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I am Fahad Usmani PMP, PMI-RMP. About 10 years ago I was busy preparing for my PMP exam. I was just like you, browsing and wandering around the Internet to find resources for each part of the PMP exam.

Back then it was difficult, not only to find relevant resources but to also find guidance to help me prepare for my PMP exam.

Eventually, I passed the exam. Since then, I have been helping other aspirants to pass the PMP exam by providing relevant and helpful guides. I want everyone who reads my guides to pass the exam their first try.

PMP Question Bank was my first product which attracted thousands of students and sold thousands of copies. Afterwards, I published other PMP exam prep guides which also sold thousands of copies and were considered some of the best resources for PMP exam preparation.

Among many other PMP certification exam preparation guides, I created the Earned Value Management for the PMP Certification Exam. It is one of my proudest creations!

In this eBook I have explained all earned value management concepts in simple language. Each formula is explained with an example and enough practice questions are given for your practice. This eBook covers all EVM formulas for the PMP exam and all example and questions are explained in detail to make every step clear to you.

How This EVM Guide Came To Be

The main factor that influenced me to create this guide was the growing number of aspirants who bought my other guides and requested a separate guide for Earned Value Management.

So after thorough research and months of hard work, I launched this eBook. Since then, it has gone through many updates.

Now updated to the latest 6th edition of the PMBOK guide, this is a must-have tool if you are struggling with Earned Value calculations.

The core objectives of this guide are to:

Earned Value Management has an important role in managing project. With the use earned value management you can find:

  • If you are over budget or  uneder budget
  • If you are ahead or behind the schedule
  • Cost and schedule performance
  • Estimate to complete and estimate at completion

With this information on hand, you can take necessary preventive actions to avoid any incidents and complete the project successfully.

Take A Sneak Peek Into My Bestseller

In the PMP exam you will find many formula based questions on Earned Value Management (EVM).

Most PMP exam reference books does not cover this topic in details and; therefore, many PMP aspirants find these concepts difficult to understand.

This eBook fills the void and provide you everything you need to understand the earned value management concepts for the PMP certification exam.

There are no prerequisites for this eBook or any background knowledge. The only requirement is a willingness to learn. This eBook starts from basic and elevates your understanding to an advanced level.

This eBook is for you if you have PMP aspirations and want to pass the PMP exam, you are a project manager who requires better project control, or you are a team member who needs a better understanding of status and progress reporting requirements.

Importance Of Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management provides you with insight of your project. You should not use it only as a tool to pass the exam, you should also understand how it can help you manage your project. It can help you find deviations in the initial stages of a project so you can take corrective actions. 

You need to monitor your project progress and compare it with planned progress. Earned Value Management provides you will all data and let you analyze your current progress also show you the future cost and schedule performance. It helps you in forecasting as well.

6 Reasons Why this eBook is a Must-Have


Understand EVM Formulas

After reading this eBook, you will understand all formulas and will be able to attempt all questions based on EVM.


Logical interpretation of Answers

All examples and practice question in this eBook are explained with correct logical step with detailed explanations.


Elevates Your Confidence

Your confidence in solving the EVM related questions will go through the roof and you will be confident in the exam.


Select Correct Formula

Attempting this eBook will help you understand all formulas and the situations related to EVM concepts.


Always Updated Content

This eBook is updated and aligned with the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide and the latest exam content guidelines.


My Support

You can email me at any time and I will respond you quickly. With this eBook you will always have my support.

This eBook is available in three formats, PDF, MOBI, and EPUB, so you can read this guide on any of your devices; e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone, Kindle, Nook, etc.

Let Us See What Others Say About this eBook?

I used your EVM eBook extensively during my preparation to take my PMP Certification Exam. I found the formulae and explanations to be very clear and insightful and were a huge help in my understanding of the EVM process. I also have several of your other eBooks, without which I doubt I would have passed the test on my first attempt. I highly recommend your training documents as tools to complement the PMBOK and other training methods.
David Boon, PMP

I had the opportunity to study and prepare for the PMP/CAPM exam couple of years back and was studying rigorously for almost a year.

As EVM is an important topic for the exam, I took guidance from the EVM eBook written by Fahad Usmani. It is not expensive and provides detailed knowledge and information in very simple, understandable and simple English, making it very easy to grasp the highly technical content immediately. In fact, I enjoyed reading the eBook, and answering the related questions cleared up any confusion and ambiguity I had on this topic.

Lastly, I recommend this book to every PMP/CAMP candidate and to review it at least once before taking the exam. Believe me; it will be very beneficial and useful while answering related questions on the exam.
Suhail Ahmad, PMP

I used “Earned Value Management for the PMP Exam”. This book is quite detailed and easy to understand, and it explained core concepts and provided related exercises which allow you to perform better in the PMP Exam.

I would suggest that anyone who is preparing for the PMP Exam should have this book. I have read many books on the subject, but this is one of the best books I’ve read.

I would like to give thanks to Fahad Usmani for producing such a good book.
Muhammad Sameer, PMP


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