when 35 contact hours pmp training expires

I often receive emails from my blog visitors asking about the validity of their 35 contact hours, such as:

“I earned my 35 contact hours a few years back, are they still valid?” 


“I got my project management training based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide. Now the PMP exam is based on the 7th edition, can I apply for the exam now based on my old contact hours, or are they expired?”

Many visitors ask me that they have completed the training. Now they wonder when their contact hours will expire so they can plan their PMP exam accordingly.

So, if you have the same doubts, do not worry.

Your 35 contact hours are never going to expire. They have lifelong validity. You can use it to apply for the PMP certification exam at any time.

However, you must earn these contact hours before submitting your PMP application form to the PMI.

I have consulted the PMP handbook several times, and I have not come across anything that says the contact hours will expire after a particular period.


Your project management training will never expire regardless of the version of the PMBOK Guide you used or how many years have passed. You only have to attend the PMP training program once before applying for the exam. You can apply for the PMP exam at any time in the future.

When did you attend your PMP training program? Please share your experience in the comments section.

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