Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your All PMP Exam Questions Doubt Clear

On this page I’m providing you with all the PMP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) published on this blog. Since these PMP FAQs are spread out among other blog posts and you may face problems in finding them, I am providing them to you here again in a list format with clickable links for your easy reference.

  1. What is the PMP Certification?
  2. What is the PMP Eligibility Requirements?
  3. What is the PMP Application Process?
  4. What is the PMP Examination Structure?
  5. What is the passing score for the PMP examination?
  6. What will happen if I fail in a PMI audit?
  7. What will happen if an audit candidate decides not to proceed with the audit?
  8. Is it necessary to become a PMI member before signing up for the PMP Examination?
  9. What are the Benefits of PMI Membership?
  10. What if I fail in my first attempt for the PMP Certification exam?
  11. Can You Provide Me With an Affordable Online PMP Training Program?
  12. What is the Percentage of PMP Certification Applications that get audited by the PMI?
  13. How Can I Avoid a PMI Audit for the PMP Certification?
  14. Can I Download the PMBOK Guide in PDF Format Free of Cost After Joining PMI Membership?
  15. I Earned My 35 Contact Hours Few Years Back. Is it Expired or Can it Still be Used?
  16. When Will I Know the Test Result of My PMP Certification Exam?
  17. What Does PMP Certification Exam Test Result Report Look Like?
  18. What Does PMP Certificate Look Like?
  19. Is the PMBOK Guide Enough to Pass the PMP Certification Exam?
  20. Is There Any Penalty for Selecting Wrong Answer in the PMP Certification Exam?
  21. How Much Time is Allotted for PMP Certification Exam?
  22. Can I Take Break During My PMP Certification Exam?
  23. Can I Complete My PMP Certification Exam Before Four Hours?
  24. Can I Reschedule or Cancel My PMP Certification Exam Appointment?
  25. Do I Have to Pay Extra Money to Reschedule or Cancel My PMP Certification Exam Appointment?
  26. How Much Time Should I Spend for My PMP Certification Exam Preparation?
  27. What Type of Questions Will I See in the PMP Certification Exam?
  28. Can I Use a Calculator During My PMP Certification Exam?
  29. When Will I Get My PMP Certificate from the PMI by Regular Mail After Passing the Exam?
  30. What are the benefits of the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification?
  31. What is the PMP Exam Fee Refund Policy of PMI?
  32. How many certification courses are offered by the PMI?
  33. What can I bring with me while taking the PMP Certification Exam?
  34. What is the PMP Audit by PMI and its purpose?
  35. What is the PMBOK Guide?
  36. What is the CAPM Certification?
  37. What are the Eligibility Requirements for the CAPM Certification Exam?
  38. What is the CAPM Certification Exam Application Process?
  39. How Expensive is the CAPM Certification Exam Process?
  40. What is the CAPM Certification Exam Structure?
  41. What is the Passing Score for CAPM Certification Exam?
  42. What is PDUs (Professional Development Units)?
  43. Can You Explain the PDU Categories for the PMPs?
  44. How to Get Free 60 PDUs for PMI’s PMP Certification Renewal?
  45. What is New in the PMBOK 5th Edition?
  46. How to Get 21 Contact Hours of the PMI-ACP Training Program Online?
  47. How to Become a PMP?
  48. A Few 23 CAPM Contact Hours Training Programs.
  49. A Guide on 35 Contact Hours PMP Training Programs.
  50. How to Fill Out the Online PMP Exam Application Form?
  51. PMI-RMP Training: Online PMI-RMP Certification Training Program
  52. PMI-RMP Requirements: PMI-RMP Certification Exam Eligibility Criteria
  53. How to get CAPM training?
  54. What are the PMI-ACP Certification eligibility requirements?
  55. How to get PMI-ACP Training?
  56. Online and Affordable 35 Contact Hours Training Program.
  57. What is the cost of the PMP Certification?
  58. PMI Certifications: How Many Certification Courses Does the PMI Offer?
  59. PMP PDU Requirements to Renew the PMP Certification.
  60. What is the PMI Membership Fee?
  61. What is the PMP Exam Fee?

I recommend you read these PMP FAQs and understand them well. If you still have any questions, you can send me your email at [email protected] I will reply to you.