join pmi before applying pmp exam

The PMP certification is famous for project professionals, but getting this credential is not an easy process. You have to spend a lot of time and money to attain the PMP title.

If you don’t plan well, you may be wasting your resources only to fail the exam itself, costs around 555 USD.

So, have a proper plan for the PMP exam preparation and the process. After the preparation, an aspirant’s next big concern is the price tag. As it is a costly process, many will try to find ways to reduce expenses.

The one factor that can affect your PMP exam process cost is the PMI membership.

Many hopefuls wonder whether the benefits of a PMI membership are worth the price. The cost of a PMI membership is 139 USD, and that is only a waste of money if you are unaware of the advantages it gives you.

Therefore, aspirants avoid joining the PMI to save during the PMP exam application process.

However, they end up paying more, and that is what I am going to discuss in this blog post. But first, I would like to give you a straight answer to your query.

No, it is not necessary to become a PMI member. You can apply for the PMP exam without having a PMI membership with no issues at all.

However, I would strongly recommend you get a PMI membership before applying for the exam because it will save you money.

Let me explain how you will save money if you get a PMI membership.

The cost of the PMP exam for non-PMI members: 555 USD

The cost of the PMP exam for PMI members: 405 USD

The difference between these two = 555 – 405

= 150 USD

The cost of a PMI membership = 139 USD

Saving = 150 – 139

= 11 USD

Therefore, if you apply for the PMP exam after joining the PMI, you will pay 405 USD.

From the above calculation, you can see that even if you add the 139 USD to this cost, you will still save 11 USD.

Therefore, I advise that you sign up for a PMI membership before applying for the exam.

Another benefit of a PMI membership is the free access to a digital copy of the PMBOK Guide. If you are preparing for the PMP exam, you will have to study the PMBOK Guide, which costs 59.62 USD (printed version).

So, it is an additional savings of 59.62 USD.

Therefore, the total monetary savings = 59.62 + 11

= 70.62 USD

There are many other benefits of the PMI which you will discover once you join.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a PMI membership, go through my blog post about the benefits of a PMI membership.


Although it is not mandatory to get a PMI membership, signing up for one will only benefit you. The most tangible are the savings on the exam fee and the availability of the PMBOK Guide free of charge. It is a direct savings of 70 USD. Also, joining the PMI and your local chapter will allow you to participate in their meetings, where you can meet with many PMPs and learn from their experiences.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you join the PMI before applying for the exam.

Have you considered becoming a PMI member or have you already became one? Let me know in the comments section below.