pmp exam less than four hours

Many aspirants ask me how quickly they can complete their PMP exam.

Yes, you can finish your PMP certification exam in less than four hours.

However, please remember this: you have been preparing for this exam for a long time and now you are attempting it. You may be tired, and you feel confident about all your answers, but this is your final chance to review your answers and pass the exam this attempt.

So, it is possible to complete your PMP certification exam in less than four hours, but I strongly recommend you use all the time you’ve been allotted for the exam. Use the rest of your four hours to revise your answers.

You have been waiting for this moment for months and you will not get this chance again. I am also sure that you don’t have any other business to attend to during this time.

Check to see if you have miss-marked any answers, because even if you know the correct answer, sometimes you select the wrong answer by mistake.

Review all mathematical questions. All the options are designed to be tricky; if you make a mistake, you will see that result as a possible answer. Therefore, always revisit these questions with a fresh mind.

I completed my exam in two and a half hours. After that, I took a short break to refresh, and then I came back again and reviewed all my answers. After the first revision, I still had time left, so I revisited many questions and changed a few answers.

Finally, I submitted the answers, and I passed my PMP exam.

I used almost all the time allotted for the exam.


You can complete the test within any amount of time you wish. You can even finish the test without attempting any questions and leave the test room. Obviously, you would not want to waste your time and resources. You must use these four hours to do everything you can to pass the exam. If you have completed the exam before the four hours are finished, use the remaining time to revise every answer. Once you are confident that all of the questions have been marked correctly, you can finish the exam.

Have you attempted the test? How long did it take you to complete and how did you utilize the remaining time? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.