benefits of pmi membership

I always recommend PMP aspirants to get a PMI membership. It offers immense benefits that you will understand once you join.

I became a member of PMI as soon as I was aware of its benefits, and, at the same time, I also joined my local chapter—PMI Arabian Gulf Chapter, Kuwait. I benefited and enjoyed it immensely.

One year after getting my PMI membership, I passed my PMP exam. I found PMI membership useful during my PMP exam preparation.

Before we start discussing the benefits of a PMI membership, let’s have a quick look at the types of PMI membership.

PMI offers four types of membership. These memberships are as follows:

type of pmi membership
  1. Individual Membership
  2. Student Membership
  3. Retiree Membership
  4. Group Membership

Individual Membership: This membership is for anyone who wants to join the PMI. The initial joining fee is 139 USD, and then you have to pay 129 USD yearly.

Student Membership: If you are a student, then you can join the PMI using this membership. The first time joining fee for you is 42 USD, and then you have to pay 32 USD yearly \.

Retiree Membership: If you were a member of PMI for at least five consecutive years and have since retired, you can still be a member of PMI by paying a 65 USD renewal fee.

Group Membership: This membership is open to organizations or universities that have a group of 15 or more people interested in joining PMI. If you are part of such a group, you can directly contact PMI to get the discounted membership fee.

Benefits of a PMI Membership

You can realize the benefits of a PMI membership while preparing for the PMP exam as well as when you become a PMP. 

A few benefits of a PMI membership include:

Discount on the PMP Certification Exam Fee

This first benefit is that it helps you financially if you are going to apply for the PMP certification exam.

Once you become a PMI member, the PMP certification exam fee will be reduced from 555 USD to 405 USD. This is an immediate saving of 150 USD. Note that you only paid 139 USD to become a member, which means that the discount exceeds the cost of joining the PMI.

You will save 11 USD.

Free Digital Copy of the PMBOK Guide

If you are applying for the PMP certification, you will have to study the PMBOK Guide, as the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide and PMP Exam Content Outline. 

As a member of PMI, you can download the latest version of the book, ree of charge. The cost of a PMBOK Guide on Amazon is around 56.99 USD, for the Kindle.

Therefore, you are saving 56.99 USD.

You can also download many other relevant standards and frameworks for free, e.g., the Standard for Program Management, Practice Standard for Scheduling, Practice Standard for Project Risk Management, and many others.

PMP Specific Interest Groups (SIGs)

This is another benefit of the PMI membership if you are preparing for the certification exam.

You can join PMI Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) according to your requirements and interests. There are many SIGs focused on PMP exam preparation.

You can join and get benefits for your PMP exam preparation.

Access to Various Research Papers

Project professionals, academics, and techies from all around the world publish their papers on various topics on project management through PMI.

As an honored member of PMI, you have free access to many of these published research papers. Additionally, the paid papers are available at a discounted price.

PMI Marketplace

Many project management related books (paperbacks) are available on the PMI marketplace. 

You can buy all of them using your PMI membership account at a discounted rate. You can also subscribe to many online self-learning courses at a discounted price.

Career Central & Headquarters

PMI has a vast collection of resources under Career Central & Career Headquarters to help your career growth. 

Guidance is available, from building your resume to acquiring new skills and keeping you updated about the latest trends. You can also submit your resume and search for jobs.

PM Network and PMI Today

You are entitled to receive free monthly copies of the PM Network and PMI Today Magazines published by the PMI, since you are a PMI member. You can have them either delivered to your doorstep or in your email free of charge.

These magazines provide you with the latest updates in the project management world and within the PMI and its local chapters. Here you can find interviews, in-depth articles, and case studies, which will help you increase your knowledge.

Project Management Journal

You’re also entitled to get a copy of the Project Management Journal, which advances the understanding of project, program, and portfolio management, and is published five times per year.

Local PMI Chapter Meetings

Once you acquire the PMI membership, you will be granted an opportunity to join your local PMI chapter at a nominal cost. After you join your local chapter, you will get an invitation to every local chapter meeting at a discount or sometimes for free. You can meet project professionals here and expand your network.

To receive this benefit, you must join your local chapter by paying a nominal membership fee. This is usually 20 USD.


Networking is a significant benefit of a PMI membership; you will have opportunities to connect with professionals through Communities of Practice or in PMI chapter meetings once. You can learn a great deal by connecting with professionals.

For example, if you are preparing for the PMP certification exam, you can ask them for their lessons learned, or if you are looking for a job, personal connections can help you find one.

Free PDUs

The PMI has a vast collection of free webinars, and you can earn unlimited numbers of Category-A PDUs by watching these webinars.

Anyone with an active PMI membership can log in to project and watch the webinars and learn about the latest advancements.

However, if you are a PMP, you can watch these webinars and earn PDUs at the same time. These PDUs will be automatically reported to PMI, and with them, you can renew your PMP credential for a further three years for free.

They have categorized PDUs for PMP, PMI-RMP, and PMI-SP, etc. on their website. This makes it easier for you to earn PDUs for all your PMI credentials.

Templates, Tools, and Checklists

You can download many templates, tools, and checklists from the PMI website and use them for your projects. 

This will save you time and make your processes on par with the global standards.


It does not matter whether you are a PMP or not, a PMI membership will always be beneficial for you. It is good value for the money. There are many benefits of a PMI membership, and I hope this has motivated you to join the PMI. To realize the benefits of a PMI membership, you have to be involved. Join the Communities of Practice and SIGs and participate in local chapter meetings. There you will get a chance to interact with many PMPs. You can ask them about their lessons learned from when they took the PMP exam. Communication and networking will also help you in your career growth.

Are you a PMI member? Please share how you are benefiting from your PMI membership in the comments section.

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  • You mentioned retiree pays annual renewal fee of USD65.
    May I know, how about the 3 year certification cycle renewal fee for RETIREE ? Can it be waived ? If not, how much is the fee per year cycle renewal for retiree ?
    Thanks and regards from Jimmy (Singapore)
    [email protected]

    • Hello Jimmy, I have looked in PMP Handbook and PMI site, but unfortunately did not find the answer. Please contact PMI customer care and update us as well.

  • Hi My name is Narayan and I have a total of 15+ years of experience in IT (Geospatial Technology Solutions). As a management Associate total of 8 years of experience and handled 200+ team size. Right now I am working as a Team Manager from last 2 years. Now I am planning to pursue the PMP Courses. Please advice me, how to proceed further.

  • Hello,

    I am planning to attend the exam for a second time and the exam fee is 375 US$.
    Do I have a discount if I apply as PMI member? Or is it same price?

    Thank you

  • Hi Fahad,

    How are you doing?
    i am IT professional with 11+ years of work experience in Technical side. Almost worked as a team member or Team Lead. Haven’t much into project management activities.
    I am planning to switch my career to managerial side.

    Can i appear for PMP certification ?
    Please suggest.

  • I am considering to sign up for PMI membership and would like to know type of free webinars offered to earn PDUs towards maintaining ACP certification.

  • I am a Senior PM/PMO with Pmi certifications. Will I get a discount on my recertification if I get PMI membership

  • Good day to you Mr. Fahad, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management and Administrations in 2014 and have worked as an APM for a small construction company. I’m thinking of taking the PMP exam, so how much time should an individual allow themselves to fully prepare for the exam, in your opinion, what is a good source for obtaining PMP exam practice materials and mock exams?

    • Three months are enough. You can get all info and resources from my blog, and don’t forget to visit

  • Hello, i have been working as an HR and business operations officer since 2015. am i eligible for the PMP exam?

  • Hi Fahad,

    Aside from the above benefits being a pmi member, does it also mean that pmi will give me a pmi member ceritificate?

  • Hi Fahad,

    Someone searched me via LinkedIn and asked me to register for PMP two-day classroom and three-month online support to qialify for PMP certification exams. Which better way should I follow; be a member of PMI then do PMP exams as you did or follow this two-day classroom and three-month online support procedure? Thank you!

    • Become a PMI member, gain knowledge and read the PMBOK Guide and PMP exam reference book. Once you are done, go for the training.

  • HI,

    I am having 10 + yrs of exp. In IT industry. I am planning to do PMP. Could you please suggest as per requirement criteria what is the min. education required for PMP certification and if somebody register with PMI and get the digital copy of content / PMBOK – will help to get the certificate??


  • Hi

    As per set criteria, I am eligible for PMP exams. If I take Student membership and after that, I apply for PMP exams. Will that work?

    Will I get the discounted price for the exam sitting? Also, please let us know the difference between Student and Individual membership?

    To my understanding, most of the people are concerned if they can save money by getting PMI member as a student and after taking the exam at member discount price.

    Please guide us.

    • Student membership is for students and PMP certification is for professional. I doubt that with student membership you will be able to apply for the PMP exam.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I am Professional with 12 years of Professional experience, and also a student and doing Part time MBA from MDI Guragon, I want to know that can I apply for Student membership and give the certification?


    • Student membership is for students and PMP certification is for professional. I doubt that with student membership you will be able to apply for the PMP exam.

  • Hi
    As mentioned in your article i was looking for the Online book/ Reading materials but couldn’t find.. can you provide me the direct link please

  • Hi. I am a student and planning to take the PMP exam. Can I avail the discount? And will I also be given a soft copy of PMBok? Thank you for your response. 🙂

  • I have recently retired at 60+ from my job at abroad to relocate in my country at Mumbai in India.I am a masters in mechanical engineering by profession with experience in various oil and gas projects abroad and would like to pursue PMP for better prospect.
    Please advise its suitability at my age in various fields in India.

    • You have a vast experience and there will be many organizations wishing to utilize you. Try contact key personnel in the organization and I hope you will get a good position.

      A PMP certification will surely help you.

  • Dear Fahad,

    Can the online webinars offered by PMI for members serve as 35 PDUs required for appearing in PMP exam?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi, your advice is greatly appreciated. I have 4 consecutive years of experience in Project management and I completed a master degree program right after my work experience. I am planning for a PMP certification, therefore I am currently enrolled in a PMP course scheduled for the last week of September. My question is do I qualify for the student discount being that I am enrolled in the course?

    P.S. It doesn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

  • Dear Mr. Fahad,

    I am Civil Engineer, I am currently employed as QC Engineer and my job is more of execution/construction phase, I have a limited experience in Project Management. Currently, I have 6 years experience, I used to be a leader also during my Bachelors degree which I think could be considered part of Management. Am I eligible to take the PMP certification or can I even join the PMI?

    • You should have at least three years of experience in project management to apply for the PMP exam.

      You can join the PMI membership, there is no eligibility requirement for it.

  • Hi, thanks for the article. It seems a new version of PMBOK is releasing soon. Should I wait for that to come out and then become the member so I can download the latest version. Thanks.

    • If you become a member now, you can get both versions. It is your decision whether you want to start your preparation with the new version or pass the exam with the current version.

  • Dear Mr. Fahad,

    What is most suitable time get PMI membership before sitting in exam? If I get membership in September 2017, will i get PMBOK 6th version or 5th version?

  • Good Advice Mr.Fahad, Thanks.. answers most of my questions…

    Dear Fahad

    Question? Is it necessary to renew the license after one year…


  • I am retired as DGM (Maintenance) from Bhilai steel plant on 30/9/16 . Can I be a member of PMI. Am I entitled to appear for PMP exam having completed 60 yrs?.Will it be useful for building up my carrier at this age? . pl suggest.

    • You are a gold mine.

      I have seen a few people after retirement they have been inducted as a consultnat with high paying job. And of course PMP certificate will help you along the way.

      Age is no bar as long as you are willing to share your experience.


  • Dear Fahad,

    I have a question regarding to my current condition. I am experienced Project Manager and now I am taking a full time Certificate in Project Management. I think I should receive the benefits of discount as student member of PMI, I am a full time student, just that I am mature student with more than 10 years of past experience in PM in multinational companies.

    What do you think Mr. Fahad, I am right?


  • Hi Fahad,
    I am for now a stay home mom for the past 6 years. I do have a prior 6 years work exp, It’s time for me to get back to work and I have mainly been considering project management. I didn’t work in the past 6 years but had my own bussiness, was on a board of directors for a non profit org and did various events. My question is… do I qualify for the PMI exam? Plz guide me.. I believe it would be a great thing to have on my resume bfr heading back to the industry.

    • As per the PMI ” All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission “.

      So in your case, you are still lacking one year of project management experience.

      Business activities are usually operational which does not count towards project management experience.

  • I am a computer information student and I want to write the CAPM exam just to introduce myself to the PMI community. Is this reasonable to do? I did a project management course and fell I love with it do am thinking of building a career in project management.

    • The CAPM exam is for professionals who have very little or no experience in project management. Please confirm with the PMI if students are eligible to apply for it.

      As per my understanding you can not apply for this certification as a student.

  • Hello Fahad,

    I am a full-time student at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension and I am planning for PMP Certification. Will Student membership help me with reduced exam fees?

    • The PMP certification is for professionals, not students. If you are having a student membership, you are not supposed to apply for the PMP exam.

      • Well, I have the same question, but I am experienced Project Manager and now I am taking a full time Certificate in Project Management. I think I should receive the benefits of discount, I am a full time student, just that I am mature student with more than 10 years of past experience in PM in multinational companies.

        What do you think Mr. Fahad, I am right?


  • Hello Fahad
    You have convinced me to join the PMI, but what are the benefits of a local chapter? I understand the networking portion, but is that it? Are local chapters dependent on the leadership of each chapter? The fee for the NY chapter is $35 and that’s a steep price to pay for a chapter rate that may do nothing more than just network.

    • You will get invitation to their meetings at nominal or free of cost. Here you can meet many PMPs and learn from their experiences.

      You may get discount on many courses offered by them.

      And don’t underestimate the power of networking.

  • I am looking for a job in project management field and currently not looking to pass the PMP exam. Will the membership be helpful? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Mr Fahad , I am going to attend PMP training classes soon and then i will go for exam i wanna know does PMI will give me A certificate after successfully completion of exam
    and will it be a Hard Copy or Softcopy?

    • You will get a hard copy of your certificate through regular mail. You will also be to download your exam report card from your account.

  • {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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