Close CRM Review

Today, I will provide you with my detailed Close CRM review, its pricing, pros, cons, and top features in this blog post. After reading this review post, I hope you will have a clear idea if this is the right CRM platform for your business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are essential for organizations to help keep their audience engaged and solve customers’ issues. It helps them prioritize tasks to ensure every customer is satisfied and not ignored. 

CRM tools allow you to contact your leads in good time and convince them to convert into customers. Several CRM providers in the market take your sales game a notch higher. One of the promising ones is the Close CRM. Many top brands trust Close CRM such as Zapier, Toggl, DOMO, and

Let us start an in-depth Close CRM review to provide you with all the insights about the product.

Close CRM Review

Close CRM was founded in 2012 by Steli Efti, who is the current CEO of the company.  It started as a software as a service business called ElasticSales to help businesses scale their business. 

Frustrated with existing CRM solutions, they decided to develop their own CRM and in January 2013 they released the Close CRM. Now they are 40+ team members around the world helping thousands of customers grow their businesses.

If your job involves managing a sales team that follows up leads and closes sales, Close CRM can be a good choice.

Close CRM is a great tool to manage your customer relationships in real-time. Its lead management gives you all tools to help you nurture your leads and convert them to customers. It has impressive sales automation and a lead generation system.

If you are someone looking to connect with your leads with no technical skills, Close CRM is your savior. It centralizes most of your sales pipeline and lead generation activities, organizing your team to become more effective, proactive, and efficient.

Close CRM’s outreach helps you win deals with industry-leading intuitive tools. Here is how Close CRM does this:

  • Close CRM follows a multi-channel approach to convert a lead into a customer. 
  • Audio calling, SMS, and video calling are streamlined to sell more and scale the business.
  • It provides you with a single sales hub that lets you get full context on every single deal. 
  • Communication, tasks, and reminders are brought under one column for ease of use.
  • Automatic logging and syncing help you cut down on filling notes and focus more on closing the deals.
  • Close CRM turns your data into full-fledged insights that have powerful reporting. 
  • It tracks all your sales activities to provide high visibility into valuable opportunities. 
  • It lets you onboard in minutes. Sign up with your business email ID, and it takes a minute to sync your emails.
  • It helps you import your emails from the G-suite.
  • Enhances your remote sales productivity by increasing team collaboration. 
  • Improves the workflow mechanism through its integrations. The integrations include, but are not restricted to, Zoom, Asana, Gmail, HubSpot, and more. 
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Close CRM Products

Close CRM helps you enhance your productivity, increase your sales, and improve team collaboration. Close CRM has been segregated into two categories, according to its two main products. These products are the Sales Workflow and Sales Toolkit. 

Even though they are two different products, the features complement each other.


The Sales Workflow helps increase revenue with its robust integrations and techniques.

Workflow Supercharging

Close CRM gives you an in-depth look into the overview of your sales activities; it makes the management seamless. It organizes your calls, tasks, reminders, emails, and voicemails. You will know what is happening and your next step.

It helps you remain at the top of your Sales Pipeline.

Your Close inbox shows you tasks that require urgent attention. Once the task is completed, or the missed call is answered, the items disappear from your inbox. This lets you focus on your core activities and free from the things that are already completed. It is synced to your inbox, ensuring that you always remain on the top of your pipeline and perform excellently.

Intuitive Interface

Close CRM is designed with the salesperson being the star of the event. It accelerates your sales workflow, keeping in mind that the salesperson is the one who should be satisfied before anyone else. Its interface is simple, easy to operate, and pleasing to the eye.

Team Transparency 

Close CRM allows full access to your team to look through everything that is being done with lead management and the sales process, it offers 100% transparency among the team members. This not only increases team morale but also collaboration.

Effortless Tracking

Close CRM knows the importance of following up and following through. Therefore, it helps you run all the sales communications through the platform itself, with clear visibility and context.

You can track your lead engagement with your marketing effort and customers’ purchase behavior.

effortless tracking

Sales Toolkit

The second product offered by Close CRM is its Sales Toolkit. It provides calling, messaging, reporting, and communication features that enhance the team’s workflow and strengthen communication and collaboration. 

Here is how the product does it:

sales toolkit

Built-in Calling

With Close CRM, you can make 60% more calls than before. The call automation lets you call with one click via their Power Dialer. The built-in predictive dialer ensures your team is on the phone whenever needed, with no one missing out on any important calls. Effective call coaching helps you increase your revenue; it is the only CRM with real-time listen, whisper, and barge tools. 

Email Syncing 

With Close CRM, you can sync your email to ensure that you always receive automatic follow-up reminders, bulk emails, and personalized templates for effective communication. Send sequences of emails automatically by scheduling them beforehand, over a week or more.

Built-in SMS

Not only emails, but this CRM tool also has built-in messaging through SMS. Close CRM offers a built-in one-click SMS system that helps you get in touch with your contacts faster than you imagined. You can remind contacts or team members about any appointments that are on the way and respond to the messages coming to you within Close CRM’s platform.

Video Conferencing 

The video call and video conferencing feature offered by Close CRM is possible through their integration with Zoom. You can review and launch your Zoom video calls within Close CRM to avoid any extra hassle. It also gives you an automatic reminder 5 minutes before your meetings, so you do not miss out on any. Every recording is added to leads which centralize the sales communications.

Actionable Reporting

Close CRM reports everything in real-time with in-depth analysis about everything going on in the platform. The reporting is about the customers, the sales, the revenue, and everything around it. It is quick and straightforward, as it gives you access to the data that you require. It also lets you measure the team performance to gain better knowledge of your pipeline. A complete overview of emails, response rate, calls, etc., help you understand how your team is performing.

actionable reporting

Powerful Search

This is one of my favorite features offered by Close CRM. It helps you find leads within seconds, either by name or email ID. Use a static or dynamic search to get to know the leads that will help increase your business. You can use smart view use for common searches to optimize the process.

Flexible API 

Close CRM’s flexible and powerful API lets you have complete control over your data from anywhere, and at any time. It integrates every single functionality of the tool into an existing toolset through their API to ensure seamless working. 

You can set up custom reporting settings that suit you best, matching you to leads that fit your requirements. It creates custom admin panels to create a streamlined team process. Additionally, it also lets you design your own dashboards for personalization and build your own integrations.

Automatic Email Digests

With Close CRM, you can create email digests that go out to your users on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It shows their individual performance metrics and sets a benchmark against the other team members. This helps you analyze your leads’ weaknesses and strengths and work on them accordingly. 

Close Integrations

Close CRM helps you keep all your tech stack in sync with its solid integrations. It has over a hundred integrations for communication, prospecting, marketing, analysis, reporting, organization, and data backup. 

Some examples of integrations are Slack, Airtable, Bento, Calendly, etc.

close integration

Custom Fields

Close CRM helps you personalize your entire CRM process according to your business needs with its custom field feature. The custom fields and activities feature organizes and tracks all details about your business prospects. You can add any area, department, and contact of leads to enhance communication. You can use these custom fields later to save time.

custom fields close crm

Learning Resources

One thing that impressed me about Close CRM was its entire column dedicated to learning resources. Here is all about Close CRM’s learning column that features all sales tips and resources, providing you with an extensive learning opportunity as a user

Close Sales Blog

Close’s Sales Blog features several posts on the sales process, sales calls, sales teams and management, sales guides, and a lot more. Their content is easy to follow and understand as they are written with a beginner’s perspective in mind. It helps anyone willing to learn step by step. The blog is regularly updated with useful content.

close sales blog

Free Sales Resource 

This column in Close CRM lets you have free resources mailed to your email account. It features over 40 assets of exclusive content that come to you straight from the minds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and sales experts around the world. It helps salespeople excel in the field without paying a cent.

Weekly Sales Newsletter

Another interesting thing you get from Close CRM is their weekly sales newsletter. It is read by 400,000+ sales professionals every week, which is why we know that it is reliable and informative. It is created by the Close CRM team and includes practical advice that helps your team close more deals. It also gives you exclusive access to free sales resources and insights into how to build a successful modern sales team. 

weekly sales news letter

Email Sales Course

Close CRM just does not offer CRM services or learning resources; it also provides a fully-fledged email sales course that lets you become a master at emailing marketing. The Close CRM team also provides you with free email templates and lets you create solid sales models for your company.

email sales course close crm 2


The next bundle that Close CRM provides its learners are the webinars. These webinars answer questions of the inquisitive minds with tricks of the trade from the leading voices in the sales and marketing industry. The webinars are targeted toward beginners, but helpful for every individual, irrespective of their expertise in the sales and marketing field. 

Training Resources

Close CRM provides training resources such as workshops, course programs, and guides to its users. It provides you with training resources to help implement the CRM software into your business, along with helping you learn about sales, marketing, and customer service.

Close CRM Pros & Cons

No tool is perfect, and Close CRM comes with some flaws. Having discussed so much about what Close CRM offers, let us look into its pros and cons together, as this Close CRM review will be incomplete if we don’t discuss it. 

Close CRM Pros

  • Easily imports your leads within minutes
  • The interface is intuitive and user friendly
  • It has an easy-to-use dashboard with custom fields
  • Automatic calling 
  • Flexible API
  • Solid integrations
  • Strong customizations and features

Close CRM Cons

  • The SMS feature is only available in the US, CA, GB, and AUS
  • SMS texts cost about 0.01 USD per outgoing message
  • No free Basic plan
  • A little tricky to understand for novices 

Apart from the SMS part, I did not find anything concerning. It is a bit challenging for novices to understand how it works at first. However, as they continue to work with it, they will learn how to use it quickly.

Close CRM Pricing

Close CRM comes with four different subscriptions. All of them have different features for different needs. These plans are Starter, Basic, Professional, and Business.


The Starter plan costs 29 USD per user per month and is best suited for a team of 1 to 3 people. The starter plan includes:

  • Core CRM features like task management, pipeline views, API access, data import and export, smart views, two-factor authentication, and more
  • Self-service help center
  • Email support
  • 2-way email sync
  • Templates
  • Scheduling and reminders
  • Built-in global outbound and inbound calling
  • Sending and receiving SMS
  • Call forwarding
  • Email and open response tracking
  • Activity and opportunity reporting


The Basic plan costs 69 USD per user, per month, billed monthly. It helps you scale up your sales efforts with a single tool allowing not more than 30 users. The Basic plan includes:

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • Pipeline view
  • Custom activity
  • Roles and permissions
  • Call forwarding
  • Custom fields
  • External phone numbers
  • Sales leaderboard
  • Sales comparison reporting
  • Leads and templates


The Professional plan costs 99 USD per user, per month, billed monthly. It automates your business’ outreach with a unique built-in email sequence and power dialing feature. You can add up to 100 users with this plan. The Professional plan includes:

  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Three pipeline views
  • Five custom activities
  • Call recordings saved for seven days
  • Email and domain filtering
  • Bulk email sending
  • Email sequences
  • Power dialer


The Business plan is the most elite plan offered by Close CRM. It costs 149 USD per user per month, billed monthly. It is an ultimate all-in-one CRM subscription that provides CRM and sales productivity solutions. The Business plan includes:

  • Everything in the Professional plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Ten pipeline views
  • 200 custom activities
  • Predictive dialer
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Voicemail drops
  • Call coaching
  • Call transferring
  • Custom graphs
  • Group numbers
  • Elite support
  • Screen share support
  • Dedicated account manager for an account with more than six users

All 4 plans come with a 14-day free trial with no credit card requirement or commitment.

close crm pricing plans

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Close CRM takes great pride in providing its users with robust team support and best-in-class service. Their team includes experienced personnel who ensure that a person is assigned to a single user for better communication and clarity in solving their issues. 

Their support team is available at [email protected], and they have a special screen share support appointment feature for people with a Business plan. Their self-service help center is open to all plan holders. In comparison, the email support response takes two days for the Starter plan holders, one day for the Basic and Professional plan holders, and just 6 hours for the Business plan holders. 

The other thing that Business plan holders enjoy is the SLA dedicated account manager, who looks through everything in your account from top to bottom and assists you through it.

The Close CRM support team is responsive in clarifying your queries and always makes sure that your doubts are cleared up at the earliest opportunity, as per their existing customer base. 

support close crm

Conclusion – Close CRM Review

If you are looking for an all-rounder tool for your CRM, team collaboration, and communication needs, Close CRM is the right choice! It comes with advanced and automatic features that enhance your customer relationship management and bring you leads to grow your business and revenue. 

The only drawback is the costly SMS feature that works with only a few countries. However, that is a feature that can be overlooked, as several Close CRM integrations allow you to chat with your team without using the SMS feature. It has solid support that makes sure all your problems and inquiries are taken care of quickly. And, it is the perfect easy-to-use application that is available in both mobile and desktop versions, allowing you to use it from anywhere at any time.

Here is where this Close CRM review ends.

I hope this post was useful to you.