percentage of applicant selected pmp audit

If you are interested in the PMP certification and you are seriously considering applying for the PMP exam, you might be concerned about the PMP audit. It is a stressful event that can consume your thoughts. However, how worried should you be? How likely are you, by percentage, to be one of the aspirants selected for an audit?

In today’s blog post, I will try to clear up these worries.

First of all, you should know that your chance of being selected for an audit is 50%; either you will be or you won’t.

Now, the second question, about the percentage of applicants selected for an audit.

This is actually a mystery, and no one knows how many PMP certification applications are selected for an audit.

The PMI does not disclose the percentage of applicants they audit.

As per the PMI,

“All applications are subject to an audit, although only a percentage of applications are selected for audit. The selection of an application for audit is random.”

From the above statement, you can see that the PMI is specifically not saying how many people are audited; just that it is a percentage, a part of the whole.

Therefore, no one can predict the exact percentage of those selected for an audit; however, I believe that approximately 5-10% are selected.

These days (as of October 2019), I am receiving many emails from applicants who have been selected for an audit and need help. So, it appears to me that the PMI is now selecting more candidates. I believe the latest figure is around 20%.

As the process is random and anyone can be audited, it is best if you are ready for the worst-case scenario and prepare for an audit. You will know if you are selected for a PMP audit immediately after submitting the PMP exam application form.

What Happens in the PMP Audit?

After applying, you will immediately know if you have been selected for an audit or not. If you are not, you can make the payment and then schedule the exam.

The PMI will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to proceed. You have to follow the instructions given in the email, to prepare all documents and send them to the PMI for verification.

Once the PMI receives the documents, they will review and within one week, you will receive your audit results.

You will have 90 days to complete the audit process.

Your eligibility period will start the day you complete your audit, so don’t worry about running out of time to apply to the PMP exam. You will have a full year to pass the exam, whether you are selected for an audit or not.


Although nobody knows what percentage of applicants get audited by the PMI, many experts have guessed it is around 5-10%. Moreover, as the process is entirely random, you can be selected for it. Therefore, before applying for the exam, make sure that you are ready for the audit.

Have you been selected for a PMI audit? If yes, how did you manage it? Let me know about your experiences in the comments section below.