and error in the answers to the practice questions (hopefully these errors will have been corrected in the latest edition of the book).

Overall this is a good book; it covers all points very precisely, and it is a good choice to go with it.

You can buy this book from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Buy Study Guide For the PMI Rrisk Management Professional Exam-  Second Edition

PMI-RMP Question Bank

PMI-RMP Cover 217x300I wrote this eBook upon receiving several requests from my visitors. Most of them were already a PMP and intended to apply for the PMI-RMP.

Developing this eBook took more time than any of my previous books because here the syllabus is short and I wanted every question to be unique. Although in the real exam you are going to see some repeated questions, in this question bank I tried to avoid similar types of questions.

In this question bank, you will find 170 PMI-RMP exam sample questions based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide, and aligned with the current exam format.

Answers are given with detailed explanations and are cross referenced to the PMBOK Guide (whenever applicable). This will help you understand the PMBOK Guide better. Please note that, like the PMP exam, you will see many questions in the PMI-RMP exam from the PMBOK Guide. So it is necessary for you to understand the PMBOK Guide if you want to pass the PMI-RMP exam.

I hope this eBook will be helpful in your PMI-RMP exam preparation.

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These were my short reviews on PMP exam reference books. I recommend you buy any two books from the above list and study them along with the PMBOK Guide.

Note: All books mentioned in this page are aligned with the latest 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide.

(Please read the disclaimer.)