Ultimate PMP Exam Sample Questions Set

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Updated as per the Latest Exam content Outline January 2021.

Please note that this question bank has been updated and aligned with the latest exam content outline applicable from the January 2021.

If you have purchased old version of this question bank, send me and email, and I will send the latest version for free.

Please note that, all questions in this question bank have multiple choices with single response.

To pass the PMP exam you need to practice a lot of PMP exam sample questions and mock tests. This practice gives you an understanding of core concepts and mock tests give you an idea of the test environment. Attempting mock tests is the last stage of PMP exam preparation, and to help you, I have developed a PMP Question Bank.

This PMP Question Bank has two sets of 180 PMP sample exam questions, which covers all 49 project management processes, and is based on the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide and latest exam content outline applicable after January 1st, 2021..

This is one of the best mock tests available in the market whose quality and difficulty level is almost equal to the real exam. In this PMP Question Bank, all questions are unique. Each question is based on a new concept. These are not just 360 questions; these are 360 concepts for you. There are absolutely no filler questions, no fluff; just 100% quality questions, nothing less.

You will find questions based on different scenarios, including formula-based questions. All questions have detailed explanations and most of them are cross-referenced to the PMBOK Guide. This question bank has been updated many times based on the feedback received from the professionals who have passed the PMP exam using the PMP Question Bank.

To make navigation easier, I have hyperlinked all questions and answers to each other so you don’t have to turn the pages and go back and forth.

How to Use It

This question bank consists of two sets of 180 questions. Try the first set of questions. If you are scoring above 70% and able to complete the test within 4 hours, you are ready for the exam and you can start the second set.

However, if you don’t score above 70% or are not able to complete the test within four hours, you need to work harder to raise your mark. You can repeat the procedure with the second set again when you think you are ready. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this PMP Question Bank. This is the best high quality question bank available for PMP aspirants. This question bank will find your shortcomings and prepare you for the PMP exam. If you’re having problems understanding any questions, or concept from this question bank, send me an email. I guarantee my response.

This great resource has helped thousands of professionals pass the PMP exam with flying colors.