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Updated as per the Latest Exam content Outline January 2021.

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Please note that this PMP Question Bank has been updated and aligned with the latest PMP Exam Content Outline applicable from the January 2021.

If you have purchased old version of this question bank, send me and email, and I will send the latest version for free.

To pass the PMP exam you need to practice a lot of PMP exam sample questions and mock tests. This practice gives you an understanding of core concepts and mock tests give you an idea of the test environment. Attempting mock tests is the last stage of PMP exam preparation, and to help you, I have developed a PMP Question Bank.

This PMP Question Bank has two sets of 180 PMP sample exam questions, which covers all project management processes, and is based on the latest exam content outline applicable after January 1st, 2021.

This is one of the best mock tests available in the market whose quality and difficulty level is almost equal to the real exam. In this PMP Question Bank, all questions are unique. Each question is based on a new concept. These are not just 360 questions; these are 360 concepts for you. There are absolutely no filler questions, no fluff; just 100% quality questions, nothing less.

You will find questions based on different scenarios, including formula-based questions. All questions have detailed explanations and most of them are cross-referenced to the PMBOK Guide. This question bank has been updated many times based on the feedback received from the professionals who have passed the PMP exam using the PMP Question Bank.

To make navigation easier, I have hyperlinked all questions and answers to each other so you don’t have to turn the pages and go back and forth.

How to Use It

This question bank consists of two sets of 180 questions. Try the first set of questions. If you are scoring above 70% and complete the test within 230 minutes, you are ready for the exam and you can start the second set.

If you don’t score above 70% or are not able to complete the test within 230 minutes, work harder to raise your mark. Repeat the procedure with the second set again when you think you are ready. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this PMP Question Bank. This is the best high quality question bank available for PMP aspirants. This question bank will find your shortcomings and prepare you for the PMP exam. If you’re having problems understanding any questions, or concept from this question bank, send me an email. I guarantee my response.

This great resource has helped thousands of professionals pass the PMP exam with flying colors.

How This eBook Will Help You?

This eBook has helped thousands of aspirants pass the PMP exam

Identify Gaps

This question bank will find your weak spots and help you fill them.

Boost Confidence

With all knowledge gap filled, you will be more confident in the exam.

Glimpse of Exam

You will know what kind of question you will see in the real exam.

Clarify Concepts

Solving these questions will help you understand the concepts easily.

Boost Confidence

If you need any help from me, send me an email and I will respond you.

Glimpse of Exam

Attempting these questions will let you know if you are ready for the exam.

What Others Say About This Question Bank

Thousands Aspirants Have Passed Using this Question Bank

Hello Mohammad. I passed the PMP exam today and just wanted to thank you for the Question Bank. The value was amazing and I felt no need to spend more money on a simulator. This gave me the confidence that I needed to feel that I was ready. I would recommend your product to anyone.

Paul Carter, PMP

It is very good practice material (and it also can be used as reference). The best thing is the simple and to-the-point explanation of complex answers. I have passed the examination. This book helped me to understand and practice the complexity of the questions and time management. It is a very good question bank to recommend to aspiring professionals.

Mathew M Illickan, PMP

Your PMP Question Bank helped me pass the PMP exam on my first try. What I liked about it was the fact that the questions were challenging and relevant. The structure of the questions made identifying the processes for project management easier to remember and associate with the questions on the actual exam. I definitely recommend this Question Bank to other people preparing to take the exam. I passed on my first try.

Roxanne Ong, PMP

First of all, I would like to extend my thanks for Fahad’s efforts in supporting many PMP aspirants. Regarding his PMP Question Bank, the book contains 360 questions. Though I would say that all these questions are easy to moderately tough, all of them are thought provoking and moreover they are distributed throughout all Knowledge Areas and Process Groups. I myself, after preparing for a few days, was able to attempt all the questions, and through this process I was able to get answers on which Knowledge Areas and Process Groups I am lacking in knowledge. I would definitely recommend this book to others who are willing to take the PMP exam.

Suman Surabhi, PMP

Good value. I used the PMP Question Bank along with other practice tests – online and phone apps – mostly free or very reasonably priced. For the price the Question Bank provided an even and accurate coverage of the knowledge areas and process groups. I would like to say that one doesn't have to spend a lot of money to prepare for the exam.

I passed my exam on the first try with “Proficient” in all domains. As I said, the PMP Question Bank nicely covers PMBOK content. It helped me to identify gaps and problem areas in my knowledge and understanding of PMP topics. I did find the questions rather easy (compared to Lehmann’s especially), and I got 87% of the answers right the first time. But the actual exam questions were probably the same level of difficulty – easier than expected. Yes, I would absolutely recommend this practice test. I discovered that the best way to prepare for the PMP exam is to use as many and as diverse resources as possible, and to read read read the PMBOK.

Anna Tadrick, PMP

How This eBook Will Help You?

Thousands Aspirants Have Passed Using this Question Bank

Since its inception this question bank  has been revised and updated countless times to make it perfect and useful. The price of this question bank is 4.99 USD and in this price no other product can offer the similar features as this eBook.

The followings are a few features of this Question Bank:

  • Available in most affordable price.
  • Complete coverage of the latest exam content outline 2021.
  • No repeatition of any question.
  • Detailed answers with references to the PMBOK Guide.

With all these features, this eBook is available in three formats, pdf, mobi, and epub; therefore, you can study this question bank on any device you own, e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone, kindle, nook, etc.

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This eBook comes with a 100% unconditional no-strings-attached money back guarantee. Download my eBook and read it, and if you do not like it, just send me an email within 30 days of the purchase and I will return all your money, and you can keep the eBook. So you can purchase the book and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

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