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This blog post was updated in December 2019 to include the current information.

The PMP certification is valid for three years. To renew it you must earn 60 PDUs in three years and report them to PMI. This will complete the CCR cycle and the PMI will extend the validity of your certification for another three years.

Failing to do so may lead to suspension. If you don’t submit your PDUs within one year, your credentials will expire.

The PMI has set out a few guidelines for these PDUs that you must follow. They are complex and sometimes difficult to understand. 

Therefore, I am writing this blog post to explain the guidelines in a way that is easy to comprehend. I will explain what a PDU is, PDU categories, and the PMI’s Talent Triangle. There are both free and paid options to consider when earning your 60 PDUs.

What is a PDU?

PDU stands for Professional Development Unit. As per the PMI, “The professional development units (PDUs) are the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities.”

If you are learning skills or participating in relevant events, you can count the time spent and convert it into PDUs. One hour of educational or relevant activity is equal to one PDU.

PMI has divided PDUs into two groups:

  1. 1
    Education PDUs
  2. 2
    Giving Back to the Profession PDUs

Education PDUs

This group has three categories:

  1. 1
    Category A covers courses offered by PMI’s R.E.P.s, chapters, communities, and G.A.C.
  2. 2
    Category B includes continuing education.
  3. 3
    Category C is for self-directed learning.

In the education group, you must earn at least 35 PDUs, but not more than 30 category C PDUs.

Out of these 35 PDUS, 8 PDUs should be in Technical Project Management Skills, 8 in Leadership Skills, and 8 in Strategic Business Management Skills. The PMI calls these three skill sets the “PMI Talent Triangle”.

You can earn your remaining PDUs in any of the three categories.

Giving Back to the Profession PDUs

PMI has divided this group into three categories.

  1. 1
    Category D is for creating knowledge.
  2. 2
    Category E includes volunteer work
  3. 3
    Category F covers working as a professional.

In this group, you can earn a maximum of 25 PDUs, but during the three years, you can only claim a maximum of 8 PDUs from category F.

Now let’s see how you can earn these PDUs.

Free PDUs

Here I will help you find 60 PDUs for free so you can complete your CCR cycle. Free Category A and B PDUs

There is no PDU limit here. So if you can attain more than 35 hours in these categories, feel free.

IAG Consulting

You can find around 30 PDUs on this website. I contacted the IAG about the correct categories of these PDUs, they replied that they are category 2 (under the old classification) PDUs. However, I believe that under they currently fall under category B.

CADENCE Management Corp

CADENCE Management Corp is the oldest training provider for project professionals. It was founded in 1983 and has been serving the community ever since. They have over 18 free webinars to continue and enhance your professional development.

PDUs from

This is my favorite and I use it to earn my PDUs for free.

The PMI provides you with an excellent opportunity to earn free category A PDUs by watching their recorded webinars. I highly recommend you watch them.

Once you have finished the webinar, the PDU will be automatically added to your account. You don’t even have to report it.

You can also take part in live webinars that will also give you automatic credit, once the stream has concluded

This option is available for non-members. However, if you are a PMI member, you will get thousands of webinars, but if not, you can still watch enough recorded webinars to earn your 60 PDUs for free.

Free Category C PDUs

Under this category, you can earn PDUs by reading books on project management.

Note the date and time that you started and completed the book. You must keep records of your notes.

Once you finish reading this book, you can report it to PMI and claim PDUs; one hour of activity is equal to one PDU.

If you don’t enjoy reading, there is another option for the self-directed learning category.

You can watch relevant webinars from any site, record the date and time you watched it, and how long the video was. One hour of a webinar is equal to one PDU.

Please note that you can only earn 30 PDUs from the “Self-Directed Learning” category.

Free Category F PDUs

You can claim 8 PDUs per CCR cycle for just working as a professional in project management.

The links above can help you claim all 60 of your PDUs for free. On the Internet, you will find many resources to earn PDUs but remember–you only need 60 every three years.

Keep in mind that the PDU categories for these links may change; therefore, check the current category before subscribing to any webinar.

Paid PDUs

Paid PDUs offer you many benefits compared to free PDUs, such as:

  • With the free options, you will earn one unit from one resource, report it to the PMI, and then search again for the next PDU. However, paid courses help you to earn all of them and report to PMI at once.
  • Paid PDUs offer you the opportunity to learn new skills, such as Six Sigma or communication techniques. Free PDUs generally do not teach you in-depth.
  • Paid PDUs provide a one-stop experience for all your requirements, while free ones require you to wander around and keep track on your own.

In this section, I will provide you with some paid options to earn PDUs. Every listed course is aligned with the PMI’s new Talent Triangle concept.

PDU courses from PM Simplify

PM Simplify is a leading training provider for project management courses. They have a variety of programs to help you gain new skills.

They offer many courses that MP certificate holders can take to earn PDUs and maintain their CCR Cycle. All of their courses are PMI approved for the category A PDUs and they are aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle.

Some popular PDU courses from PM Simplify are provided below.

Business Analysis Fundamentals

The course content is aligned with the BABOK Guide, third edition. It will teach you the fundamentals of Business Analysis.

You will get one year’s access for this course and upon completion, you can download the certificate.

For 200 USD, you will earn 25 PDUs.

(Use coupon code PMSC to get 20 USD off.)

Six Sigma Overview

This course teaches you the basics of Six Sigma; e.g. an introduction to Six Sigma, the barriers in implementing Six Sigma, and the similarities and differences between DMAIC and DMADV.

You will have access to the course for one year and once you complete it you can download your certificate.

For 100 USD you will earn 15 PDUs.

(Use coupon code PMSC to get a discount of 10 USD.)

Principles of Leadership

This course will help you understand the basic leadership concepts such as principles of leadership in project management, various leadership models, team building, performance appraisals, communication, and innovation.

Upon course completion, you can download your certificate; you will have access for one year.

For 75 USD you will earn 10 PDUs.

(Use coupon code PMSC to get 7.5 USD off)

Nonverbal Communication

This course will teach you various communication models, types, and nonverbal communication like body language, gestures, and eye contact.

Access will be for one year, and you will get a certification of completion at the end of the course.

For 75 USD you will earn 10 PDUs.

(Use coupon code PMSC to get a discount of 7.50 USD.)

ITIL Foundation

This course gives you an introduction to ITIL. Access will be for one year and upon completion of the course, you can download a certificate.

For 150 USD you will get 25 PDUs.

(Use coupon code PMSC to get 15 USD off.)

PM Fundamentals

For PMPs, this course has 35 PDUs, and for PMI-RMPs it has 20 PDUs.

This course helps you understand project management fundamentals.

Access is for one year. Upon course completion, you must pass a quiz, and then you can download your certificate.

Buy this course if you have passed the PMP exam based on an old edition of the PMBOK Guide and want to update yourself with the 6th edition.

For 150 USD you will earn 35 PDUs.

(Use coupon code PMSC to get a discount of 15 USD.)

Bundled Courses from PM Simplify

PM Simplify offers bundled courses of two or more at a reduced price.

60 PDU Bundle @ 300 USD

This bundle combines two courses: PM Fundamentals and Business Analysis.

(Save 30 USD by using coupon code PMSC.)

55 PDU Bundle @ 270 USD

This bundle contains three courses: PM Fundamentals, Leadership Principles, and Nonverbal Communication.

(Save 27 USD by using coupon code PMSC.)

50 PDU Bundle @ 240 USD

This bundle includes two courses: PM Fundamentals and Six Sigma Overview.

(Save 24 USD by using coupon code PMSC.)

45 PDU Bundle @ 210 USD

This bundle contains the courses: PM Fundamentals and Nonverbal Communication.

(Save 21 USD by using coupon code PMSC.)

40 PDU Bundle @ 180 USD

This bundle has two courses: Business Analysis and Six Sigma Overview.

(Save 18 USD by using coupon code PMSC.)

PDU courses from OSP International

OSP International offers two courses that can provide you PDUs. OSP International was founded by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner.

Agile PrepCast, 40.5 PDUs @ 229 USD

This program has two advantages.

The first is that you will get 40.5 PDUs.

The second, this course fulfills the 30 contact hours requirements for the PMI-ACP certification exam.

You can use these hours when applying for the PMI-ACP certification exam.

PM PrepCast 60 PDUs @ 229 USD

You can earn 60 PDUs from this course, if you passed your PMP certification exam before March 26th, 2018.

The price of this program is 229 USD and it gives you 60 PDUs.

This program will help you align your knowledge with the sixth edition of the PMBOK Guide if you passed the exam based on the old edition of the PMBOK Guide. This is a good deal for anyone who passed the exam before March 26, 2018, and wants to stay up to date with the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide.


These PDUs play an important role in your career development. If you are a PMP, you are encouraged to earn PDUs. You can do so by learning new skills, sharing your experience, volunteer work, etc; anything that helps you grow your career. A good plan and continuous accumulation will make completing the PDU requirements for your certification renewal very easy.

Some of the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking. Please understand that I recommend these resources because they are useful, not because of the commissions I make. Please do not make a purchase unless you feel you need the materials or that they will help you achieve your goals. Read the disclaimer.

PMP Question Bank

This is the most popular Question Bank for the PMP Exam. To date, this PMP Question Bank has helped over 10,000 PMP aspirants pass the PMP exam. 

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More Details

PMP Formula Guide

This is the most popular Formula Guide for the PMP Exam. If you face difficulty with attempting mathematical questions for the PMP exam.

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  • I am a PMP, I achieved my 35 contact hours through a university course taken years ago but took a week long bootcamp last year, to update my knowledge in preparation for the exam. I didn’t take the exam for nearly a year but can I now claim the thirty hours or so I spent in the bootcamp?

    • If you have attended the course after passing the exam, you can claim it as PDUs.

  • Hi,

    My PMP certification is expiring soon and I need to earn 60 PDUs to maintain it. I have a couple of questions

    Q1: What’s the best way to these earn 60 PDUs? Do I need to pay for it OR I can do that by using free material on web?

    Q2: Can someone share authentic web links/ websites to earn free PDUs?

    Q3: How can I decide which category a PDU fall in while claiming a PDUs on PMP website?

    A quick response will be highly appreciated


    • Hello Tanzeel,

      I have answered all your questions in this blog post. Please read this blog post once again, and all links given in this post are authentic links.

  • My brother PMP Certification is going to expire. I am wondering if PMI will accept partial participation in projects in which one is not the PM?

  • Hi Fahad,

    I passed ITILF course by self study. Can I claim the PDUs for that( I am PMP and I need 60 PDUs to retain my membership)


    • Yes you can claim it. Contact the ITIL to know the correct category for these PDUs.

  • Hi,

    I am planning to take my PMP certification but I dont have any PDUs yet. I have finished my ITIL exam last week. So, as per the discussions above, Can I now claim 30 PDUs as I have spent more than 35 hours working on that. Secondly, the site gives good information on the way to earn free PDUs through webinars. Does it apply only for renewal or can I attend these webinars and claim the PDUs ?

    Please suggest


    • PDUs and contact hours are different. If you’re not a PMP, you need to earn 35 contact hours. And once you become a PMP these contact hours can be PDUs.

      You have to check whether your training program fulfills all requirements for 35 contact hours, such as it should explain all knowledge areas of the PMBOK guide.

      If yes then you can claim the hours spend on these knowledge areas.

  • Hi ,
    I have completed 9 days classroom training of my Six Sigma GreenBelt , so can this hours be helpful to complete my 35Hours contact program for PMP certification .

    Please suggest .


  • Hi Dale,
    suggest to attend classroom course of a REP which is more better than a online study..The tutor’s approach is always different.

  • Hello

    I have attended a PRINCE2 Foundation and a PRINCE2 Practionar through a local vendor in my country which is already accrediated from APMG International. So Under which category I can report this courses ? How many points ?

    Thank you very much

    • Confirm with the training provider. If it is a PMI approved course, then it will come under category A, otherwise category B.

      Regarding the number of PDUs, it will be equal to the number of hours studied.

      Hope it helps.

  • Hi Fahad,
    Thanks for ur most valuable information regarding free PDU through various links. I just need
    information whether any of the free episodes in PM Podcast listen or watched can be claimed as
    PDU .

    • Yes, you can claim them just by listening or watching. These PDUs can be claimed under category C only. Here you can claim max 30 PDUS.

      Just keep a record of PDUs, for example, subject of pdu, and when did you listen it.

  • The most popular ways to earn PMI PDUs towards maintaining PMP certification are by taking up PDU courses and attending project management events that offer PDUs. According to me this is ideal, because along with PDUs you get an opportunity to learn something more. I have come across a PMI approved global REP Simplilearn. They offer many PDU courses such as ITIL Foundation, Six Sigma training, Microsoft training courses and more. The good thing is that they have both classroom and online courses. Also they conduct various events.

    I think you should give them a try.

    • I got my free 60 PDUs from PMTI when I signed up for their class room boot camp and passed the exam. I passed the exam on day 5 and on day 6 they enrolled me in the free PDU course :). Excellent company. I think the deal has something to do with 10 years anniversary of class room boot camps. Not sure if the deal is still there.

  • @Dale: I would suggest you enroll for a classroom program with any of the good providers , so that you have the option of acquiring the required contact hours. Rita’s guide would be helpful only as an add on study material.

  • Thanks for all the input. PM Educate seems ok so far. The test are challenging and require an 80 to pass which I am doing about 50% of the time. Still need more study. I also hear a lot of good things about Ritas PMP guide. I think I will get it.

  • Nice. thank you all of you. this page is very informative. As i am also looking to do PMP. At least came to know about few good players like PMti, Pmstudy.

  • Hi Dale,

    I too was confused when i was initially screening on the PMP training providers. I was thinking of going either with Knowledge Academy or PMTI but when i heard from a friend of mine about PMstudy. I signed up for PMstudy online course to get a feel and trust me its worth every penny you pay!

    I am now registered for the PMstudy classroom training program next month and am quite confident of clearing the exam, all because of the PMstudy course materials and methodology.

    I also got a discount for the amount i paid towards the online course while signing up for the PMstudy classroom program!!


    • I signed up with PMTI. It was a fabulous course. I checked out PMA and PMStudy before I signed up. I really did not feel comfortable with SimpliLearn and PMStudy. They wanted to collect my information before they can even talk to me!

      PMTI is also running a special on their classroom bootcamp with 60 free PDUs. I got my PMP for 6 years. Guess I got lucky :).

  • Hi Dale,

    I was with a very similar mentality last month on the verge of signing up for PMP course training. After a lot of research online through a lot of PMP blogs, I had shortlisted PMTI, PMstudy and Cheetah ..And finally I zeroed in PMstudy considering their good reviews and good MOneyback policy..May be you could opt for it.And they do provide 40 contact hours free with the course which helps in serving the eligibility criteria.


  • Hi Fahad,
    I bought a self study online PMP exam prep course from PM Educate. It gives you the 35 contact hours upon successful completion of the prep exam with a score of >61%. Do you know anything abour PM Educate, good bad, anything. They are registered with PMI. I want to make sure they are good enough to get me to pass. Anyone have feedback?

    Thanks All

  • {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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