Avoid a PMI Audit for the PMP Certification Exam Application

Firstly, you should understand that you cannot avoid a PMP audit, because the selection of a candidate is a random process and only the PMI knows how it works.

According to the PMI,

“All applications are subject to an audit, although only a percentage of applications are selected for an audit. The selection of an application for audit is random.”

You should not be afraid of an audit, because failing an audit will not sentence you to a life of imprisonment.

However, that does not mean that you should invite the PMI to audit you. I believe there are some red flags, which may trigger selection and make you more prone to an audit. I believe that if you make some mistakes on your PMP application form, this raises a flag, and you may be selected for an audit.


If you have made any mistakes in filling out your experience, this may be a red flag, and you may get selected for an audit. For example, if you provide any overlapping or any gaps in your experience, you may be called for an audit.

PM Training

There are many ways to earn the 35 contact hours, and one of them is through a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP). There will be no issues if you get your training through a REP. However, if you have earned them by any other means, PMI may audit you to verify your claim.

Please note: I’m not saying that you must earn your contact hours through a REP; you can earn them in any way recognized by the PMI. However, sometimes, aspirants think that a particular activity qualifies for contact hours, but in reality they do not. In this case, if you are selected for an audit, you will fail it.

Job Responsibilities

In the job responsibilities section, if you provide many activities that are not related to project management, the PMI may ask you to clarify by auditing you.

There should be proof that you are experienced in all project management phases in your job responsibilities section.

The PMP certification is for professionals working in project management; therefore, PMI has to check if you are.

Numbers of Hours per Year

Usually, about 2,000 hours of experience is enough per year. If you provide excessive working hours per year, the PMI may need to verify. Fill in this information carefully and do not put excessive hours per year.

You should not apply for the PMP exam if you have less experience than required. Once you have completed your experience requirements, you can apply.

Please check your PMP eligibility before applying for the exam.

Tips for Completing the PMP Application Form

I am going to give you a few pieces of advice you should keep in mind while filling out the PMP exam certification application form.


If you have any overlapping experience, provide it as one project, since you cannot add overlapping experience. For example, let us say the duration of one project was from January to June, and the second project was May to December. In this case, you will count your experience as 12 months, not 14.

Many professionals make mistakes while filling out the numbers of hours. Please do not put an excessive number. Count your hours carefully and note them down. Usually, professionals do work approximately 2,000 hours in a year. Therefore, under normal circumstances, if you are giving experience for the last five years, then the total number should be around 10,000 hours.

Also, make sure you count experience corresponding to all five phases of the project and distribute it correctly.


Now we come to project management training. It is best to earn these 35 contact hours from any Registered Education Provider; do not go for an unknown, unregistered, low quality, cheap option. Registered education providers’ courses are pre-approved, and the PMI reviews their course content.

It might raise a red flag if you try another option. Therefore, before signing up for any training course, do your due diligence.

Job Responsibilities

Under the job responsibilities section, make sure you give them your experience relevant to project management. They want to see if you have led and directed projects. Do not include your non-project management activities; it may cause suspicion. 

Therefore, before entering the job responsibilities, note them down on a separate paper and review them at least twice. Once you are satisfied with the information, you can then submit it.

Ensure that your responsibilities cover all domains and that you use PMI terminology while explaining your responsibilities. Emphasize your role and show them how you led the project. Explain your contribution to the successful completion of the project.

Please note that the PMI wants to see “represent professional and compensated work.” Therefore, don’t add your voluntary work in your job responsibility and project management experience. Only include the projects for which you were given compensation.

These are my recommendations to you to avoid being audited by PMI.

Also, make sure of a few more things before applying for the exam. This will help you if you’re selected for an audit.

  • Keep all educational and experience certificates ready with you.
  • Contact all your previous bosses, or their replacements if original has moved elsewhere. Inform them about your application and tell them that the PMI may contact them to verify your experience.
  • Don’t forget to inform your current boss, because they are the most likely candidate to be approached by the PMI if you’re selected for an audit.


There is no way you can avoid the PMP audit since it is a random process and anyone can be selected. Therefore, you should prepare before applying for the exam. This will make you well equipped in case you are selected for an audit. Supply the correct information, keep all documents with you, inform your bosses about it, and you will be good to go. If you have provided the correct information and have documents supporting it, you will clear the audit quickly.

If you follow the suggestions given above, I can assure you that you will be in a much better position to tackle the audit.

Disclaimer: Please note that the observations and advice given in this blog post belong to me. I do not guarantee that, by following the given suggestions, you will not be selected for an audit; you may or may not be chosen, it is a completely random process.

I hope all your concerns have been answered here. If you need any further information regarding PMI audit process, feel free to contact me through the comments section.

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Speak Your Mind

  • Hello, how would PMI look at my experience in terms of current and former work experiences. I have worked on management skills from 2013 to 2017 and currently my work is different from what I use to do before as project management. does this affect my application to fall for audit.

  • Hello, Is it necessary to be currently working in an organisation in order to submit the application for PMP. I have been worked for 6 years now and, I have decided to take a break and prepare for PMP. Kindly advice.

  • Hi,

    I have 20 years experience in Project Management and despite of my experience in Project Management I decided to prepare the PMP exam. I was randomly selected to go through the audit process and provided all the requested documents. I failed the audit and the reason was that the minimum eligibility requirements were not met.It is stated that the deliverables per domains (ie Initiating, planing, executing….) were not sufficiently described.
    I argued that this deficiency should have been detected during the step 2 (Application completeness review- 5 days) described on the page 4 of the PMP handbook. Meaning before the audit process.
    PMI did not comment on that except that I need to resubmit my work experience and go through the audit process again. To my view this is a deficiency in the process. The poor description of the PM experience should have been detected before I asked my former line managers to check and sign the audit documents. It was also not so clear for me that a thorough description was required. I now need to go through the process again which is time-consuming. They nevertheless proposed me to check the PM experience descripton before I collect my ex-line manager signatures again. Which they should have done before the first round. I am now wondering if I want to go throught it again knowing that their own process was deficient! Are there any similar experience like this one that you could share with me?

  • Is There a ratio percentage to distribute hours to every phase in the project ( ex. initiating = ….. % – planning = …. % )

  • Hi. I have seen that some of this has been addressed but I am still confused. I have two questions. 1. Two projects at the same time. Can I include overlapping projects time frames as long as I divide the hours or should I stick to one project per time frame? 2. There is a couple of months where I was working in training and out of vacation. Is it okay to have a short gap between projects? For example, project A from Jan to May, and project B from July to Oct. No projects in June. Is this ok or the projects should be consecutive? Thanks

  • My application was audited and it is completely random.The process has slightly changed where earlier PMI used to ask you to pay the fees and in case you fail the audit they will deduct $100 from the exam fee and refund the rest.

    However, in my case the moment i applied for exam i got an email another minute that my application is audited and i need to submit all my reporting managers signature, my 35 hr pdu certificate and my Graduation marksheet. No where I was asked to make payment for the exam. Post my clearing of Audit, I was asked to make payment of the exam.

    I was not happy of audit as it adds needless amount of lag and you need to take additional effort to send these documents to USA.

    The process to send the documents via India to USA is quite costly(they asked for 1400rs for 128gm parcel !!) so i used registered post(Government post department) and sent it via them for 199 rs. I dispatched the parcel on 21st October 2017 and PMI had already sent an email to me confirming that I have cleared my audit. So all you fellow aspirants from India can use government registered posts. It is safe and fast as well.

    Also, Do not panic if your application gets audited. It is just PMI’s way of making sure that the information we send is authentic.

    Let me know if you need any more information

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have project management experience from 2008 – 2013. After that I had few gaps in my working years. I want to appear for PMP exam in next 5 months. Can I use my previous Project management experience to appear for PMP exam?

  • Hi Fahad,

    Thanks for the tips on audit. I am thinking of applying for PMP exams however, I have got just about 2 years PM experience but worked on various projects before I began my PM journey. Does or can this make up the required 4500 hours of experience?

    Also I intend to self study for this exam as I did with my PRINCE2 – any advice on how to go about this?

    Thanks in advance for your advice mate!

  • Hi Fahad,
    I started as a programmer in a small investment management firm. This was 10 years back. Since then I have developed several complex software. I have gone through all the phases – Initiation, planning, excecuting, closing etc. However, I have, for the most part, worked alone on these. Am I eligible for the PMP exam? Can I include the time spent on the programming part in the experience.

    • As per my understanding programming experience is not a project management experience.

      If you have three years experience in project management (if you are a degree holder), no need to go for any further.

  • Hello
    I have a gap in my working years, also currently I am not working. Is this going to be a red flag for audit?


    • No idea about it. However, be prepared to get audited and dont worry about it and keep all documents ready with you.

  • Hi,

    Very nice article. Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

    My case is a bit different. I hope you can definitely help me out.
    After completing my graduation, I have started my own company in Sept 2009, which was a partnership firm that time. And I worked on the projects as project manager from Day 1.
    In 2012, we converted the firm into a pvt. ltd. company and continued the projects in that.

    The projects I have mentioned in my PMP application are from day 1 of my career, and as I wanted to mention only big projects, there is gap in experience as well.

    Can it be a case of audit?


    • No body knows the case of an audit, it is a random process. You should be fine as long as your total experience is above three years.

  • Hi, I have a question about PMP work experience. I have project managed short and long term financial investment projects and getting paid for elderly parents using family members and vendors as the project team and organizing projects according to PMI as I have PM training and experience from prior jobs over 8 years ago. Would this qualify as I have over 4500 hours, a degree, and finishing my 35 training hours with a PMI R.E.P. provider.

  • Hi, I have a question about PMP work experience. What types of work do count to PMP experience? Does student project count to PMP experience as well? Also, I have experience in leading non-profit project and I am a paid employee. Does that count as well?

    • For the first case, I suggest you contact PMI customer care. Regarding the second case, I believe you can count your project management experience.

  • Hello, I finished the pmi course at georgia tech in 2016 and now I’m ready to submit the 4500 hours of experience. however I have worked for myself as a general contractor in the banked owned REO foreclosure industry for 7 years now. Im what you would consider the middle person. I work for asset management companies who get the work orders or projects from the banks and then hires my company to fulfill the assignment. I then turn and use subcontractors to complete the projects for me. Which I manage the project and speak with the Asset management coordinators over the project. I let them know if the project is on schedule, if it can be completed within the budget and if we there are any issues during the project phases. I guess my question is how do I determine my hours and who can I get to approve them since my clients are not my direct boss. Kindly advise your thoughts on how to calculate my hours as I do believe I have the experience and hours.

    • I believe you worked as a project coordinator. You can mention your boss ID.There is no need to mention the client. Your boss is enough to verify your experience.

  • Hello,

    I’m ready to apply to re-take the PMP exam, I completed education hours and sat for the CAPM exam 5 years ago. In that time I’ve been working full time for a not for profit construction company. We have been working on no less than 3 house projects at any one particular time so I’m concerned that if I put in the actual time frames of those project then they will obviously overlap. Do you suggest I break down my project list in to years? Or perhaps development areas. I don’t want to put up inaccurate information.

  • Hi Fahad,

    Does the 4500 hours working experience require to happen in 3 years? Is it okay if I don’t have 4500 hours in 3 years but I have 4500 hours when I count them in 8-10 years?
    Besides, does the supervisor endorsed my 4500 hours require to put his/her signature on my application?
    Do you have any recommendation or good examples of the writing format to show 4500 hours working experience?

    Thanks a lot!

    • This experience should be earned in last eight years. No signature is required for PMP application though PMI may contact them if you are selected for an audit.

      You can distribute these hours according to your experience.

      • Thanks Fahad. Does it have to be my supervisor? Can I put contact of my co-worker or team-mate?
        Any recommendation of the writing format/template to cover 4500 hours working experience? Many thanks!

        • You can not put your co-worker or team mate name.

          Search on Google and you will find template to fill this experience.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have 16 years of experience in total, i have been working in IT with various designations in software testing(currently my designation is Technical Leader)but my role is Test Manager.
    for the past 10 years i have been involved in End 2 End project management activities for Testing.

    could you please suggest me if i can go for PMP certification? am i eligible ? just wondering if am eligible as i do not have Project Manager designation.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Since you are involved with project management activities for the last 10 years, you are eligible for the PMP exam.The project manager title is not mandatory.

  • Hi Fahad,

    Thank you for these information.

    I already have PMP , and now I want to apply for RMP exam.

    For the “add-edit experience” section for each project , should I mention the RMP process experience or it’s enough to mention the Project management experience in general in this section ?

    Thank you

  • Hi Fahad,

    Thank you for the info.

    Could you tell me what would be the best way to present 2 projects (Project Management related) at the same time during 2 years employment at a firm?

    Also is there anything else apart from the Experience Verification Form to send to PMI regarding work experience?

    • At a time you can give experience for a single project only. You can show your experience at two places at same time.

  • Hi,

    I have failed the audit for a “no fault” reason. It says:

    “The projects you have listed on your application do not meet the experience requirement because the deliverables you documented do not indicate how you lead and directed a cross functional team in all five process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing) across all your projects submitted on the application.”

    Also, my educational document and 35 hours were approved without any issue. The description I had listed for one of the three applications is as below. Do you see an issue here? What in your view happened here? Appreciate your help in this regard.

    “As part of ABC’s Image processing system project, I was involved in:
    1. Working with the client team to come up with the project charter
    2. Creating a work breakdown structure and preparing a scope statement.
    3. Conducting project kick off meeting with all stakeholders involved
    4. Doing a make or buy business of the software to put in place for the project.
    5. Collecting the work performance data and doing resource management to put resources on project.”

    • In your project activities you did not show your executing and closing process group activities. I strongly believe this is the only reason you failed the audit.

      If it is a mistake that you have missed including these activities into your resume, discuss the issue with the PMI otherwise get some experience in this part of the project and then apply again.

  • I was selected for audit & submitted all docs . I recd audit fail with No fault condition with a possibility to reapply after getting proper expereince. Anybody had come across such things.

    As, I drafted my application with experience in a hurry for taking exam can I request them for reconsider my application.

    • Since it is audit with no fault, you can apply for the exam again as soon as you get your paper in order.

      Anyway, if you want to discuss about this failed audit, you should contact the customer care and explain the situation.

      • What is the procedure to re-open a no fault case application. Can I amend my experience in my previous application.

        If a application failed due to writing of improper experience, on re apply, will it again come under audit process definetly??.

        • Since it is no fault, you can apply anytime. However, if you want to open your current case, you should contact PMI customer care.

          Regarding whether you can select for an audit or not on second attempt, honestly nobody knows.

          However, I think that since you are selected for an audit in the first time and failed, therefore you can be selected for audit again.

          • My application has been picked up for random audit.Is there any possibility that my application may get rejected because of project description.

  • I have selected for audit & submitted all docs . I recd audit fail with No fault condition with a possibility to reapply after getting proper credentials. How to proceed further. Anybody had come across such things.

    I drafted my application with experience in a hurry for taking exam.

    When can I reapply .

    Precautions to be taken while reapplying.

    • Hello Sadananda,

      This is the first time when I am seeing that someone has failed the audit.

      Anyway, the first thing you should know that why you have failed the audit. Please contact customer care to know more about the issues.

      It is also possible that if the issue is small or just an error, they can re-open your case. Just try.

      Hope it helps.

  • I have selected for an audit, I have my supporting documents for my Bachelor degree and my work experience, but the problem is that for my 35 PM contact hours, I addressed a project management course that I passed it during my Master’s Degree. I was a three credit one, which makes about 51 contact hours.
    I am going to send an email to my university and ask them to provide information about the course and its topics. My questions are:

    1) What information does the University have to certified?
    2) Should it be signed and sealed, or they may email it to me?
    3) If they don’t reply to my inquiry, or they don’t approve the contact hours or PM coverage, can I apply for a 35 Contact Hours class ant provide it to the audit committee?

    • They should provide you the course content. If they dont do it, ask PMI if you can join another 35 contact hour training program.

      Just a plain email, or any letter with their stamp will be sufficient, as per my understanding.

  • Hi Fahad..My application is selected for audit and i could see i made a mistake in the “attained education”. Instead of my college name, i have given my PMP training center name and address. And selected Bachelors for degree field.

    Could you please suggest me,how can i address this issue now?.

    Thanks for your help.


    • See if you can edit the details. If not, contact PMI customer care immediately and explained them the issue.

  • Can anyone give me some links to scholarly articles that are emprical in nature, which state clearly that PMPs are better than non PMPs? I know PMI says that they are better but I cant find any articles that back this.

  • Hello Folks, I had submitted my PMP application and got flagged for audit. Now my problemn is that my contact for verification of experience won’t cooperate. My other colleagues who worked on all the projects are willing to help too but I am not sure if crossing out the original contact for verification of experience with new contact is such move or not. Has anyone experienced such problem that I have. I will really appreciate anyones help or advice. Thanks Dan

    • I think you should speak with him and if he does not agree to co-operate, you can approach his superior to convince him.

      You’re not asking for any favor, you are just asking to tell truth to PMI.

  • Dear Fahad,

    2,000 hours per year would mean 166 hours per month – i.e. no holidays/vacations etc. It would definitely be picked for an audit given that the hours are wrong up front. From our previous experience, when one accounts for leaves/vacation/organizational activities (20% of overall allocation), the hours/year would be around 1,500. This means about three years of PM experience.

    Would suggest that folks the 166 hours per month calculation and stick to a more realistic 128 hours per month range to ensure they’re also representing their experience honestly/accurately.

    • You need to calculate the approximate hours of work you performed on the project management activities and then report it. This is the correct way of reporting experience to PMI.

      2,000 hours is the limit that a person should not cross. In some parts of world you work 40 hours a week (1920 hours/ year), in other parts you work 48 hours a week (2304 hours/year), and some times even more.

      Therefore experts suggest keeping it around 2,000.

  • Hi, can any one please tell me, how much are the “Numbers of Hours per Year” should we put, since I have worked 7 yrs till now. can any one please suggest how should I divide my time.



  • Yes, you are right. One cannot avoid the audit. But as I have followed the best practices when submitting the PMP application, my audit process was quite smooth. The biggest problem is the postage time as I needed to send in the audit package from Hong Kong. It took over 8 working days to receive the audit success email.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I guess there is any way to avoid being audited by PMI. I would attribute that to plain bad luck!!!

    But to be fair, one can get through the audit process in 10 days time as I did.

    My application was audited and had to submit the documents supporting my credentials.

    PMP Certification is a tough one and I was really apprehensive with whom to associate. I took up PMstudy on grounds of great reviews by my colleagues. I took the 4 day PMP Bootcamp with PMstudy for my PMP certification and I cleared it in the 1st attempt.

    Great providers they are!!! great faculty and awesome materials!!!


    • Hi Clayton,

      I agree with you regarding PMI’s audit:
      as I undestand a random selection means that any candidacy will be audit, independently the grade of its trustworthiness, confidence or definition quality, if it’s “tached by the raffle”.

      Regarding your application audit, please could you privide us with details of documentation required to support projects experience credentials; e.g., did PMI’s call projets directors?, thank you.


      • Everybody,

        please, excuse my english mistakes: I should write “touched by the raffle” instead of “tached by the ruffle”.


  • Hi,

    Do I need to take the 35 contact hours even before submitting the PMP Application form on PMI.org. Can you please clarify.


    • Hello Shee,

      Yes, you must attend 35 contact hours training program before applying for the PMP certification exam.

      You’re not eligible to apply for the exam until you attend 35 contact hours training program.

      • Hey Folks!!

        The 35 contact hours is easy to get with PMstudy course. PMstudy provides with 40 contact hours free with their preperatory course. I have enrolled with them and got it.

        Hope this info helped..

        • Hi All,

          I agree with Ileana, getting 35 contact hours is quite easy with PMstudy. I am taking PMstudy classroom training program next month and have got 40 contact hours which i have already submitted to PMI!!

  • Assalam Usmani,
    Nice reading to your post. Can you please tell me how much long and descriptive the job responsibilities or “summarize deliverables” as they say it.
    I read some where as it should not be more than 500 characters; 500 characters for each process group or for over all? and should it be more detailed or just highlighting some as “creating WBS; Developing Schedule” and so on in short??
    Please help me in this as I am at the final stages of my filling applicaiton process. And i don’t have much time waste in Audits….
    Ehetesham Baig

    • Wa-Salaam,

      Your resume should be in broad nature, not very specific with a lot of details.

      You can write something like this… Led a team of x people to build a school building project with xyz time period etc.. and completed it on time.


      Lead of team of x people to build a school building…Initiated the project and drafted a plan for it and then executed. Project was completed before time with appropriate monitoring and controlling…

      Just talk a little about your project and your involvement, I believe that this would be sufficient.

  • Hi, Just wondering how PMstudy.com is in PMP classroom training in US? Or Should I go with PMTI? Little bit confused. Any help will be a great help for my investment.

    • Hi Debraj,

      Hope you are well on course with your preparation for your PMP exam. I had the fortune of attending the 4 day Bootcamp of PMstudy in Washington D.C. It was one of the best structured programs and I would definitely recommend it to you. The instructor of PMstudy was the best and prepares you quite properly for your PMP exam.

      While I would advise you to prepare yourself as well as PMP is a very difficult certification. Do let me know how has been the going so far.

    • Hi Debraj! I too would suggest you to go ahead with PMstudy considering that most of the places I inquired about a good training provider I have ended up hearing PMstudy. I too enrolled for PMstudy after a lot of research and so far their service has been really good.

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