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pmp formula guide 4.x

The PMP Formula Guide is your easy way to understand the PMP formulas and the math-based questions in the PMP certification exam. The goal of this guide is to help you solve formula based questions in the exam effectively.

The core objectives of this guide are to:

  • Explain all PMP exam formulas
  • Help you understand the concepts behind each formula
  • Prepare you to solve formula based questions in the PMP exam

If you find the mathematical questions for the PMP exam difficult to solve, this guide is a must-have for you.

How the PMP Formula Guide Came to Be

Let me first introduce myself. I am M Fahad Usmani PMP, PMI-RMP. Almost 10 years ago, I was in the same place as you, preparing for my PMP Exam. I was working 48 hours weekly and had an aspiration to pass the PMP Exam. Since then, not only did I pass the PMP exam, I have also helped thousands of students to pass it as well.

During this journey I have written several PMP exam preparation books and with thousands of copies of my guides sold, I distinguished myself as one of the best creators of PMP prep guides.

Enough about me, let’s see how the PMP Formula Guide came to be.

I have heard this so many times. I have seen many aspirants who are uncomfortable with mathematics quit and leave these questions and think that they can recover the lost marks in other sections. In the PMP exam you are going to see a lot of questions based on mathematical formulas, so quitting because you do not understand the concepts is unreasonable to me.

For some people mathematical questions are not easy, but this approach is completely wrong. Anyone can understand the PMP formulas and can solve questions after a little practice.

Even if you are aiming for the bare minimum to pass the exam, it will only take one or two wrong answers for you to fail. You must avoid this if you want to pass the PMP exam. All you need is the PMP Formula Guide.

Believe me, these formula-based questions are very easy to solve once you understand the logic behind the formulas.

Therefore, I decided to make the learning process of the mathematical part easier for PMP aspirants. I knew that I could create a guide that will help PMP aspirants to clarify the calculations and pass the exam.

After months of hard work, I created and launched the PMP Formula Guide.

Why You Need It

That is one of the reviews which perfectly describes how you will feel after using and preparing with the PMP Formula Guide. The guide completely clarifies all math based calculations, and it is an extremely valuable resource.

6 Key Features of This PMP Formula Guide


All questions have detailed explanation. As you go from detailed solution to detailed solution, you will increasingly understand the the logic behind the answers. Then when you practice on your own, you are more likely to be correct.


The PMP Formula Guide is also based on the 6th Edition of the PMBOK Guide. and aligned with the latest exam content guidelines. So, rest assured, there is no mathematical question that you will see on the exam that can surprise you.


This eBook covers all formulas mentioned in the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide. There are other formulas not mentioned in the PMBOK Guide, but they have appeared in questions on the PMP exam. These formulas are also discussed in this guide.


You are not bound to read this ebook on only PC or Mobile. This book is available in three most popular formats, pdf, mobi, and epub, so you can read it on any device you own; e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone, kindle, nook, etc.


The price of this PMP Formula Guide is 5.99 USD. This is the most affordable and thoroughly guide on PMP exam formulas available anywhere. No other service provider or product offers such benefits in similar price range.


The PMP Formula Guide is divided into seven chapters. The last chapter is a formula cheat sheet where I have listed all relevant formulas. You can take a printout of this chapter and keep it with you to review the formulas in your free time.

Let us see what others say about this Guide

I have to say all the materials I purchased from you helped me GREATLY in passing the PMP exam. Your materials were presented in practical project management terms which made them easier to understand and comprehend! The formulas were a lifeline for me; you provided clear and concise examples along with definitions of what each of the components of the formulas represented. I had previously attended a PMP prep course and read the PMBOK Guide over and over again. However, I don’t feel I would have passed the PMP exam without the PMP prep documentation provided by you. Thank you for all your help. I’ve referred you/your PMP materials to others I know who are prepping for the exam! With much gratitude.
Yvonne Miller
It was very convenient and easy to understand all PMP related formulas together with simple explanation and sufficient examples. It was quite helpful for the PMP exam preparation. Great job.
M. Aijaz
I used Mr. Usmani’s “PMP Formula Guide” extensively in my preparation for the PMP exam, and I passed it on my first attempt. It was a tool that was invaluable to my learning and practice of the many PMP formulae.

I highly recommend it for anyone preparing to take the PMP exam. (Don’t fear the math!). I carry it with me in case I need to reference it while carrying out my PM activities and tasks.
David Boon
The PMP Formula Guide provides succinct working examples and explanations that ensure you nail the calculation questions in your exam.
Chris Leckey
I could not afford the cost of traditional classes for my PMP exam preparation. While searching online for a good alternative, I came across Fahad Usmani’s PMP Formula Guide. As the say, the rest is history; the formula guide was the single most important resource of the 3 sources I relied on. I have been recommending it to my friends and colleagues ever since.
Dr Abdullahi
The book is really helpful; the explanations are solid yet simple enough to be absorbed. I am a PMP certified professional now and part of the credit for this goes to this book.
I was able to pass the PMP exam on my first attempt. I had read the PMI book and attended a live instructor-based class, but above all referred to and read the PMP Formula Guide and solved some sample problems from your website. The formulas and the explanations helped me a lot in understanding and validating my knowledge and eventually I was able to use this knowledge easily in the certification exam.

Thank you for your efforts, and I would highly recommend your materials to aspiring candidates!!
Mukund Chandak, PMP

6 Key Features of This PMP Formula Guide


6 Key Features of This PMP Formula Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide on PMP formulas, and I assure you that once you finish reading this guide, you will not have any problem attempting mathematical questions in the PMP exam. I have spent a lot of time on this guide and worked with several professionals that already passed the exam to make it more useful and as simple as possible.

This guide has been revised multiple times after taking feedback from successful exam takers. These updates include suggestions from hundreds of professionals who have passed the PMP exam using the PMP Formula Guide, which makes it a complete, polished product.

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