Eligibility Requirements for the CAPM Certification Exam

CAPM means a Certified Associate in Project Management. This is a certification offered by PMI to professionals who are interested in project management.

PMI stands for Project Management Institute. It is a global body that awards many project management certifications, located in the USA. The CAPM certification is one among many.

If you want to grow your career in project management, you should obtain this certification.

Unlike the PMP certification, this certification does not require project management experience. However, having experience is beneficial, which I will explain in the next section.

What are the CAPM Eligibility Requirements?

You have to fulfill two eligibility requirements to apply for the CAPM certification exam. These fall into two categories:

  1. Education
  2. Experience/Training

CAPM Eligibility Requirement #1 – Education

You must hold a high school diploma or any global equivalent to be eligible for the CAPM exam.

CAPM Eligibility Requirement #2 – Experience/Training

If you have 1,500 hours of project management experience, you don’t need training. You can apply for the CAPM exam right away.

 If you don’t have project management experience you have to attend a 23 contact hours training program.

I’ll give you some advice.

Get your training through a registered education provider (REP). The course content for all REPs is reviewed and approved by the PMI. If you are selected for an audit, you won’t need to show the content outline to the PMI to verify your claim like you would if you attended training through a non-REP.

Should I Attend a 35 Contact Hours Training Instead of 23 Contact Hours?

I used to recommend that CAPM aspirants attend 35 contact hours training. This is because I know your final aim is the PMP certification, and you need 35 contact hours for that.

Now things are different.

PMI waived the 35 contact hours requirements for active CAPM holders in April 2019. Therefore, even if the PMP is your goal after the CAPM exam, choose a 23 contact hours training program instead of a 35.

This will save you time and money.


The eligibility requirements for the CAPM exam are more lenient than the PMP exam. The CAPM is for professionals with limited or no experience in projects. If you want to grow your career in project management, this certification is for you. Check your eligibility before you start the application process.

Are you interested and eligible for the CAPM exam? If yes, when will you apply? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

I recommend you visit www.pmi.org for updated information. Download the latest version of the CAPM Handbook and read the CAPM Eligibility Requirements.

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Speak Your Mind

  • I just completed a Business Project Management Certification at a university (12 hour semester requirement to complete). Does this qualify me for the CAPM exam?

    • I don’t remember seeing any age limitations for the CAPM exam. However, please contact PMI customer care for this specific information.

  • Hi Fahad!

    I want to apply for CAPM. I don’t have project management experience. Please can you share the link where I can get the contact hours training done?

  • Hi . i just finished my graduate diploma course in project management from Ara institute and i was confused that am i allowed to sit in the exam or do i still have to get a certified training for CAPM.

    • Hello Jagdeep, You need contact hours to sit for the CAPM exam as you don’t have project experience.

      See if your diploma covers these contact hours, other wise you can join any online training program.

  • Hi, at University I completed an IT project management unit that had 36 hours of contact hours (Tutorials + lectures) total. Am I eligible for CAPM?

  • Hi, I am currently in my final year of my Bachelor Business Information Systems degree. During this degree I have learned a bit about project management and I recently had an internship for a few months that involved a project management role. Am I eligible for the CAPM exam straight away without training as I have some experience?

  • I have a 16 year old son who is in high school, but wants to do the student bundled CAPM option, but I see in your requirements that he has to have a diploma. Is there any appeal process for an exception? He is a high-achiever (got Eagle Scout rank at age 13) and rather bored with his high school classes (we are in a very rural area with few AP or college-level courses available to him). He is hoping to do summer internships with my company’s project managers and would like to show them that he has the work-ethic and willingness to learn. Any thoughts or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi there,

    I have a degree and 6 months experience as a Project Administrator. Just wondering — I understand there is a training requirement, after this is completed (23 hours) can I apply to write the CAPM?

  • I have completed my btech and been working as an intern data analyst for 6 months and 3 months as data analyst till date.

    Am I eligible for CAPM and do i need to undergo training?

  • Hello,

    I have almost 20 years of IT project experience. I have CAPM certification in good standing but will expire soon. I’m an IT Architect and managed several projects individually. I’m proficient in all SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases. In terms of project management experience i have conducted requirements study, developed Project Plans, Test Plans, developed WBS, performed effort estimations, developed software, Implemented soft wares, performed maintenance of software etc. I have handled teams but cannot show 4500 hours of directing and leading projects. Am i eligible to take PMP exam?

    One more thing, does CAPM certification make you eligible to take PMP exam? Please let me know.

    Thanks and happy weekend!

    • If you cannot show project management experience for more than 4,500 hours, you cannot apply for the PMP exam.

      Having CAPM certification has no impact on PMP eligibility crietria.

  • Good night,

    I am currently a senior at a big 4 international accounting firm, do my supervisory role is consider for my contact hour? If it doesn’t, where can I go to obtained the contact hours?

    PS: I live in the Bahamas

  • Hi Fahad,

    I hope you are doing great…!!!

    Can you guide me if i am eligible for PMP or Not
    Education background is MBA finance working as Operations Executive im MNC as well as worked as Project Co-coordinator in Oracle E-Business Suite implementation.
    but my Working Experience is less than 5 yrs.

    Could you guide about certification i go for??? PMP or CAPM?

      • My Core Job responsibility was to Customise Oracle Reports designing. Asset management module Implementation and Controls as a Super Administrator Under project tasks.

        Organizing & Attending End User Meeting to get Requirements on implementation and Sending Cost projection reports to Project Manager.

        Tenure was 2 yrs only but i am still Working on updating and as support team as UAT & UCT trainer

        • This is not a complete project management experience to apply for the PMP exam. I will recommend you go for the CAPM exam.

  • This certification will surely fill your knowledge gaps and provide you with many tools and techniques that you can use in your projects.

  • I have been a network Admin/Engineer with Comacst for the last 5 years. I implement, design, document, organize site projects, help build quotes, and coordinate with contractors for timelines and completion of work. Does this experience help me in any way, or do I still need to take the CAPM course??

  • I am a Project Manager in the making and learning everything I can. Thank you for your valuable piece of advice. Not so many other sites say what you did and I believe you have added more valuable information. Please keep up the outstanding work! Take care.

  • My name is ikhtiarullah safi from Afghanistan I’m working in New Kabul Bank for 13 years. For 3 years I worked as a Cashier & head cashier 3 years as a branch manager and for last 7 years I have been working as an Assistant branch manager. I like to become PMP? Am I eligible for PMP or I should pass CAMP????? Kindly to guide me.

  • Hi I have 8 years of working experience of civil design engineer in various road widening projects. I have been involved in some project management activities i.e. project initiation, budget and time tracker, change recording but not all aspects of project management. I am wondering whether i can apply for CAPM through experience route or I need to attend PM training for 23 hours? If yes then where do i get these trainings?

    Another thing what evidence do PMI look for to validate my project management experience if i show 1500 hrs of project experience?

  • I have worked for a construction management firm for the past 16 years. I am responsible for contract administration, proposal and office management. the main services we provide is oversight, resident engineering, inspection on most of the projects we worked on such as roadways, bridges, building infrastructure projects with public and private agencies. with my experience, will I be eligible to take the CAPM exam without taking the PM course? or it would be advisable to take the course?

    • You should have experience in all domains. If you have around 1,500 hours of experience, you don’t have to attend the training.

  • Hi,
    I am currently working as Associate(Business analyst) in a small organization and i have around 8 months of experience earlier i have worked as QA am i eligible to CAPM?? i need to take the training??

  • I have completed my Btech in computer engineering and i am currently pursuing my masters in computer science.
    Can i take CAPM exam in middle of my masters or i have take after the masters is completed?

  • I have completed my MBA in operation management where i had a project management subject for 3rd semester and i am currently working as Procurement associate for past 3 months as well.

    As a proof i have a my mark sheet and experience letter . will that be sufficient enough to enroll my myself for CAPM certification ?

    • You can enroll for the CAPM exam. Since you don’t have 1,500 hours of experience, you may have to go for the training.

  • Hi,

    Over the past 5 years I’ve been enrolled into several project on top of my regular job, but my title has never been a project manager until few months ago. What can be an evidence of 1500h of PM experience? I’ve also taken a project management class during my MBA studies (1 semester), does this count for CAMP?


    • If you worked in project, you can count your experience.

      I did not understand your second question. Do you want to calculate these hours towards you CAPM’s contact hours requirement?

  • Hi,
    After 10th I did 2yrs vocational training and i have 10 yrs of experience in construction projects.
    Am I eligible for CAPM certification ?

  • Hi,
    I am working as a developer since 1.5 years, i am keenly interested in project management. Can you please let me know whether I am eligible for CAPM certification , as i don’t have any experience in project management till date.

  • Hi
    I have as a Team Lead for 2 years for various Project for SONY (MTC). Now I am working as a Project Coordinator for a non-profit organization. Am I eligible for CAPM or PMP Exam?


    • You should have at least three years of experience for the PMP exam, so you are not qualified. As discussed in the blog post, no experience is needed for the CAPM exam.

  • I just graduated with my Masters with a specialization course in project management. Do I still need to take the CAPM or can I just apply for entry level positions as a Project Manager.

    I worked several months with the Project Management team at my current workplace. I don’t know if this can be added as part of training. Please let me know.


    • Experience and training are different. If you have more than 1,500 months of experience in project management, you dont need to go for training, other wise you will need one.

      Regarding the CAPM exam, it is you who has to take the call but it will not hurt if you go for it.

  • I have 9 years in the construction field as a skilled tradesmen. I have also taken a course in construction project management (360HR) and received a masters certificate in completing the course from a university. No work related experience in project management. Will I be able to get CAPM?

  • Hi, I hv completed my MBA and hv 9 months experience into HR recruitment and employee engagement… Can I take up CAPM?

  • Hello, I have 9 years of Software Testing experience and managing the automation project with vendor team since 6 months. Do I need to have the formal training?

    • I think you may need to attend the training as testing experience may not be counted as project management experience.

      I suggest you contact PMI customer care.

  • I am working as a Delivery Associate in an IT company for past 8 months. Am I eligible for CAPM Exam with my experience or do i want to attend any training program.

  • Hello .. I will be completing my 35 hours of training very soon .. but .. I do not have ANY project management experience at all .. Is it still possible for me to take the CAPM ?

  • I have been working as a Business Analyst for implementing projects in a product based company since 11 months. My profile includes managing the projects. 11 months= 1760 hours. Do I still need to take training of 23 hours?

  • Hi!. I have 5 months experience managing implementation projects. Does that equate to 800 hours of experience? thank you!

  • Hi,

    I am Btech IT grad,Currently i work for an MNC as software developer, am I eligible for this certification? What are the additional things i should acquire to get this certification?

      • Hi,

        Fahad I have done B.A Program and corrently working with TATA COMMUNICATIONS as a BMS Operator since July 2014. but I m confuse what to do because there is no future, should I do CAPM or any thing?

        • If you are interested in moving your career in project management, you can go for the CAPM certification.

  • I worked as a Project Coordinator with a company from Oregon working along side the Project Superintendent and Project Engineers for a year, do I still need to take training before taking this exam?

    Does it have to be project management experience only?

    I know these questions might be redundant but I am curious.

  • I am having 5.5 years of experience in software testing but no experience in project management. I am interested for PMP certification. For which certification I am eligible PMP or CAPM ? Please guide me for the same.


  • I have 20 months of work experience in the construction industry, and now pursuing MBA in Construction Project Management. Am i eligible for applying CAPM certification or do I have to undergo any training for getting eligibility?

    • Since you are 12th pass, I believe you can apply for the CAPM exam. However, I suggest you contact PMI customer care for further clarification.

  • I am currently working as Senior consultant. My total experience in IT industry is 9 yrs. Will I be eligible for CAPM? If yes, could u please guide who to proceed further?

    • Hello Venkatesh, it will be difficult for me to guide you without understanding your position, interest, and the career growth.

  • Hi Fahad,

    Is the CAPM certification a step in the process to obtaining your PMP certification? For instance, does the work you put in for a CAPM certification serve as a benchmark to the hours, knowledge, and understanding in obtaining your PMP certification?


  • I have worked in a project as a developer though maintaining small projects individually for 2 years. Do PMI ask us to show experience ?

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