I have written this eBook for professionals who want to increase their skills in earned value management as well as those who are preparing for the PMP exam. This eBook explains all earned value management formulas mentioned in the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide with simple examples so you can understand the formulas and apply the concepts in solving questions.

If you are struggling to understand earned value concepts and find the mathematical questions for the PMP exam difficult to solve, this eBook is for you.

All formula-based questions are explained with every possible detail, and practice questions are given to test your understanding.

I strongly believe that once you finish reading this eBook, you will not have any problem solving earned value related questions in the PMP exam.

  • Helps you understand the formulas
  • Helps you analyze the logical interpretation of answers
  • Elevates your confidence in solving mathematical questions
  • Helps you select the correct formula based on the situation
  • Each formula is explained with a simple example
  • Aligned with the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide
  • Covers all earned value management formulas for the PMP exam
  • More than 75 examples and practice questions
  • Detailed solutions to all examples and many practice questions

About the Author: M Fahad Usmani, PMP, PMI-RMP

I am Fahad Usmani, author of this eBook on Earned Value Management. I have experience of over 13 years in project management and have been helping students pass the PMP exam for around five years. This eBook was developed in 2015, and since it has gone through many revisions and update based on feedback received from successful exam taker.

Updated With the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition

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Let’s Dive into Earned Value Management!

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What People Are Saying

Abhishek Raj Verma, PMP

While preparing for my PMP, which I passed on May 30th, 2016, I used pmstudycircle extensively for difficult concepts. Fahad’s explanations of topics are simple, to the point and concise. I found out about his eBooks from his blog and I purchased the one on Earned Value Management. For less than 5 USD, the eBook is a bargain. This EMV eBook is written very nicely. It covers all the concepts, and I believe you will be able to solve any problem on EMV in the exam. For any questions/explanations, Fahad is just an email away. He answers all the questions within minutes/hours. Go ahead and purchase this eBook, you will not be disappointed.

Rui Rosa, PMP

I earned my certification on June 28, 2016This eBook on Earned Value Management was tremendously useful, but I have to admit that my preparation in engineering helped me to assimilate all the concepts. It should be noted that this eBook presents all the possible examples for the EVM analysis, and the study is very simple and intuitive. I strongly recommend the purchase of this eBook to PMP certification aspirants.

Thank you very much for your eBook.


What a great Guide on Earned Value Management, full of down-to-earth, balanced information, descriptions, and examples that are articulated simply and organized so the reader understands them. Each section is easy reading, without having to scratch your head. This is an outstanding work, and the documentation is high quality.

Edward C. Foo, P.E., PMP, CBCP.

The best part of this guide was its straightforward organization of topics, progressively walking the student through the intricacies of EVM. Each section was followed up with solved examples and practice questions that ensured the student understood the material thoroughly. Each section also clearly summarized which formulas you need to apply when faced with specific situations. This book definitely helped me pass the PMP exam. In fact, I was looking forward to EVM questions in the exam because I was so confident I could handle any aspect of the topic. It’s too bad there was only one full question and a few partial questions on my test. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. You will surely be more confident about EVM after working through this book.

With all these features and benefits, this eBook is available for no more than the price of a cup of coffee.

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Indian visitors can also buy this via Instamojo using this link

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