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This blog post will provide you with my PM PrepCast review, pricing, pros and cons, and top features.

If you are looking for an online PMP training program and thinking about subscribing to the PM PrepCast, you should definitely read this review post for the PM PrepCast first.

However, before I start reviewing the PM PrepCast, let’s understand why you should attend the PMP training.

You must fulfill three requirements to apply for the PMP exam:

  1. Hold a diploma or a degree certificate.
  2. Have project management experience.
  3. Have attended formal training in project management.

Hopefully, you fulfill the first two requirements and are looking for a formal project management education program.

Please note that this formal project management program must provide you with 35 contact hours in order to apply for the PMP exam. 

Though you have many methods to complete your training, such as classroom training programs, online training programs, virtual training programs, and hybrid training programs, I recommend you get it through an online program. 

Online training programs are more popular than the rest because:

  • They are less expensive
  • They are more flexible
  • You can attend from any location
  • There are no capacity limitations

One such online training program provider is PM PrepCast, and in this blog post, we will review this PMP training program.

PM PrepCast Review

pm prepcast

PM PrepCast is the most popular online PMP training program.

This is a product of OSP International LLC, founded by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner. He is a well-known PMP trainer and has trained over 57,000 project professionals for the exam. This course is one of the oldest PMP training programs.

Many traditional providers are moving to online platforms; however, PM PrepCast has been online since day one.

The current version of PM PrepCast is based on the sixth edition of the PMBOK Guide, Agile Guide, and complies with the latest requirements applicable from January 2, 2021.

The PM PrepCast has the most extensive video tutorials and can be downloaded on your device to watch anytime.

If you are looking for a comprehensive video-based training program that can teach you PMBOK and Agile concepts concerning the PMP exam, I recommend you go for this training program.

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The price of the PM PrepCast basic version is 229 USD.

Key Features of PM PrepCast

A few key features of PM PrepCast are:

  • Over 50 hours of video and audio training sessions
  • The course can be accessed online and offline
  • All content is downloadable
  • Each module ends with quizzes
  • A lessons-learned email course
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • A 141-page workbook outlining useful concepts

You can watch the videos online or download them. You have both choices, but they recommend you download the videos and then watch them on your device.

For this PM PrepCast review, I did not download the materials. Instead, I watched them online and downloaded the PDF files for questions and student workbooks. 

If you have downloaded the sessions, you can watch the modules as you would watch any other video files. All navigation is based on your replay application.

To watch the lessons online, you need to log in through a special link in your order confirmation email. Follow the link and enter your user ID and password.

Now you can see your dashboard. It comprises all your study content and subscription information on a single page. You can access the videos and other content with a single click.

The course is divided into several modules. These include workbooks, course content, expert interviews, and more.

The navigation is simple.

Course Content

Each knowledge area has a module, and each module has video sessions that are 10-30 minutes long.

In these sessions, Mr. Cornelius Fichtner explains concepts. I have gone through many sessions and find his teaching style impressive. His language is so clear that even a non-native English speaker will understand it easily.

Each module ends with a quiz in a PDF file. I recommend you attempt the quiz after completing the module. The quality of these questions is good. Many aspirants skip the quiz and focus on video sessions, but I recommend that you don’t do that. The quizzes help you solidify concepts.

Leaving quizzes will affect your exam preparation.

The last few modules consist of:

Expert interviews are in audio format. These interviews are not useful for the PMP exam, but you listen to them for general project management knowledge.

The lessons learned in audio files are informative. You should listen to and understand the strategies used by each successful professional and avoid their mistakes. This will help you with your PMP exam preparation.

The applied concepts module discusses a few topics in audio format. These are important from a PMP exam point of view. I suggest you listen to these sessions at least twice.

You can download these audio files to your device and listen to them while driving, walking, or during your free time.

Other Resources

Other resources include an email course and forum access.

The email course has lessons learned by successful exam takers. I noticed that all the professionals used only PM PrepCast, a few popular books, and the PMP Exam Simulator to pass the exam. No one referred to any other external resources.

I have been blogging for ten years, and I often receive emails from successful exam takers with their lessons learned. Most of them mention blogs other than mine and different question banks. Some of them also mentioned a few YouTube videos and other lesser-known resources or sites. 

The fact that there was no mention of other study material in these lessons learned was unusual. None of them had even tried Oliver Lehman’s test!

If you are not aware of Oliver Lehman’s test, please note that almost every professional preparing for the PMP exam attempts it. It is considered to be the toughest test for PMP aspirants.

I hope this is a coincidence.

Now we come to the forum.

I’m not a great fan of forums because anyone can reply to queries, and it is difficult to distinguish the correct answers. I would suggest that you stay away from a forum unless an expert moderator manages it.

With this PM PrepCast forum, I see that many moderators are PMPs and are actively involved. I have also seen Cornelius Fichtner replying to some questions.

For this reason, you can post your queries here and get a trusted reply.

The last bonus is a subscription to the PMP Exam Tips Newsletter. This is available to everyone, and it provides you with lessons learned, tips, tricks, discount coupon codes, and other PMP exam-related news.

I suggest you subscribe to this newsletter to stay updated.

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PM PrepCast Pros and Cons

This PM PrepCast review will be incomplete if we did not discuss the PM PrepCast’s pros and cons.

Now we will look at the pros and cons of PM PrepCast.

Con #1: No Mock Test

In the course description, they mentioned that the course provides 300 practice questions. I thought these questions would make up a mock test.

However, this is not the case. The 300 questions are distributed in quizzes available at the end of each module.

These days it is normal to have at least one mock test at the end of a course, but PrepCast does not provide one.

I find this strange, and hope that the PrepCast team adds a mock test to their course in the future.

Con #2: No Focus on Online Mode

As I mentioned earlier, PM PrepCast allows you to watch lessons online. There are no analytics or progress bars, and you cannot save your sessions. It is just a list of videos you can watch by clicking the links.

They want you to download the videos to your device and watch them at your ease.

This strategy was fine when PM PrepCast was in audio format, and high-speed internet was not common. However, now high-speed internet is accessible, and new issues have arisen regarding storage on mobile devices, especially for iPhone and iPad users.

Many professionals will find it difficult to save these videos because of storage limitations.

I would like to see the PM PrepCast team promoting the online version instead of encouraging downloads.

Con #3: Session Duration

Many video sessions have durations of around 30 minutes. I feel it is too long as watching an educational video for over ten minutes is not comfortable.

I hope that the PM PrepCast team may consider breaking up these lessons into smaller sessions. That would be more flexible and help users understand the concepts better.

Now we come to the PM PrepCast pros.

Pro #1: Content Quality

I have watched many of the sessions, and I found their quality was good. PM PrepCast explains the entire course content in simple language.

The duration of the course is over 50 hours. No other course offers video sessions with such a long duration.

The videos are HD quality.

“Applied Concepts” is an important module. These topics will have a few questions in the PMP exam. Note that the PMBOK Guide did not discuss these concepts in detail.

PM PrepCast discusses these topics in detail.

Pro #2: Student Workbook

This was my favorite part of the course.

The workbook describes the course content and how to use it. It provides you with short notes on important concepts, which I found useful.

I suggest you keep this workbook handy and use it during your review.

Pro #2: Access Mode

You can access the course online and offline; the content is the same.

After watching the sessions, you can attempt the quiz and get your 35 contact hours certificate. This quiz has 25 questions, and you can attempt it an unlimited number of times.

You can attempt this test two weeks after joining the program. This condition is imposed so you can watch all the sessions beforehand.

Pro #3: Access Duration

Access to this course is available until a new version of the PMBOK/Agile Guide arrives, and the course is updated. If you buy this course, and within six months a new version of the PMBOK/Agile Guide arrives, you will get a free upgrade.

This duration is enough for you to complete the course and pass your PMP exam.

Although you do not have access to this course forever, you can download the content and use it forever.

Pro #4: Refund Policy

This program comes with a 90-day refund policy. If you dislike the course or if it does not meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund, provided you have not attempted the final test.

I believe 90 days is more than enough time for you to try the course to decide if you wish to continue with it.

Pro #5: Support

I have been an affiliate of PM PrepCast for over nine years. I have never had an issue, and their support is great.

They have always been proactive in solving problems, and I rarely need to contact them. 

I have contacted support a few times, and every time they responded quickly.

Pro #6: Training Cost

The price of PM PrepCast is 229 USD, and I believe it is reasonable.

PM PrepCast was launched in 2008, and I passed my PMP exam in 2010. I still regret that I did not find this program when I was searching for an affordable PMP training program.

I joined a classroom training program far from my home. To take part in this training, I spent two nights traveling and four days in a hotel. This was not a good experience.

Other Pros

  • Complete PMBOK & Agile Guide Coverage
  • Downloadable Content

How to Get the Most of the Training

Read any good PMP exam reference book and the PMBOK Guide at least once.

Keep these books with you while watching the video sessions.

Don’t skip the quizzes available at the end of each module; this will help reinforce the concepts.

Conclusion – PM PrepCast Review

To write this PM PrepCast review, I went through the course and attempted the quizzes for this review. I believe that PM PrepCast is comprehensive and covers all the topics you need to pass the PMP exam. It is one of the best 35-hour formal training programs for the PMP exam.

So, if you are looking for a PMP training program, you can join this one.

PM PrepCast Pricing

pm prepcast pricing

The PM PrepCast comes with two plans:

  1. PM PrepCast Basic: This only includes the PM PrepCast, and the price is 229 USD.
  2. PM PrepCast Elite: This comes with PM PrepCast basic plus PM Exam Simulator, and the price is 299 USD. Please note that the cost of the PM Exam Simulator is 149 USD, so I recommend you go for this package deal and save some money.

Click here to Subscribe to PM PrepCast.

My Rating: 4.5/5

If you are interested in this course, below is the course page link:

Click here for details

Here is where this PM PrepCast review comes to an end. I hope this review was useful to you.

Disclaimer: I’ve been provided with free access to this course for a review. However, this review is my own, and it is an honest one. The links used in this blog post are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through them, I will receive a commission without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.