free pmi-acp exam sample questions

Compared to the PMP exam sample questions, the free PMI-ACP exam sample questions are challenging to find. This blog post will provide you with a few resources that can help you find some high-quality PMI-ACP exam sample questions.

Since I have found very few free PMI-ACP questions, I recommend you try these free sample questions but subscribe to a paid PMI-ACP exam simulator. The paid simulator gives you more questions to practice.

Free PMI-ACP Exam Sample Questions

I found two resources that provide free PMI ACP exam questions. The quality of these questions is good, and you can use them to test your preparation.

PMI-ACP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner

This simulator is available for free for seven days and provides you with 70 free PMI-ACP exam questions.

Once you join this course, you get a PMI-ACP exam simulator comparison worksheet, an email course on basic strategies for taking a PMI® exam, and a PMI-ACP exam tips newsletter.

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Whizlabs Free PMI-ACP Exam Simulator

Whizlabs provides you with 120 free PMI-ACP exam questions. There is no limitation on validity. You can use these questions as long as you wish.

I have tested these questions, and the quality of these questions is high. All questions have detailed explanations and references to the Agile Practice Guide.

I searched on the internet to find high-quality free PMI-ACP questions, but I did not find many. Though a few sites provide some questions, the quality was poor; therefore, I did not include those resources in this blog post.

I recommend you avoid using these low-quality resources. Subscribe to a few high-quality resources and practice error-free questions. A weak question can corrupt your concepts and leave you confused. Choose your source carefully.

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I recommend you subscribe to at least one paid PMI-ACP exam simulator. These simulators are developed by professionals and aligned with the latest exam content. If you face any problems, they will help you out.

Here I am giving you two popular PMI ACP exam simulators, and you can subscribe to any of these and practice the questions.

PMI-ACP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner

This simulator has four exams or 480 PMI ACP exam sample questions. The price is 99 USD, and the access is for three months.

Once you join this course, you get a PMI-ACP exam simulator comparison worksheet, an email course on basic strategies for taking a PMI® exam, a PMI-ACP exam tips newsletter, and access to the discussion forums.

In the discussion forum, you can ask questions and get responses from experts.

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Whizlabs PMI-ACP Exam Simulator

This PMI-ACP exam simulator has five full-length mock tests, and every question has an exhaustive explanation and reference. You can try questions in either practice mode or in exam mode.

Exam mode will be timed, and you must complete the test within the specified time.

The price is 49.95 USD, with unlimited access. I have used these questions during my study, and I was impressed with the quality of these questions.

According to the PMI, you will see two types of questions in the PMI-ACP exam:

  1. Knowledge and Skills: You need to understand Agile concepts and how they are used in your real-time job. You must be able to apply the Agile methodology to your work.
  2. Tools and Techniques: You should understand the input, tools, and techniques, and output of Agile processes. These questions will give you a scenario and ask the output of the process.

In the real PMI-ACP exam, you will see mostly scenario-based questions. The PMI is gradually reducing the ITTO based questions. These days you will get very few ITTO based questions in your exam.

Answering these ITTO based questions is easy if you understand the concepts.

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Passing the PMI-ACP exam is easy if you study with the right resources. Subscribing to too many resources is a waste of time and may increase your knowledge gaps. In this blog post, I have given you a few renowned high-quality resources. I recommend you use these questions for your PMI-ACP exam preparation.

Good luck with your PMI-ACP exam preparation.

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