30 Contact Hours Online PMI-RMP Training Programs

You need to attend a 30 contact hours training program on risk management to apply for the PMI-RMP certification exam. You can get this training online, in a classroom, or by hybrid training.

Each training program has its advantages and disadvantages.

Online training programs offer many benefits that others do not, such as:

  • They are the affordable.
  • You can complete the course at your pace.
  • Seat availability is not an issue here.
  • You can study from any location.

Considering these advantages, I recommend you join an online training program to earn your 30 contact hours.

During my PMI-RMP exam preparation, I searched a great deal to find an affordable, online training program to earn my 30 contact hours, but I did not find any.

I attended a classroom training program for my PMP exam and suffered. This time, I was determined to join an online training program. 

My efforts were in vain and I did not find any affordable online PMI-RMP training programs.

This happened to me during my PMP exam preparation.

The same thing was happening when I was preparing for the PMI-RMP exam. No online PMI-RMP training programs were available, so I settled for a hybrid training program.

Today, things are a little different and you can find online training programs for the PMI-RMP exam.

So, let me give you a recommendation for an affordable online 30 contact hours PMI-RMP training program.

PMI-RMP 30 Contact Hours

You should keep in mind that the training provider should be an ATP, a Registered Education Provider. These providers are approved by the PMI and offer training for PMI certification programs. 

The main advantage is that their course content is reviewed by the PMI. So, if you receive an audit, you won’t need to worry about it.

Now let’s look at an online and PMI-approved 30 contact hours training program.


As I mentioned earlier, in the past there were no online training programs available for the PMI-RMP exam.

Now, very few training providers offer online PMI-RMP training programs. One of them is PMSprout. PM Sprout has licensed this course from the PM Simplify who is an ATP, and this program fulfills the PMI-RMP’s contact hours’ requirements.

This training program is affordable. The cost of the complete course is 150 USD.

The course is online, and you can access it immediately after placing the order.

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The PMI-RMP is the second most well-known certification after the PMP. If you are involved in risk management or are interested in it, you should get this certification. To apply for the PMI-RMP exam, you will have to earn 30 contact hours on risk management. I recommend you get them online from any PMI-approved training provider.

Good luck with your PMI-RMP exam preparation.