brain sensei pmp review

Today, I will provide you with an in-depth Brain Sensei PMP review. By the end of this post, you will know how well this course will help you prepare for your exam.

Founded in 2013 by Chris Stafford and Dr. John Estrella, Brain Sensei is an online project management course platform. It provides self-directed exam prep for the PMP and CAPM certifications using a unique story-based approach.

Their self-paced courses give you one year of access to everything you need to pass the PMP exam, including fulfilling the PMI’s education requirements and four full-length practice exams. The quizzes and self-assessments in each module ensure that you have learned the information and know where your knowledge gaps are. 

Brain Sensei is so sure of their courses they offer a 100% pass and a 30-day refund guarantee. 

In this Brain Sensei PMP review, I will tell you all about the platform and how it is going to help you prepare for the PMP exams.

You’ll see Brain Sensei’s unique, story-based approach as soon as you open their website. Animated stories help their students get an in-depth understanding of project management concepts with a little added fun. This is something you don’t see in other exam prep courses.

brain sensei mission

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Brain Sensei PMP Review

First, let’s meet the founders before starting the Brain Sensei review.

About the Founders

Dr. John A. Estrella is an entrepreneur who has worked with many respected organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia. He’s authored six books and conducts in-house classes for professionals. 

Chris Stafford, on the other hand, is a project management professional with 20 years of experience. He has worked with many corporations in Canada and managed projects worth millions. He leads over 100 workers and is also a certified PMI mentor.

100% Everything

Brain Sensei goes above and beyond their competitors to enrich your learning experience and guarantee:

  • 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with the services (30-day refund).
  • 100% pass guarantee to make sure you get the certification that you want.
  • 100% support. Their team, including the co-founders, are there to support you all the way to your certification.
100 percent everything

Brain Sensei Key Features

Storytelling Based Approach

Brain Sensei offers interactive learning modules based on animated storytelling, something no other PMP training program offers. It draws you into a story of a samurai overcoming adversity in the Feudal era of Japan.

Students are engaged and entertained while incorporating project management concepts. Other PMP training courses look utterly boring in comparison. These stories give information and knowledge and teach important lessons, making the information relatable and easier to grasp. 

The key principles are broken into animated clips.

Storytelling Based Approach

Quizzes and Practice Questions

Brain Sensei provides you plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge throughout and at the end of the module to make sure that you have grasped it thoroughly. These practice questions give you an excellent insight into the questions you could see on the PMP exam.

You can track your progress through short self-assessments to find your knowledge gaps and guide you towards the concepts you need to invest time in. 

Brain Sensei has over 900 practice exam-based questions with detailed answers. Their support team is ready to help if you ever get stuck.

Many positive reviews attest that almost every student who passed the PMP exam agrees; the questions are high quality and vital to your preparation.

100% Passing Guarantee

Brain Sensei takes pride in their students’ success.  Their course gives you unique tactics and tips to memorize the study material while being highly innovative. 

All this ensures that you pass the exam and achieve the certification you are after. However, should you end up failing for some reason, you can retake their PMP prep course for free.

Personal Instructors

Pre-recorded videos can be boring, especially when you are prepping for an exam as important as this one. Even if it’s live, listening to professors dryly read from a book isn’t interesting. You can do that on your own. Unlike most other course platforms, Brain Sensei provides an animated professor to each student. 

This Sensei or personal guide is with you through your PMP exam preparation and helps you with any questions. You can go through the studying procedure one step at a time with a teacher who only focuses on your individual growth. The animated professor is always available.

Real-time, Detailed Progress Tracking 

Brain Sensei offers a real-time basic progress tracking report that lets you know where you stand. The dashboard consists of the duration and status of each module. These progress reports show your current standing and motivate you to complete the course.

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Why Use the Brain Sensei PMP Training Program?

  • With Brain Sensei’s PMP training courses, you can review modules repeatedly to perfect your skills.
  • Brain Sensei’s creative learning program is available on all devices. All you need is a stable internet connection.
  • The user-friendly interface and clear dashboard help you understand the platform quickly. You’re unlikely to have issues in navigating through the courses and tracking their progress down.
Why Use the Brain Sensei PMP Training Program

Brain Sensei Modules Overview

Before delving deeper into the exact modules, let’s have a quick overview of the Brain Sensei PMP course offerings:

  • Nine engaging story-based eModules
  • Knowledge assessments and discoverability questions 
  • Four practice exams
  • 900 practice questions
  • 13 storyline exciting challenges
  • Key knowledge point summaries for all processes
  • Facebook support group 
  • Module-based self-assessments
  • Progress trackers
  • Follow up emails
  • Tips, tricks, and reminders for better performance
  • Proactive customer support

Module 100: Project Management Overview

Learn the fundamentals: from initiating to closing a project, roles, and responsibilities, and where project management fits in an organization.

Module 101: Initiating Projects

Learn the processes used to define a new project or a phase of an existing project, and obtain the right authorization.

Module 102: Planning Projects

Learn about establishing the scope of the project, refining objectives, and defining the requirements to reach those objectives.

Module 103: Executing Projects

Learn about how to complete the work defined in the project management plan and to successfully deliver objectives.

Module 104: Monitoring & Controlling Projects

Understand the processes required to track, review, and regulate progress and performance. Also, identify areas that require changes to the plan how to initiate them.

Module 105: Closing Projects

Study the processes used to finalize all activities and formally close the project or phase.

Module 106: Project Management for Sponsors and Stakeholders

Cover key concepts, trends, emerging practices, tailoring, and agile/adaptive environment considerations.

Module 107: Agile Practice Guide

Introduces agile, selecting the life cycle, creating an agile environment, delivering in an agile environment, and identifying factors to consider.

Module 108: Exam Prep and Samurai Challenges

Take four complete practice exams with full question sets.

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My Experience with the Brain Sensei 

This prep course provides you with 35 contact hours certification so you can apply for the PMP exam. 

The courses cover predictive (traditional or waterfall) and adaptive (Agile and hybrid) project management methodologies, allowing you to prepare for the exam with an in-depth understanding of each of the concepts. 

If you are not happy with Brain Sensei, you can ask them for a full refund within 30 days,  no questions asked. 

They also have a one hundred percent passing rate for examination, making this investment risk-free.  The course includes bundles of eLearning programs, assessments, storyline challenges, practical questions, mock exams, and more.

I have used this training program for a few hours and am happy to share my experience with it.

After logging-in in the first time, you will see the following dashboard:

My Experience with the Brain Sensei 1

Now, click on “Go To My Course,” and you will see all courses assigned to you. 

You will see the ‘Complete PMP Exam Course” and click on “Launch My Course” to see your course dashboard.

My Experience with the Brain Sensei 2 1

The course has 13 modules, including four mock tests. Now you can click on the first and start your training.

My Experience with the Brain Sensei 3

I have watched a few sessions and can say that the content is entertaining and engaging. The course is not simply clicking and playing. You must read and interact to move forward.

Here I would like to mention one thing about report analytics. 

I have watched a few sessions for a few minutes, but the analytics show that I have never started and that the progress is 0%. I contacted the Brain Sensei team about this, and they let me know that the progress bar for the overall course only updates as each module has been fully completed.  They also confirmed that if you stop midway through a module, you can start up again where you left off.

Brain Sensei also reminded me (and this is posted within the course as well) that an 80% or higher on the module exam is required to have it marked as “completed.” 

I have attempted their mock test and found the questions to be of good quality. Each of the four has 200 questions.

My Experience with the Brain Sensei 4

Here I found one minor issue. You cannot ignore a question or mark it for later review. You must answer to see the next question.

Now we come to the certification.

You must complete the course to download your 35 contact hours certificate.

Blog and Resources

The platform offers an extensive and information-rich blog about PMP examinations, exam tricks, tips, and more. These resources educate you and clarify any double that you may have regarding the PMP certification exam. 

Many blog posts on this portal also talk about the spaced repetition system, MBA VS PMP, and relevant things that the PMP aspirants must be aware of. It is an excellent source of knowledge that will help exam takers decide what to do next.

All content provided by Brain Sensei is backed by the PMBOK Guide, Agile Practice Guide, and the latest exam content outline. You are being taught the best of the study material.

Blog and Resources

Brain Sensei Pros and Cons

This Brain Sensei review would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about the pros and cons.

Brain Sensei Pros

  • Interactive classes with engaging and animated content
  • An abundance of tests, assessments, and practice questions 
  • A personal, animated instructor keeps you engaged
  • Practice and mock examinations to prepare you well for the final run-through
  • Over 35 hours of comprehensive PMP test prep
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • Progress tracker with reports in real-time
  • A 10% grant to active and former military personnel 
Brain Sensei Pros

Brain Sensei Cons

  • The website layout is a little basic compared to other websites 
  • Basic analytics


Brain Sensei has a proactive support team that works to solve your problems as soon as possible. They generally respond in less than an hour. The experts at Brain Sensei have an active Facebook support group to share your issues and find a community.

They have a chatbox on their website with commonly asked questions, or you can wait for a team member to respond to individual queries. 

support brain sensei

Brain Sensei’s Pricing Plan

brain sensei pricing plans

Brain Sensei offers one plan for the PMP Training; i.e. 499.00 USD and the access is for one year.

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Conclusion – My Brain Sensei Review

In my opinion, this is one of the best PMP training courses available. It teaches you everything you need to know in interactive and engaging ways. Their USP is to keep you from getting bored, and they abide by it. If you are tired of mundane traditional teaching, you can try the Brain Sensei PMP training program to earn your contact hours. 

This website offers a one hundred percent passing guarantee; they are confident in themselves, their students, and their teaching method. 

Check out Brain Sensei’s free demo today.

Use coupon code PMSC10 to receive a 10% discount.

Here this Brain Sensei PMP review ends. I hope this review was useful to you.