PMP Question Bank

This eBook has 400 PMP sample exam questions covering all 47 project management processes, and is based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide.

In this eBook, all questions have detailed explanations with cross-referencing to the PMBOK Guide.

Not a single question is duplicated in any way, so you get a new concept with every new question. These are not just 400 questions; these are 400 concepts for you.

Since this book is available in three formats (pdf, mobi, and epub), you can read this formula guide on any device you own (e.g. computer, laptop, smart phone, kindle, nook, etc.).

In mobi and nook book format, each answer is hyper-linked to the question so you don’t have to turn the pages and go back and forth.

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  • Based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide
  • Aligned with the exam format after July 31st 2013
  • Complete coverage of all 47 processes in the PMBOK Guide
  • Detailed answers with references to the PMBOK Guide


  • Identifies your knowledge gaps and helps you fill them
  • Elevates your confidence in the exam
  • Helps you understand the PMBOK Guide
  • Provides you with a glimpse of the real exam

With all these features and benefits, this eBook is available for no more than the price of a cup of coffee.


Price : 5.00 USD

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