take inside pmp exam hall

You might wonder what you can take into the examination hall while attempting the PMP exam.

You cannot take anything except your ID and a key. After completing all check-in formalities, the staff member will ask you to put your belongings in a locker next to the exam room.

You may enter the test room with your ID and the key to your locker. This can be any government-issued ID card, for example, a national ID card, driver’s license, etc.

Keep in mind that in some countries they only accept a passport as a form of ID from a non-citizen, like in Kuwait.

During my examination, I was told that I could not enter the examination room without my passport, even though I had my national ID card and driver’s license.

I recommend that you contact the Pearson VUE center a few days before the exam to ask which types of ID they accept.

The staff will provide you with paper, a pencil, earplugs, and a calculator if you need it.


You can take your ID and the locker key into the test room but nothing else. They will check your pockets to make sure they are empty and you will be checked with a metal detector. If you need paper, a pen, or a calculator during the exam, they will be provided.

Have you attempted the PMP Exam? What did you require during the exam? Please share your experiences in the comments section.