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I took the PMP exam and failed. How I can pass it on my second attempt?
This is the most common query I receive regularly by email.
After failing the PMP exam, aspirants get very depressed and think that they might not pass the exam.

Some of them are so eager to pass it that they reschedule the exam within a few days of their failed attempt and again fail in desperation.
So if you fail the exam, don’t get depressed; you can pass it on your second attempt. In fact, some surveys say that the chances of passing the exam on the second attempt are much higher than the first attempt.

You only need to take the right approach toward the exam.I have been explaining these issues to my visitors for many years through email and most of them have taken advantage of my advice and became a PMP.

Now I have collected all that information, added more depth to it and created this eBook: “How to Pass the PMP exam on Your Second Attempt”.
In this eBook I have explained all steps, strategies, and tips to pass the exam on your next attempt.

This eBook offers you many benefits, such as:


Free yourself from


Motivate you to take the exam with fresh energy


Provide you with the right direction to prepare for the exam


Help you analyze your
weak areas


Help you to solve questions in different scenarios


And most importantly: It elevates your confidence

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