PMP Formula Guide

"A Comprehensive Guide on PMP Exam Formulas"

Do Not Avoid Math Based Questions in Your PMP Exam. You Must Get Them Right to Pass the Exam with Flying Colors.

In the PMP exam you are going to see a lot of questions based on mathematical formulas. I have seen many aspirants who are uncomfortable with mathematics leave these questions and think that they can cover the lost marks in other sections.

This approach is completely wrong. Even if you are aiming for bare minimum to pass the exam, it will only take one or two wrong answer for you to fail. You must avoid it if you want to pass the PMP exam.

Believe me, these formula-based questions are very easy to solve once you understand the logic behind the formula.

To make this process easier for you I have written this PMP Formula Guide.

The core objectives of this formula guide are to:

  •  Explains all PMP Formulas
  •  Helps you understand concepts
  •  Allows you to solve formula based questions in the exam

In this guide, I have explained all of the mathematical formulas mentioned in the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide. Simple examples and practice questions are given so that you can understand the logic of the formulas easily.

There are other formulas not mentioned in the PMBOK Guide, but questions based on them are seen in the PMP exam. These formulas are also discussed in this eBook.

If you find the mathematical questions for the PMP exam difficult to solve, this eBook is must-have for you.

This book is available in three formats, pdf, mobi, and epub, so you can read on any device you own; e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone, kindle, nook, etc.

This is the most comprehensive guide on PMP formulas, and I assure you that once you finish reading this guide, you will not have any problem solving mathematical questions in the PMP exam.

This eBook has been revised multiple times and recently went through a major upgrade which makes it very valuable and a polished product.

In the current update I have included suggestions from hundreds of professionals who have passed the PMP exam using this PMP Formula Guide.


  •  Helps you understand the formulas
  •  Helps you analyze the logical interpretation of answers
  •  Elevates your confidence in solving mathematical questions
  •  Helps you select the correct formula based on the situation


  •  Each formula is explained with simple examples
  •  Detailed solutions to all examples and practice questions
  •  Aligned with the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide
  •  Covers all formulas for the PMP exam
  •  More than 85 examples and practice questions

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I purchased the PMP Formula Guide approximately 10 days before my scheduled exam date, and found it to be very helpful. I was fortunate to pass the exam on my first try and found to be proficient in all process areas. I give a lot of credit to you and your the guide. While the guide certainly cannot be used as a standalone study guide for the exam, it includes all of the formulas one should need to know in order to pass the formula-related questions on the exam.

Having all of the formulas with example problems all in one place was so helpful for me. It gave me a sense of calmness and confidence that I was studying everything I needed to study in order to pass the formula-related questions. While it is quite possible that PMP could include other formula-related questions on its exams, your PMP Formula Guide allowed me to enter the exam with confidence that I had studied ‘everything’. This allowed me to settle down and work through the exam quite quickly. I’m thankful I found your website and study materials, and only wish I had found them earlier.

Alan D. Nielson, PE, PMP

About the Author: M Fahad Usmani, PMP, PMI-RMP

I am Fahad Usmani, author of this PMP Formula Guide. I have experience of over 13 years in project management and have been helping students pass the PMP exam for around five years. This formula guide was developed in 2014, and since it has gone through many revisions and update based on feedback received from professionals.

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This eBook is divided into seven chapters. The last chapter is a formula cheat sheet where I have listed all relevant formulas. You can take a printout of this chapter and keep it with you to review the formulas in your free time.

  • This is an incredible guide on PMP math. I assure you if you go through this book, you won’t need any other resource. Along with this guide, I also promise you my support throughout your PMP exam preparation.
  • If you’re having any problems understanding formulas, concepts, or a question in the formula guide, send me an email. I guarantee I will respond. I will help you in understanding every concept, example, and practice question in the Formula Guide.

This PMP Formula Guide Contains all Mathematical Formulas That You May see on Your Exam.

Content Details:

This formula guide has following contents. All these mathematical concepts have been explained with examples and practice questions.

Time Management

  •  Triangular Distribution
  •  Beta Distribution (PERT)
  •  Standard Deviation, Variance
  •  Critical Path Method
  •  Type of Dependency
  •  Total Float and Free Float
  •  Schedule Compressions Technique
  •  Crashing

Cost Management

  • Project Cost Estimation
  •  Project Budget
  •  Earned Value Management
  •  Elements of Earned Value Management
  •  Variances
  •  Indexes
  •  Forecasting Tools
  •  Estimate at Completion
  •  Estimate to Complete
  •  To Complete Performance Index

Miscellaneous Formulas

  • Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation
  •  Discounted Cash Flows
  •  Net Present Value (NPV)
  •  Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  •  Payback Period
  •  Opportunity Cost
  •  Cost Benefit Ratio
  •  Sunk Cost

Procurement Management

1) Fixed Price Contract

  • Firm Fixed Price (FFP)
  • Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF)
  • Point of Total Assumption (PTA):
  • Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment (FP-EPA)

2) Cost Reimbursable Contract

  • Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract (CPFF)
  • Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contract (CPIF)
  • Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF)

3) Time and Material

  • Time and Material

Communication Management:-   Communication Channels

Risk Management:–   Probability, Expected Monetary Value, Decision Tree Method

Cheat Sheet:–   List of all Formulas

See what some of our customers have to say:

I passed the PMP on my first attempt thanks in part to the PMP Formula Guide. This booklet explained many of the complex concepts in a simple to understand way. For a guy who has always needed the pictures to understand the writing, this guide was an excellent resource for me to get a better picture of the formulas, the purpose behind them and how to apply them during the exam.

Bert H. McNaught, PMP

Fahad’s Formula Guide contributed significantly to my passing the PMBOK 5.0 last year. I failed the test the first time, primarily because I was having challenges with the math questions. After purchasing his guide and completing the problems, I was well prepared for the exam the second time around. I thought it was such a good guide that I recommended it to others taking the PMP exam.

Thomas Gentle, PMP

I purchased your PMP Formula Guide and passed my exam on the first try. The formula descriptions and practice questions, especially EVM, were genius. I struggled so mightily to understand EVM and after reading your material it all made sense. The practice exams were excellent as well.


Blaine McGillivray, PMP

The PMP Formula Guide provides a detailed explanation of the use and application of each formula. I found it to be mostly useful for the cost formulas (specially Estimate at Completion [EAC] which has about four formulas to calculate).

I passed the PMP exam on my very first try; the practice provided by the formulas was crucial for performing calculations easily by knowing the meaning of the questions and what information was necessary for their calculations.

I recommend this formula guide to other PMP aspirants as well.

Lismar S. Matos Hernández, BSCE, MBA Finance, PMP

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You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't like this PMP Formula Guide over the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.