pmi membership fee

If you’re studying for the PMP test or any PMI certification, being a member of the PMI membership will save you money on exam fees. A PMI membership fee is required to join the PMI.

The cost of PMI membership is determined by the type of membership you choose.

Today’s blog post will discuss the type of PMI membership and fee.

PMI Membership Fee

The PMI offers four types of membership, and the fees for all these memberships are different. 

These memberships are:

  1. Professional Membership
  2. Student Membership
  3. Retiree Membership
  4. Group Membership

#1. Professional Membership

This membership is for working professionals. 

The membership fee is USD 129 per year, and there is a USD 10 application fee when you apply for the first time.

After one year, you must pay USD 129 to renew your membership.

#2. Student Membership

This membership is for students.

The annual membership fee is USD 32.

You can use this PMI membership if you are enrolled in a full-time, degree-granting program at a college or university with U.S. accreditation or the global equivalent.

#3. Retiree Membership

This membership is for professionals who have retired from their professions but want to remain connected to the industry.

The annual membership fee is USD 65.

If you have been a PMI member for five years and have retired, you are eligible for this membership.

#4.Group Option

If you have a group of more than 15 people who want to join the PMI, you can receive a discount on the membership fee.

The cost of PMI membership is not listed on the website; you must contact PMI customer care for more information.


PMI offers four different categories of memberships, each with its own set of costs. The membership is good for one year, and you must pay a renewal fee each year to keep your PMI membership active.