use of calculator during pmp exam

Many aspirants are worried about math-based questions and the calculations involved in solving these questions. They wonder if they can use a calculator during the PMP certification exam.

Yes, you can use a calculator during your PMP certification exam. 

You have two choices: use the built-in calculator application through the computer or ask the Pearson VUE staff to provide you with a calculator.

They will let you borrow a non-programmable basic calculator.

You will need to do some basic mathematical calculations for the PMP certification exam, and a simple calculator will be more than enough for all your needs.

Please note that you cannot take your calculator into the test room. You have to deposit your personal items into a locker before entering. You will only be allowed to keep the key to your locker.


The calculations involved in the PMP exam are basic, simple algebraic functions. Therefore, you can use the computer’s built-in calculator in the computer, or you can ask the Pearson VUE staff for a basic calculator.

Have you attempted the PMP exam? How difficult or easy was it to use the PMP exam calculator?

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Fahad Usmani, PMP

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