pmp lessons learned fahad usmani

Today I am going to share my PMI-RMP lessons learned. I hope this information will help you with your own preparations.

I passed my PMI-RMP exam on April 9, 2012, about a year and a half after earning my PMP credential.

I had decided to rest and celebrate for a few days after becoming a PMP, and then I became busy with my daily schedule. However, I always attended the local PMI chapter meetings. They gave me new insights on risk management and my interest in the area was steadily growing. So, I took it upon myself to apply for the PMI-RMP certification exam, and I began gathering information.

After equipping myself with all the knowledge I could get my hands on, I made a list of all the resources for my exam preparation. I also reviewed the lessons learned from a few PMI-RMP certification holders to get clearer picture of the exam and the resources they used.

Finding these lessons learned was actually very difficult, as there are very few RMP professionals and fewer still who care to post their experiences. 

However, in my local Kuwait PMI chapter, I managed to meet with a few PMI-RMP certified individuals, and we discussed how to prepare well for the PMI-RMP exam.  I wanted to pass it on my first attempt.

Almost all of them suggested using the PMP exam reference books, but with more focus on the risk, communication, and procurement knowledge areas, and to restudy the PMBOK Guide.

Regarding the reference books, they suggested using Rita Mulcahy’s Risk Management book, Abdullah Al-Kuwaiti’s book, and Practice Standard for Risk Management. I searched on Amazon for PMI-RMP books and found only two: Rita’s and Al-Kuwaiti’s. I bought both.

I started reading my PMP reference books and the PMBOK Guide. Since I was familiar with these texts, the revision process was quick. Afterward, I studied the books by Rita and Al-Kuwaiti.

Now it was time to search for a good training program provider for my 30 PMI-RMP contact hours.

I had attended in person classroom PMP training program and I had suffered a great deal to do so. My lesson learned was never to attend an in-classroom training if an online version is available. 

I searched for online PMI-RMP training programs. Unfortunately, I did not find any.

I did not give up, and, after some time, Google helped me find a hybrid training program by Mr. Carl Pritchard, which I could complete from home. I contacted the trainer from the beginning. He replied and agreed to accept me as his first international student, then sent me the study material.

The materials consisted of one reference book, one drill book, one question bank, and a CD of audio recordings . I had to go through these audio clips, books, and questions and then I sent him several assignments.

Once my training was completed, I received my 30 PMI-RMP contact hours certificate. It took about a month to complete the training.

After finishing the program, I reviewed the PMBOK Guide and other books once again. I was studying for four or five hours weekly.

I scheduled my PMI-RMP certification exam for April 9th, 2012.

At that point, I started studying for two to three hours per day. I focused more on concepts instead of practice questions.

I had also purchased uCertify’s PMI-RMP exam simulator but unfortunately I could not fully utilize it. The quality of its questions was outstanding, and they were similar to the real exam.

My preparation was going full swing, and the exam date was fast approaching. A day before the exam, I called the Prometric Center (now Pearson VUE conducts the PMI’s certification tests) for my exam location, and I went there to ensure I had no problem finding the place. They had changed their location since I took my PMP exam.

I reached the exam center forty minutes early on the day of, I completed all the paperwork, and then started my test.

The questions were more straightforward than the PMP certification exam, and most of them were from the risk management knowledge area.

A few questions were about time management (especially PEART), procurement, human resources, communications, and quality management.

I took two breaks during the exam; the first after I completed one hundred questions and the second when I finished all the questions. It took me two-and-a-half hours to complete the test.

Rest of the time, I spent on reviewing the questions, and then I submitted the answers. A short survey followed the submission and then I was shown my result.

I passed the PMI-RMP exam. I was PMI-RMP certified.

After collecting the report from the Prometric staff, I left the examination hall and let out a sigh of relief.

This was my journey to becoming a PMI-RMP.

My PMI-RMP Exam Lessons Learned

Below are my lessons learned.

Lesson Learned #1

Revise all PMP exam study materials and the PMBOK Guide if you are already a PMP.

I strongly recommend you buy a good PMP exam reference book and read it thoroughly, cover to cover, if you are not a PMP. Then read the PMBOK Guide completely, at least two times.

This will help you in your PMI-RMP exam preparation.

Lesson Learned #2

I have mentioned this before in my PMP lessons learned blog post, and I am repeating it: You should attend only online training programs unless you have a strong reason to choose a in-classroom training program.

Online training programs are much cheaper, more flexible, and allow you to complete the course from your home.

Lesson Learned #3

Schedule the exam after completing the training program. This is important because you may lose interest if you do not do so promptly.

I have seen many professionals who have completed the training program many years before, and they do not take the next step of applying for the exam.

Schedule it for three months in the future, as this is enough time for you to prepare for the PMI-RMP test.

Lesson Learned #4

The risk management knowledge area has only six processes. You will see many-ITTO based questions from these processes in the exam.

Therefore, I recommend you review these processes as many times as you can and try to take notes on the ITTOs. This will help you solve many questions on your PMI-RMP exam.

Lesson Learned #5

Please make sure that you understand the following:

These are essential, will see many questions from these topics on your exam.

These are all my lessons learned from my PMI-RMP certification exam.

Resources for the PMI-RMP Exam

I used the following resources with my PMP exam reference books for my PMI-RMP exam preparation:


Preparing for the PMI-RMP exam was not difficult for me because I had already passed the PMP exam, which gave me a better understanding of risk management concepts. I referred to all my PMP exam reference books and the PMBOK Guide before starting my PMI-RMP exam preparation.

I studied the Practice Standard for Risk Management, but it did not help me much in the exam. However, I still recommend you to read this standard, at least twice, before the exam.

These days, PMI has changed the exam pattern, and you will see many questions from the Practice Standard for Risk Management.

Have you attempted the PMI-RMP exam and are interested in sharing your lessons learned? Please contact me at [email protected]

I have written an eBook PMI-RMP Question Bank and developed an online PMI-RMP Mock Test. This eBook and Mock Test Simulator have 170 sample exam questions. If you are preparing for the PMI-RMP, I strongly recommend you try these resources.

PMP Question Bank

This is the most popular Question Bank for the PMP Exam. To date, this PMP Question Bank has helped over 10,000 PMP aspirants pass the PMP exam. 

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More Details

PMP Formula Guide

This is the most popular Formula Guide for the PMP Exam. If you face difficulty with attempting mathematical questions for the PMP exam.

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More Details

Recommended Reading

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  • Hi Fahad,
    Good Day!
    I was going through this blog, i found it very informative.
    As i am now planing to write my exam,I have gone through twice the online program offered by simplilearn.
    I would like to request ur few minutes to answer my following queries plz:
    1> Is it enough to go through the on-line tutorial offered by simplilearn and simulation questions offered by simplilearn to pass PMI RMP exam
    2> in the online tutorial , there is not much explanation on monte carlo and PERT analysis., will i get these information in PMBOK guide.
    3> Is it mandatory to go through PMBOK guide.
    4> I am an estimation professional , i do project sizing, cost estimation , KPI analysis, I am thinking RMP will add value to my profession., is my understanding correct?

    note :i am not PMP certified.
    I received mail delivery failure message when i sent an email to your above mentioned id.

    kindly respond with your suggestions.
    Thanking you in advance
    Manjusha Misra.

  • Hello Fahad,

    Firsly, I would like to thank you for putting this together. This is fantastic article!

    Learning content/books are all sorted for me and good to go with the preparation. However, I’m struggling with the experience related information for the application.

    For a given project, say Project A, if I have a total project hours as 1200 hours, how would you recommend I proceed with RMP related experience? i.e:

    Risk Strategy and Planning: what % of total project hours?
    Stakeholder Engagement: what % of total project hours?
    Risk Process Facilitation: what % of total project hours?
    Risk Monitoring and Reporting: what % of total project hours?
    Perform Specialized Risk Analysis: what % total project hours?

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Mithun Ivalkar

    • Hello Mithun,

      You should mention hours you used for these domains. I cannot answer for it. Just think about it and record it. Just write your hours that you spend in these domains.

  • Thanks for sharing this Farhad.

    I have been looking for a credible source of PMI-RMP practice exam questions and have not been able to find any.

    What would you recommend?

  • Thanks Fahad.. Useful Information.

    I am lacking knowledge in Monte Carlo Simulation Problem based questions ( kind of find P1,P5,P10) . Would you be able to share some similar questions or logic to work on the problems?

    I had also Procured your books (eBook and Mock Test Simulator has 170 PMI-RMP sample exam questions) but I did not find any question related to this Monte Carlo Simulation problems.

    Appreciate, if you can help me on this.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have obtained my PMP less than a year ago and I am planning to study only Risk management chapter in PMBOK and Risk Practice Standard. Is this ok? I feel like I have fresh memories of other knowledge areas and they have little importance compared to Risk chapter.

  • Hi there I have passed my PMP exam back in May 2010 since than i am planning to prepare for RMP exam. But i have finally decided i am going to do in 2019. I need to know which website is best for RMP training simplilearn or ucertify. Does Rita RMP book is enough for study which i bought it back in 2010. Waiting for your replies

    • For training purpose I think both are fine.

      Rita book alone is not enough to pass the PMP exam. You will have to read the PMBOK Guide, pmi risk standard and practice some questions.

    • I update when there is a new version of the PMBOK Guide, change in the exam content guideline or any questions require more explanation, etc. The questions are updated very often to keep it with the current trend.

  • Hi
    I am hoping this feed is still active.
    Does anyone have a spreadsheet which maybe used in capturing the experiences for PMP RMP i.e. a PMP-RMP Application Spreadsheet?
    Would be grateful if this could be shared.
    Thanks much

  • I simply wanted to write down a quick word to say thanks to you for those wonderful tips and hints you are showing on this site and please any help me to find best pmi rmp training center in Hyderabad with Certification and one of my friend suggest me Proventures( near Madhapur of Hyderabad

  • Am a recent certified PMP holder and from the information I am getting from people who have written the pmi-rmp risk exam in subsequent years, the exam has become tougher and more brain teasing. Please I would like someone who recently wrote the exam in 2016 to tell us the procedure and materials to master because I intend to write mine before the end of the year 2016.
    Many thanks to you Fahad Usmani for initiating this blog!

    • You are right, the exam is tougher now.

      You can read lessons learned of a few successful exam takers in 2016 in this comment section. Just browse comments above you.

  • Dear Fahad, the exam has now fully changed. Here is the recent RMP exam experience of a PMP holder with 10 years of Project Management experience.
    Weird Techniques for all risk management processes which you won’t find in Risk Standard.
    Lengthy questions. In fact very lengthy. At least 25% of questions having full screen filled with text.
    Weird EMV questions. With plotted diagrams and ALOTT of data in the diagrams to confuse you about the actual scenarios.
    No Earned Value Management Questions at all
    Only 2 or 3 questions on Response strategies. Even they were tricky
    90% of the scenario based questions. Detailed scenarios.
    Hardly 5 to 8 direct questions on ITTOs
    Around 10-25 indirect questions on ITTOs and they were extremely confusing
    No straight questions on PEART
    With 90% score at ucertify mockups, real exam did not even score 40%

    For new aspirants, be highly carefully about RMP.

    • You are right Khan, exam is changed and I believe it is tougher than it used to be.

      Anyway congratulations on passing the PMI-RMP exam and thanks for sharing your lessons learned.


  • Congratulations Fahad. I would like to understand is it going to be worth doing both the certifications PMP and RMP? Do both fit and work parallel helping us to utilize in Project Management roles?

    • The PMP certification is for general project management and PMI-RMP is for risk management. If you are into risk management, you can go for it.

      • Thanks for you response. I am interested in doing PMP and read from your’s and couple other web that Risk Management also has a good professional growth. I am currently working as a Supervisor (AM) and PMP would suite for my next roles, however does RMP add any value to switch to bigger roles?

        • First of all I suggest you go for the PMP and after that you can go for the PMI-RMP. Of-course PMI-RMP certification will add value to your resume.

  • Hello!

    Can someone please tell me whether CRASHING a RISK ENHANCEMENT OR RISK EXPLOITATION?

    I have seen contradictory statements is different sources.

  • Dear Fahad.
    I am trying to purchase your PMI-RMP question bank my visa is not accepted, where it is valid!
    could you please advise me?

  • Any suggestion for preparation of CAPM?

    Just starting PM education. Planning for PMP in about a year.

    Please advise.

  • Hello , I am PMP and i am preparing for PMI-RMP, Anyone knows where can i find question from montecarlo analysis? in order to understand and have typical questions. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Farad,

    Can you suggest some online link to prepare my PMP exam. And please suggest some ideas to get prepare well for my exam.

  • Hi Farad,
    First of all, congratulations for share your knowledge.

    I´m PMP, since 2013, and I´m planning to do the RMP exam on May. I got:

    PMI Practice Standard for Project Risk Management;
    Rita Risk Management, Tricks of the Trade;

    After reading all comments here, I realized that I´m not prepared and I´m really lost.

    Is your bank of question updated? With (Latin hyper cube, risk governance, monte carlo charts etc)

    Do you know if uCertify bank question is updated?

    • Read the PMP exam reference books again and buy at least one reference book for PMI-RMP exam preparation from amazon.

      My question bank is updated, and about the latin hypercube, I will add questions on this topic soon and anyone who has bought it, will get it for free.

      No idea about the uCertifiy. I suggest you contact them for clarification.

  • thank you for your recommendation, I really appreciate that.

    I am planning to take the exam in July 2016 so if anyone wants to study in group just let me know.

    My email is [email protected]

    I am actually PMP certified since 2013.


  • Thank you all for the excellent comments ,

    I took my RMP test few days ago ( did not pass ), I would appreciate any links or reference to the following

    Latin hyercube and MC (both problems as well as theory)
    probability distributions
    Monte Carlo diagrams ,

    need your advise on weather to take the test again , I only have three weeks for the last date to take the exam, or reapply and tke more time to prepare

    many thanks to all

  • Hi Fahad

    I am from India. I want to buy your book of question and answers which costs $5. How do I make the payment and will I get a PDF file once the payment is made. Kindly advise.


  • Hi Fahad! Thank you for this great information. I just received PMI-RMP confirmation that I can “submit payment for the exam”, so I’m thinking I need to get to studying.

  • Dear Friends,

    I passed PMI – RMP Exam Yesterday, not an easy one from PMI

    Some of my Lessons learned
    – 70% of the questions were lenghty and most of them look logical
    – 10 to 15 questions on Latin hyercube and MC (both problems as well as theory)
    – Few questions on probalility distributions
    – Please concentrate on Communications,stakeholder,procurement and quality mgmt also
    – Questions on Risk Governance(5 questions)
    – Ofcourse Management and contingency reserves…
    – ITTo’s Risk mgmt as well as stakeholder mgmt

    Recommendations – please go thru

    – PMBOK 5th edition
    – Rita Mulcahy’s risk management
    – Kim heldman’s risk management

    Last but not least, I sincerely thank Fahad for this wonderful blog which really helped me a lot in achieving this

    • Excelent comments Deevan.

      Just passed the exam today. Here are my comments:

      – Don’t expect to find any one of the question on these internet exam sites!
      – The majority of the questions are lenghty situational ones. 20-30% are straight forward questions. .
      – Around 10 questions based on Monte Carlo charts (analysis and theory) If you never saw one I suggest you look for it.
      – Manage your time very carefully!! You have only 1,5 minutes to each question… I hit the END button with 48 secs left.

      I used:
      – Rita´s book,
      – PMBOK (risk chapter only),
      – PMI Risk Practice standards
      – Internet free questions
      – This site (thanks Fahad)

      I read each one at least 2 times while in parallel I was writing a review, making improvements each time I read a material. Just scheduled the exam when I was pretty confident about the review and knowing the content inside out.

      Professional experience helps A LOT (I have 10 years in PM)

  • Hello Fahad,

    Thank you for maintaining this website for the length you have. I’m a graduate from UK Currently in my first professional job in Doha. I’ve took a big interest in risk and lot of my senior management want to train me up and become knowledgeable as I can in the subject. I’m wanting to progress in Risk management and have an independent Carrer in it. Various people in my company have a PMP and some have suggested to me that if I am interested to do this then attempt the CAPM first then move on to PMI-RMP. What are you thoughts on this? To be honest I just want to have a valuable qualification to progress in my job so do you recommend going straight for the PMI-RMP or the process of CAPM then PMI-RMP.

    Many thanks

    • PMI-RMP and CAPM are separate exams. You should go for the PMI-RMP only if you are interested in it.

      However, since you are not a PMP I will suggest you read any good PMP exam reference book then go through the PMBOK Guide before starting your preparation for the PMI-RMP exam.

      Hope it helps.

  • Hi Friends

    I am planning to take the PMI RMP exam in May. Understand tha the syllabus has completely changed in August 2015.

    Anybody who have taken the exams after that , could you please advise on the below

    1. Which study materials to refer to for the new syllabus ?

    2. I still see Rita Mulchay and Simpli Learn have not updated their courses to the new syllabus . Any advise here ?

    3. Any groups on yahoo / Google where I can join to remain updated on the happenings and also as study circle

    [email protected]

  • Hi Fahad,
    Thanks for the valuable information you provided,
    I just passed the PMP Exam from 1 Week ago, I’m planning now to take the RMP,
    I would like to ask about What’s the books are best useful “Nowadays” to fit this exam beside PMBOK 5th Edition and Practice Standard Project Risk Management books,
    Also I’m still didn’t receive the PMP Number and PMI not included me as a PMP Holder until now however I finished the Exam from 1 Week ago, Is this Normal?

    • Wait for couple of more days and then contact the PMI customer care.

      I have given my recommendations in this blog post, however, these days many good PMI-RMP books are available on amazon, find a good book and buy it.

  • Hi,
    I am PMP,i am planning to give RMP in this month, I have studied RITA once,Al kuwait,2 time,studying PMBOK Chapter 11,10,13, and also using ucertify, would this enough?

  • Hi Fahad,

    Do you have any tool for filling the PMI-RMP domain areas as part of application process. I could see so many tools are available for PMP application process.


  • Hello fahad i just passed the pmp exam .and now im working on my 60 pdus .can i use these pdus for 30 hour contact hours to apply for the rmp exam

  • Hi,
    I successfully clear my RMP PMI exam and your lesson learn experience really helped me a lot to clear in first attempt but exam now totally chased and other so easy as some told,
    all questions totally new and really surprising due to difficult formats ,
    Monti Carlo main issue in exam , 15 to 20 question no where available in any book book I ssolved all most all
    please work around to find 50 to 60 real time example and solve it ,
    most of them numericals ,
    thanks to all who put valuable guide line and posted.

  • hi , I passed my PMI RMP in first attempt in last month.
    I suggest my friend to to understand more and do not exercise thousands of question ,
    I solve 400 to 450 question by solving logically ,
    notes from Gopinathans very imporant .
    please note that 15 to 20 question from monticarlo analysis need to solve and course out from Google or from books,
    in my preparation I was well prepared from PMbook and read it 4 times,
    and three time Rita Risk management,.
    now I didn’t found even a single normal question and all are formed in different style and difficult,.
    please understand concept and do not waste time to solve so many question.
    Thanks all of them who put lesson learn and really helped me..

    nt u

  • Hi Fahad,
    I have tried more than three times to buy the PMI- RMP e book ( questions) but it is not working with me. Can you please let me know what can I do ?
    Thank you

      • hi Fahad,
        Yes I got it , can I know how to open it on the Laptop? I can access it through the smart phone. I don’t know how can I access it from the laptop?
        Thank you

        • Open the email which has the receipt. Click on the “view product” and you will be able to download the three files.

          One file is for kindle, one for nook and the third one is in pdf. You can use this pdf file in your PC.

  • Hi Fahad,
    Do you think it is a good idea to have a dump sheet for the PMI-RMP exam ? if yes , what can I include in it ?
    Thank you

    • You can make your own dump sheet and use it for your revision. You can include any important point that you think it is worth to keep it.

  • Hi Fahad,
    My question is related to Risk Management Exam :

    When do we do Assumption Analysis ? in Identify Risk or in Perform Qualitative risk analysis ?
    In PMBOK 5th edition , Assumption analysis is T&T in Identify Risk Process, in Rita’s Risk Management Book it is under Perform Risk Analysis Process?

    Thank you

  • Hi
    The PMI is going to change the PMP exam formate on Nov. 01 . Is this going to affect the PMI-RMP exam formate as well ? Can I still use the PMBOK 5th edition that I have now ?
    Thank you

  • Hi thanks for your useful information,, can you share us the questions and book.

    Also it will be honer for me to join our interesting group on Facebook Cairo PMP.

    • All books are paperback format, and I still refer them.

      Regarding joining your Cairo PMP group, send me the link and I will look into it.

  • Fahad,

    Currently I am working as project manager in IT projects and I am planning to prepare for PMI-RMP and PMI-SP certifications. I do have a question about RMP certification and as we know risk management once of knowledge area in PMBOK and I would like to know how this certification(RMP) benefit for IT projects. Is it really worth to take this?. I am working on medium size projects . Please share your thought on this.

    Also I am certified PMP holder.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I am a PMP for the past 5 years and would like to do PMI-RMP exam. The questions I have are:

    1. Currently for PMP I have to get 60 PDU hours. Do I have to do the same for RMP to maintain the certification?

    2. I am currently paying an annual fee to PMI institute for maintaining membership in PMI and hence maintain my PMP designation. For RMP designation, do I have to pay anything extra to PMI institute.



    • Hello Amjad,

      When I was preparing for PMI-RMP exam, there were only two options available to me. The first option was Rita and the second was Abdullah Alkuwaiti, so I bought both.

      These days you have many books available, so you can now find many good books now.

  • Hi Fahad….

    Looking for the RMP certification almost 3 years after my PMP certification. I looked at the R.E.P’s and they charge some $2K-3K for the 30 contact hours training. Do we have any certified eLearning provider where I can fulfil 30 contact hours requirement ? I saw a few on web but can’t really confirm if PMI will accept their certificate of 30 contact hours training.

    Any idea on that ?

  • Good Day,

    Thank you very much for useful information, My name is Tayyab Hussain and I passed my PMP two years ago. Now, I am planning to go for PMI-RMP exam as soon as I can prepare for it.
    I have following questions regarding preparation of the exam

    1. According to my best information, Practice Standard for Project Risk Management was published in 2009 by PMI while the PMI-RMP exams got redesigned in 2013. Do you advise that one should use this book for exam preparation?

    2. According to my best information, Risk Management Book by Rita (RMC) has been not updated for updated exam of PMI-RMP. Do you advise that one should use this book for exam preparation?

    3. Do you advise that one should study the complete PMI PMBOK VER 5 like he/she did for preparation of PMP or there are certain areas that should be revisited because studying the whole book will definitely add time.

    4. Except PMI-PMBOK VER 5, please suggest two reference books that one should study for preparation of updated PMI-RMP exam.

    5. Please suggest a website/simulated exams for taking test exams for preparation.

    Your kind input for the questions above would be highly appreciated.

    • 1) You must study the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management for your PMI-RMP exam preparation.

      2) I did not like Risk Management Book by Rita. Anyway now there are many books available on amazon, you can have a look on them.

      3) You should study the whole PMBOK Guide with more focus on communication and risk chapters.

      4) You can buy Abdulla Kuwaiti’s book, Carl Pritchard’s drill book, my PMI-RMP Question Bank. Dont forget to study PMP exam reference books.

      5) You can go for uCertify’s or Rita’s simulation software for PMI-RMP exam.

      Hope it helps.

  • I am BE Chemical having 12 yrs of experience in QA&HSE Management. I also did Nebosh-IGC & Nebosh-Oil &Gas.
    I would like to study the PMI-RMP. Need one suggestion from your past experiences… can i go directly for RMP without studying PMP…. Is there any good institute in AbuDhabi (UAE) for providing RMP classes. I checked with MISP, they are charging AED 3000 only for classes.

    Please suggest something for the beginners like me.
    Many thanks for your blog.

    • Hello Prashant,

      You can go directly for the PMI-RMP exam without passing the PMP exam.

      I dont have any idea about the training in Abu Dhabi, but if you are interested in cheap online training program, you can find it in my lessons learned given above.

  • Hi Fahad,

    First of all thanks a lot for building this website.

    I wanted to know what are the benefits/advantages of having PMI-RMP certification after having PMP certification, especially for software industry?? Could you please share your thoughts?


    • This certification will give you in-depth knowledge of risk management, and earn you respect in your peers. These days I also see that in some risk management job opening, employers clearly ask for the PMI-RMP certification.

      Also note that, all PMI certifications are industry independent, so no need to worry about your field.

  • Dear Mr.Fahad :

    May you inform me where to get Mr.Abdulla Kwuitit book for risk managemnet. and if you also advice me with another book to cover the exam.

  • Dear Mr.Usmani

    Thanks a lot for this useful information.
    I Attend to apply for second time but I need a concrete reference to study and compensate weak pointdls.
    Please advice

    • To pass the PMI-RMP exam you must read the PMBOK Guide with more attention to risk specific chapters.

      Buy another good PMI-RMP exam reference book, and study it along with the PMBOK Guide. Attempt some practice questions from uCertify. I hope it will help you pass the exam.

  • Dear Fahad,

    Hope you’re well.

    I have a question on credential, how do we proof the ‘3000 hrs practicing Risk Management’ if i’ve not practice this as a PM with the contractor? Is there a way to proof or compensate this?

    I’ve completed my Master in Construction Management where i’ve done a ‘Risk & Value Management’ module 5 years back.

    I saw your reply to Tarana above, which 5 PM process groups do you mean?

    Appreciate your reply.


    • You should involve in risk activities. PM designation is not must.

      For the PMP five process groups are initiation, planning, execution, etc.

      For PMI-RMP five process groups are risk strategy and planning, risk process facilitation, stakeholder engagement, etc.

  • Hi Fahad.. I am very new to the PMP area or expertise. I have few questions and will be glad if you can answer it as it will help me building up my future.. I play a multi role in the company I work taking care or administration/ operations/ tasks assignments and follow up and various other things.. I was wondering if PMP or PMI- RMP will help me in the future. I checked the requirements of this certification and I have not handled any project directly.. So please advice if PMP is a good option for me ahead?

    • You might be working as a coordinator. Review the activities that you have performed and see if it falls under five project management process groups. If it is yes, you can apply for the PMP or PMI-RMP exam.

  • My dear Friends
    I just pass RMP Exam on August 13, it was really tough rather than PMP exam. Here are some of my lesson learns:
    – More than 80% of the question were too long with long scenarios (more than 8 lines description)
    – There were more than 10 question about “Latin hypercube distribution” which I had not seen before anywhere
    – some other new distribution models and also quantitative techniques other than Monte Carlo Simulation which were not mentioned in the practice standard or Rita Book were the source of about 10 questions
    – about 10 questions were about Risk Attitude and the definition of each attitude was asked
    – you must be able to analyse the Distribution graphs ( 5-6 question)
    – more than 5 questions were about risk responses strategies
    – Be careful about the management and contingency reserves.
    – there were questions about what are in the communication management plan and Stakeholder engagement.
    – If you are not going to do the exam on your mother tongue language, be prepare to face new words and definitions and manage your time carefully, at the end I only had 5 min to review my marks.

    • Hello Hamid,

      Congratulations for passing the PMI-RMP exam, and thanks for sharing your detailed lessons learned. I hope others will get benefit from it.

    • Hi Hamid,

      Thanks for sharing your lessons learned.
      Could you please let me know where I can find the “Latin hypercube distribution” questions. Are there any books/blogs/websites that can help with those sample questions?


    • Hi Hamid

      thanks for your detailed information but I should read them before appearing in the RMP exam. unfortunately, I could not pass RMP exam as the exam was too difficult and I have the same feelings u have mentioned here. I m willing to appear again and could u please guide me on the material u studied?


  • Hi Fahad,

    delighted to inform that i got through the PMP yesterday…i had purchsed your formulae book and the 200 questions too… thanks to your lucid style of explanation of the difficult topics, things looked more easier… particularly the problems and equations…


  • Congratulation Ashraf Azab for passing RMP !!! I would appreciate, if you can share a sample for PM Project filling. I am PMP, but not sure why RMP Application – Project Experience have different processes to fill-in (Risk Strategy and Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Risk Process Facilitation, Risk Monitoring and Reporting, Perform Specialized Risk Analyses)

  • Hello Fahad,

    Is studying Rita Mulcahy Risk management alone enough to capture all the infos needed for the exam?


    • No. This will not be enough to pass the exam.

      Along with the Rita’s Book, you must study the PMPBOK Guide, and other relevant chapters from the PMP reference books.

      You can also read Abdullah Alkuwaiti’s risk management book.

  • I Passed the RMP exam just Yesterday and PMP Year ago , Really RMP it was a tough exam rather than PMP , study hard specially tools and Techniques, try to understand the monte carlo simulators , Torrnado Diagram , study Hard its difficult more than PMP ,

    • Congratulations Ashraf for passing the RMP exam and thanks for giving your feedback.

      I believe they might have toughened the exam after the RDS study.

  • Dear Fahad

    Congratulations for passing both PMP and RMP certification examination.
    The discussions in this forum have ignited interest in me for RMP certification. I passed PMP certification exam in Feb. 2011.
    Can the distinguished members guide me if I would be deriving any benefit from RMP certification. I am in Construction industry in India and 53+ as far as my age is concerned.

    • Hello Mr Sanjay,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Regarding PMI-RMP certification, I think it is still evolving; however, it will not hurt you if you get this certification.

  • I passed my RMP exam on March 06, 2014. My lesson learnt are;

    a) As shared before, I used the same study plan i.e. PMI Risk practice standard, PMBok 5th edition Risk Chapter, Rita Risk book and Al-Kuwaiti book on RMP.

    b) In addition to Risk, PMBok chapters on Stakeholder, Communication, HR and Quality were also studied.

    c) There were very less questions involving calculations.

    d) Focus was on Quantitative Risk Analysis, Stakeholder engagement, Control Risk. In quantitative risk analysis, techniques other than Monte Carlo were always discussed. Those technique were totally new and was a bit difficult.

    e) At the end, I was left with 30 minutes spare time, so I reviewed the marked questions.

    f) Stakeholder Management was one of the major focus area in the exam.

    g) Some of the situational Questions were very length

    h) Learning the ITTOs of Risk Management helped in answering at least 10 questions correctly.

    I) Although I tried a lot to find any sample exams or demo exam simulation on new format but could not find so all the material used for preparing the exam was as per the old format. However, I noted down all the five domains of the new exam and ensured that every area of risk management is covered.

    j) Few questions on managing the team, team motivation etc. were also came up.

    Hope the above lesson learnt will be helpful for other risk aspirants…..

    Wish you all the very best.


    • Congratulations for passing the PMI-RMP exam and tanks for sharing your lesson learns. I have got my PMP on Feb-2014 and I am going to go for RMP. I wonder if you can help me in following areas as there is no updated data about new format of RMP Exam
      1- Where can I find what the 31 tasks of the domain are?
      2- which test bank do you recommend and if you have used old version of data bank does it have many differences than the real exam based on new changes?
      3- Can I use my PMP Exam preparation Course PDUs as required PDUs for RMP Exam?
      4- I’ve read the second edition of Rita Risk book and Risk Prep of PMI and I think they have almost nothing new than the PMP Exam. Do you think that I’ve missed sth?
      Thanks much for your time

      • 1) What are the 31 tasks of the domain?

        2) I suggest you go for uCertify simulator package. It is updated to the latest requirements.

        3) You can use a few contact hours. Better to go for any PMI approved training provider.

        4) You must study the latest version because even if you miss five or six questions in your exam due to different in edition, it may affect your result.

        Hope it helps.

  • Fahad,

    I just want to clarify the requirements for RMP cert about the 3000 hours of risk management. I am a civil engineer and I do Risk Assessments as part of my routine job.projects, do I have to have actually 3000 hours only dedicated to Risk?

    Your response is highly appreciated.

  • Dear Fahad,

    Your efforts of sharing the knowledge with others is really commendable. May Allah keep His blessings on you, always.

    I have done my PMP in June 2013 and now planning to go for RMP. I have earned by required training PDUs as well…..Now, I am planning to;

    a) File my application and get a exam date of March 2014 (IA)

    b) First thoroughly study PMBOK 5th edition, RMP knowledge area

    c) then study RMP PMI standard

    d) then go through the study guide by Rita

    e) Meanwhile, will keep attempting the sample questions as well.

    f) Since doing job currently, so cannot give more than two hours per day for the study.

    Please guide if my above study plan is enough and two months will be enough for the preparation, keeping in mind two hours per day study time.


    • Thank you IJ for your comment.

      Yes, this will be enough, just buy any good question bank to practice some questions…

      Good Luck.

  • Hi,

    I would really appreciate any reply for my query.

    I am already PMP certified and planning to get certified in Risk Management so that I can explore jobs related to risk management as well. Would PMI-RMP certification is good enough OR there is any other risk management certification I need to consider.

    Thanks much for your time.



    • PMI-RMP certification is more valued than any other certification in project management. You should go for it if you want to excel your career in project risk management.

  • Fahad,

    Did you pass the new exam or the old one?

    This exam is a little different than the ones I took before since there is no official one book assigned to the study. I ordered the three books PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, Risk Management by Rita M. and PMI Project Standards. Do you think that covers the knowledge area?

    If you could suggest me one site to practice RMP tests what would that be?
    Isil D.

    • This would be enough for you to pass the PMI RMP exam.

      You can also buy either Rita’s question bank or the uCertifiy’s questions bank. I have used the uCertify’s questions bank, and it really helped me a lot.

      I have passed the exam based on old format (PMBOK fourth edition).

  • Hi Fahad,

    Hope all is well with you.

    I have some queries related to PMI-RMP exam and I am looking to speak to you on that. Appreciate if you could send me your contact number or email address at [email protected] and I will contact you accordingly.

    Thanks much.


    • Hello Asjad,

      To complete the CCR cycle you have to earn 30 PDUs in three years.

      You have many options to earn these PDUs; for example, there are many recorded webinars available on PMI Risk Management Community’s site. You can go there, watch the webinars and claim the PDUs (Category A).

      You can also claim 15 self directed learning (Category C) PDUs. Spend 15 hours in reading any Risk Management related articles/notes/book and claim the PDU.

      Also. if you are working in Risk Management, you can claim 7.5 PDU in one CCR Cycle (2.5 PDU per year).

  • Dear Fahad,
    Did u work in the risk management before u take the PMI RMP ? Because to be eligible you have first to work 3000 hours . If I have to apply for this course I have to work firsr in this?

  • Dear Mr. fahad,

    I have already passed PMP exam and I am interest in passing PMP RMP but I am afraid about credentials required ,it is mandatory required or passing PMP enough credential to be eligible to pass PMP RMP .please advice



  • Congratulations Fahad 🙂
    Please I wanna know about the details of the preparation course of Pritchard, explanation, material, course period, certificate….
    or they sent you the material and you study by yourself ?
    you prefer this course with pritchard or you know a better one ?

    • He will send you course material via US Postal service. You have read it and send him the assignments. Once you complete reading/listening/assignments, he will send you certificate of completion by email.

      Mr. Pritchard is very experience and very responsive. Surely I’ll recommend him.

      • you mean that I will study the course by myself and then send to him that I have completed studying then he sends me the certificate ???
        without explanation or online lectures or even testing ???
        what are the assignments ???

        • There will be some mp3 audio as well and some exercises. If you face any problem, he will reply you immediately.

          Assignments not tough, they are just to make sure you gone through the content and listened the mp3.

  • I am thinking of doing the RMP in September, but not sure if it will advance my carreer, having already attained the PMP.
    How has teh PMI – RMP assited you in these regards.

    • I think PMI-RMP Certification is in evolution stage. Surely it will have more importance in future. However, as of now I don’t see it as valued as the PMP certification.

  • I passed my PMP exams in July 2013, I want to get the RMP certification, how do i document my project experiences. If you have an a template i will be glad to use it.

    • I don’t have any template, but process of filling application form is very simple. Try to fill it on your own, if you find any difficulty, let me know..

  • Dear Fahad,

    The TTs in the PMBOK is different than in PMI Practice Standard for risk management. Which book we should foucus on with regard to TTs? 

    Do we have to memorize ITTOs for the risk management process?


  • Hi Fahad,

    I would request you to help me with sample PMI-RMP Application Template.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Sorry Joyeeta, I dont have any template for the PMI-RMP exam. Try to fill the form on your own, if you face any problem, let me know about it…

  • Dear Fahad Usmani

    It is very helpful the way you shared your experience of PMI-RMP exam.

    I have pqassed my PMI exam recently and now wants to take up the PMI-RMP exam.

    I will be really grateful to you if you can kindly send me the scanned copy of PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management .

    Subhasis Datta,PMI

    • Hello Subhasis,

      Since you are a PMP I believe you must be a member of PMI. In this case you can download PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management at free of cost from the PMI site.

      Please note that, although this copy is free for you, you can not share it with anyone.

  • Dear Fahad,

    Congratulation and thank you for sharing your LL.

    I will have me RMP in less than two weeks and I need a good sources of partice exams, I tried Rita PM fast track, it was good but only three full exams and some questions are repeated.

    Did you recommend Ucertify paid exam? Is it close to the real exam??

    Do you recommend any other good source for pratice exam?

    Thanks and god bless you 🙂

    • If you have purchased rita’s software for the RMP exam, I would not suggest you go for any other question bank. This will be sufficient for the exam. Focus on reading, PMI-RMP exam is not tough as the PMP exam.

      In case if you did not have the full version of the rita’s software, you can go for the uCertify. It is really close to the real exam.

  • Hi Arvind,

    Unfortunately, you have to submit all of the same project detail tat you did when applying for the PMP.

    I agree with Fahad…get a comprehensive RMP book to study from. I used Alkuwati which is good but I supplemented that with a couple of other books that contained more practice questions. An online tutorial probably would be helpful but the book is a must.

  • Hello,

    I passed the RMP yesterday. I took a boot camp last April and procrastinated until now to take it. I do have a PMP and that helped in terms of understanding the format of the questions and being able to rule out wrong answers (which was my primary exam-taking strategy).

    My study strategy was to cram. Not the best but it worked. I studied a total of four days, including a weekend. (I think more is necessary if you have not taken the PMP previously.) I bought the RMP exam study prep book (Alkuwati), read it completely and did all of the test questions in the book. I then went back to my boot camp book and did all of the questions and practice tests. I probably did a total of 600-700 questions.

    I think the questions are key because of the explanations provided. You pick up ALOT that way.

    My method is not the best because of the cramming (and a lot of people understandably don’t like that style). But, I procrastinated so much that the deadline for taking the test was here and I had to. It does work if you can deal with the long hours for a few days.

    • hey…

      congrats for passing the exam !

      since you already were a PMP holder, did you have to submit the project details and activities regarding ur project to PMI during ur application process? is a online RMP tutorial anong with the RMP Handbook sufficient for prepration ? i cleared my PMP a week back.


    • Hello BA,

      Congratulations for passing the RMP exam.

      @Arvind: Since you are a PMP, I don’t think that exam will be tough for you. It will be better if you buy any one good PMI RMP exam preparation book, for example Al-Kuwaiti.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I’ve just passed the PMP Certification in july 2013. I’d like to take up RMP classes and exam. Is a RMP certificate of any help, if i’m already holding a PMP? Which one has greater value – PMP or RMP?


    • Hello Arvind,

      Congratulations for passing the exam!!!

      As per my understanding the PMP certification is more valued and recognized. The PMI-RMP is in evolving stage.

      However, I think that in future it will help you a lot if you earn it.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I am planning to take the RMP certification in September. However, could you help me draw a comparison between the RMP certification with the M0R certification offered by OGC and how they are different?


    • Hello SB,

      I don’t have any idea about the MoR Certification offered by the OGC, therefore cannot compere PMI-RMP with it.

  • Dear Fahad,

    Thank you for sharing your successful experience in how to pass the PMI-RMP exam. Your post has been very useful as it helped me pass the exam as well. In addition to what you have shared, I’d like to add a few points based on my personal experience.

    Studying Material:
    I solely used PMBOK and PMP Exam Prep by RMC Publications, Inc.

    I focused solely on 7 chapters: Risk , Procurement, Quality, Communication, HR, Cost and Time.

    I understood the following concepts and memorized the formulas related to it:

    1. Risk:
    Expected Monetary Value Analysis
    Monte Carlo
    Decision Tree
    Cost Contingency Reserve
    Risk Response Strategies

    2. Procurement:
    Contract types and its relationship with risk

    3. Quality
    Mutual Exclusivity
    Control Charts
    Perform Quality Control
    Normal Distribution
    Charts and diagrams and their usage
    Cause and effect diagram: (fishbone/ishikawa diagram).
    Flow chart
    Pareto Chart / Diagram
    Run chart
    Scatter Diagram (Regression Analysis)
    Control Chart

    4. Communication
    Communication Channels
    Communication Models
    Communication Methods
    Communication Blockers
    Report Performance

    5. Human Resources
    Roles and Responsibilities
    Powers of Project Management
    Conflict Management
    Problem Solving Method

    6. Time
    Three-Point Estimates (PERT analysis: Program Evaluation Review Technique)
    Estimating Techniques
    Reserve Analysis
    Schedule Network Analysis
    What-If Scenario Analysis
    Critical Chain Method

    7. Cost
    Earned Value Measurement
    Estimating Techniques
    Reserve Analysis
    Bottom-Up Estimating

    In addition to the above, I understood the difference between the types of organizations and between the roles of the project manager and risk manger.

    Finally, I’m wishing you and the readers all the best.

    Thank you,

  • Hello Fahad,
    Permit me to start by saying a big congratulations to you for the landmark achievement.
    I am also PMP certified myself and looking at taking either (or both) PMI-RMP and LSSBB.
    But as it stands, getting accreditted training organisation and/or materials for LSSBB has been quite a herculian task, so i am switching to taking the PMI-RMP.
    Can you send me some of the materials you used?
    I will be very grateful if you can do me this favour as i have no materials on this.
    I hope to receive directly from you, preferably onto my email address.
    Thank you,till i hear from you.
    Best Wishes,

    • Hello Bola,

      It is good that you’re preparing for the PMI-RMP exam. Regarding the study materials, as you can see that I have all books in hard format, therefore, can not send you on your email.

  • hi fahad assalamalaikum,
    i want to know about the pitchard 30 contact hours. he is providing this by online or classbased. because i am leaving in Kingdom Of Bahrain.

    • Wa-Salaam,

      If you join his course, he will send you study materials. You will have to go through it and send him the assignments. After the completion of course, you will receive the certificate by email.

  • Hi brother… I’m irfan maqbool nd have recently passed the PMP exam.. I just like ur opinion about Rita Risk management books nd simulator packge .. is it good enough to pass along with PMBOk guide… I have also done masters in project management so concepts are very clear.. just advise on Rita package… thanks

    • You should also refer the PMP exam preparation books for some knowledge areas and topics.

      Though I did not studied the Rita’s software package but I think it will be helpful.

    • Hello Souvik,

      I did not go through this book, therefore, I can not give you an honest answer.

      Anyway, I visited the given links and after reading the short description of this book, I think that this book can be useful for you. Of course, PMI is the publisher of this book and who else can explain the subject better than them.

    • No, these alone would not be enough to pass the PMI-RMP Exam. You must refer the PMP exam preparations books for few chapters as mentioned in my lessons learned.

  • Hello again Fahad (and all the surfing visitors of this trully amasing and yummy PMStudy Circle website) .

    I have just read that blog post: Sincere Felicitation!!!

    Look, I’m really interested in the PMI-SP(Scheduler Professional) Credential’s exam integral on-line preparation. You know, in SPAIN is rare to found educational programs (we are not the “3rd world” but we are “behind schedule” and still so far away from USA’s Project Management level).
    Taking appart your always complete blogs, above all the ones regarding Planning, Time & Cost for the referred PMI’s certification, I would like to be provided with:

    a) Prestigious E-LEARNING center(s), especifically in PMI-SP Credential. It is not a chip question cause I have sailor deeply internet I have not discover anyone; to give you an example the blue-chip PMStudy trainning offer do not include PMI-SP’s test instruction; also, the ones referred on PMI’s website have been contacted and they have left a residual and incomplete training on this particular credential.

    b) If not, or additionally, any valid contact, of someone of your knowledge, that have successfully achive PMI-SP (please, if someone else see this comment be free to contact me on email adress [email protected], I will be trully ).

    You know, information like: mainly PMBOK sections/concepts with high probable number of questions in PMP-SP exam, like the ones your experienced comments allow us to know reading your blog posts regarding PMP and/or PMI-RMP, are absolutly desireble.

    Many thanks again for your time.

    Best regards,

      • Hello Fahad,

        no, I’m not a PMP.

        Industrial ENGINEER in Engineering Mangement.

        Projects Planning, Scheduling & Controls Manager.

        Oracle Primavera P6(EPPM v8.2) specialist and Deltek Cobra 5.1 aware and theirs interfaces with Msoft Project & Excel.
        Critical-Path Method hands-on expertise and state-of-the-art in EVM techniques.

        I woould like to achive PMI credential to enhace my Resume/CV; I have considered that attempting into the specific PMI-SP first, because of matching tightly my experience and competences, could be a good way to start.

        In any case I would like to know your opinion?


        • In this case I would suggest you to look possibilities for applying PMP exam. The PMP certification is more valued than the PMI-SP. Once you get it, you can try for the PMI-SP.

          Anyway, in case if you’re looking for any PMI approved training provider for PMI-SP, I think that you should look at

  • Hi Fahad,

    I am a member of PMI but i cant find the download link to PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management, kindly drop me the link….


  • Hello

    Please suggest how to earn 30 PDUs to be eligible for PMI-RMP online, i did google but would not find any online provider.

    Appricate your quick response


        • I know one case where a students got the 30 training hours by studying under the supervision of a PMI-RMP, and PMI approved it. But in case, if you’re selected for an audit you have to show them that the course content is align with their requirements.

          If you’re strictly asking about self-study, I doubt it.

          Therefore, it would be best if you get it through any R.E.P. because their courses are pre-approved by the PMI.

  • Thanks Farhard.

    I really apprecaite you guidance. i have passedmy PMP exam on 06 Dec 12, just now and now i am planning for Risk management in a next 6 to 8 months.

    Really all you share is valauble.


    • Hello Qaisar congratulations for passing the PMP exam. Regarding your PMI RMP exam, I would suggest you to plan it within three months.

        • As you are a PMP, I suggest you revise your PMP concepts. Then you can buy two good PMI-RMP exam reference books, study them along with practice standard for the risk management and the PMBOK Guide.

          Once you are done with it, you can start practicing questions and mock tests.

    • Yes, you’re right. I have contacted them and they told me that they have taken this course out due to some reasons and working on it to bring back.

      I also removed the link from this post.

      Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Thanks for the useful info. I've just applied for this cert and I'm looking for some options to save money in the study material. Are you willing to sell your used text books? If so, please send me some lines to [email protected]. Thanks,

    • Hello Tarun,

      I have only PMBOK Guide and PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management in soft copies that you can download from the PMI Website after becoming a member of it. Rest I purchased from the Amazon or got from my training program.

  • Hi Congratulations !
    Thanks for sharing the materials needed for the exam since I was looking for it, I have just passed my PMP at April-2012, now I want to pass the RMP. the point is that you have mentioned almost 7 resource materials but in the Recommendations section those points are almost covered on the PMBoK guide. Please advice.

    • Thanks and congrats for passing the PMP Exam.

      In my recommendations I've provided a list of important concepts for the test. This is not a whole list of topics for the PMI-RMP Exam.

      And yes, all these topics are covered in the PMBOK Guide. PMI-RMP exam is nothing but a thorough test of few chapters of the PMBOK Guide and your experience in the risk management. You have to study these chapters with little more detail for the PMI-RMP exam. Since you're a PMP now, I assure that PMI-RMP exam will not be tough for you to crack. It is much easier than the PMP exam

      Hope it helps.

  • hi fahad i really glad to see your success.! i read your complete written blog about your success and plan of is very good guideline to other students of of luck my best wishes with you.keep it up 🙂 congratulations!!

  • Hi Fahad,

    Based on your own experience of both exams, is it clever or make sense to take PMI-RMP exam before PMP exam? I’m studying by myself and feel PMP exam is difficult at this time, and I’m more interested in risk. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Btw, congratulations 🙂


    • Thanks for congratulations.

      If you're determined to take the PMP Exam after the PMI-RMP, I will suggest you to go for the PMP exam first then apply for PMI-RMP. Although, PMP exam is tough but once you earn it, RMP exam will be a piece of cake for you.

      But if you're only interested in Risk, then you should go for the RMP directly. PMP and RMP certifications are independent and you can go for anyone you like.

      It is your choice but if you pass any one of them, surely it will help you to pass the other.

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    Recommended Resources

    Use these resources for your PMP certification exam preparation and pass the exam with minimal effort.

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    The PMP Training Program

    The PMI approved 35 contact hours training program that is 100% online, affordable, and help you prepare the PMP exam.

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    The PMP Exam Preparation Tool

    A PMP exam preparation course, that is 100% online and provide you everything you need to pass the PMP exam.

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