PMP Training

You must attend a formal PMP training program in project management to apply for the PMP certification exam.

Attending a formal project management training program and earning 35 contact hours in one of the three requirements is necessary to apply for the PMP exam. The other two eligibility conditions are experience and educational qualifications, which we will discuss later.

Before we discuss the PMP training, let us have a quick look at the PMP certification.

The PMP stands for Project Management Professional, and this is a certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI), in the USA, to professionals working in project management. The PMP certification is the most prestigious certification desired by project professionals globally.

To attain this certification, you have to pass an exam with 180 questions, and the duration is 230 minutes.

The exam is divided into three sections with two breaks of ten minutes each. The first break will appear when you complete the 60th question and review the answers. The second break will appear after the completion of the 120th question and confirmed that you had reviewed all answers. 

Note that once you review your responses and start your break, you cannot return to the questions from the previous section of the exam.

When you return from the break, you can use the remaining time to complete the next part. The total time is 230 minutes to respond to 180 questions.

The examination is preceded by a tutorial and followed by a survey; both are optional and take 5-15 minutes to complete. The time used for the tutorial and the survey is not included in the exam time.

Now, let us discuss PMP training programs.

PMP Training

Before applying for the PMP certification exam, you must obtain project management education and earn 35 contact hours.

You can satisfy the educational requirements by demonstrating the successful completion of courses, workshops, and training sessions offered by any of the seven types of education providers listed below: 

A. PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
B. PMI Authorized Training Partners (ATPs)
C. PMI chapters*
D. Employer/company-sponsored programs
E. Training companies or consultants (e.g. training schools)
F. Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment
G. University/college academic and continuing education programs 

The following education does not satisfy the educational requirements:

  • PMI chapter meetings* 
  • Self-directed learning (e.g., reading books, watching instructional videos, or sessions with coaches or mentors).

Also, note that this training is valid for life. Once you complete the training, you can use it to apply for the PMP certification exam at any time in your life.

You can complete your PMP training via many training modes such as classroom, online, or hybrid. Among all these types of training programs, I find online training programs are better as they provide many benefits over other methods:

  • They are cheaper
  • They are always available
  • They can be joined from any location
  • They can be completed from home

When I was preparing for the PMP exam almost eleven years ago, I did not find any online PMP training programs, so I settled for a classroom training program. The location was over 300 miles away from my home. I had to make arrangements to travel and stay there.

The experience was not pleasant.

These days, you can choose to join an online training program, so I recommend using an online PMP training program to earn your contact hours. Some popular PMP training program providers are:

  1. PM Sprout PMP Training Program
  2. Brain Sensei PMP Training Program
  3. PM PrepCast

If you have decided to go for an online PMP training program, I recommend you go for the PMSprout PMP Training Program.

PM Sprout’s PMP Training Program

I have developed this PMP training program in partnership with PMSimplify. PMSimplify is a PMI-approved ATP (Authorized Training Partner). 

This PMP training course is based on the latest PMP exam content outline applicable from January 2, 2021.

This training program is affordable, available for 150 USD, and you will have six months of access.

The training program is 100% online, and access is granted immediately after the payment.

Key Features of this course are:

  • Video sessions
  • Flashcards
  • True/false statements
  • Over 800 practice questions
  • PMP Formula Guide
  • One mock test
  • Social networking with other aspirants
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 35 contact hours certificate

Click here to subscribe PMSprout Training

Brain Sensei

Dr. John Estrella and Chris Stafford founded Brain Sensei. It offers two courses for project professionals: PMP training, and CAPM training. Both programs are 100% online and self-paced.

Brain Sensei PMP training program is different from other training programs. It uses animated storytelling to explain the project management concepts. I find it very entertaining.

The content is very engaging, it provides many quizzes and over 900 PMP exam sample questions, including four mock tests. 

This course covers the entire PMP exam course and is aligned with the latest exam content outline, applicable from January 2, 2021.

Key Features of this course are:

  • 35 Contact Hours Certificate
  • 100% online
  • Access to personal samurai
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Fast customer support
  • Six months access
  • Highly interactive lessons
  • Four full-lengths tests
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • In-depth progress tracking
  • Pass guarantee

The price of the course is 499.00 USD and access is for one year.

Click here for more details.

PM PrepCast

The PM PrepCast is the most popular PMP Training Program offered by famous PMP trainer Cornelius Fichtner. 

This training program has video sessions that explain project management concepts. Each chapter concludes with end-of-chapter quizzes. After watching sessions, you can attempt a course completion test and download your 35 contact hours certificate.

The PM PrepCast has over 50 hours of video/audio sessions, this is the longest sessions I have seen on any PMP training course. 

Key Features of this course are:

  • Over 50 hours of video/audio sessions
  • Can be accessed offline
  • Can be accessed from any device
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • A 141-page workbook outlining useful concepts
  • Good Content Quality
  • Accessible everywhere on all devices
  • Access Duration Until the exam content changes
  • 90-day Refund Policy

Click here for more details

The price of this PMP training course is 229 USD, and you have access until the new version of the PMBOK/Agile Guide arrives. However, if you buy the course six months before the exam content changes, you will get a free upgrade.

PMP Certification Eligibility Requirements

You have three options to fulfill the PMP eligibility requirements.

  • Educational Background: Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent)
  • Project Management Experience: Minimum five years or 60 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience
  • Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder
  • Educational Background: Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent)
  • Project Management Experience: Minimum three years or 36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience
  • Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder
  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s degree or master’s or global equivalent)
  • Project Management Experience: Minimum two years or 24 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience
  • Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder


The PMP training is a mandatory requirement, and you have to attend it to apply for the PMP exam. This training will teach you about project management concepts and equip you with the required knowledge to pass the PMP exam. 

I recommend you join the following online PMP training program to complete your training. 

Visit the PMSprout Online PMP Training Program Page.

Good luck with your PMP exam preparation.