capm exam application process

A complete understanding of the CAPM Exam application process is invaluable if you are interested in applying for this credential.

The CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification is awarded by PMI. This certification is for professionals who have little or no project experience or want to move their careers into project management.

The CAPM exam application process is not difficult. You only need to use foresight and have the correct, necessary information with you. Preparation and knowledge are key to success on the CAPM exam.

CAPM Exam Application Process

capm exam application process

The CAPM exam application process involves a few steps.

Let’s start with the first: check your eligibility requirements.

Check Your Eligibility

Save yourself time and effort by making sure you fulfill the requirements. Once the prerequisites are out of the way,  apply. 

To qualify for the CAPM exam, you must have a secondary or high school diploma.

Fill Out the CAPM Application Form

You can do this either online or offline—I recommend applying online. The information required is the same, but the online process is faster. It takes around 24 hours to get approved, while the offline method may take about 8-10 days.

The application form is divided into two sections. The first is for general information, and the second section asks for a training program or project management experience.

Fill in the information carefully.

You have 90 days to complete the CAPM application form, so take your time. You can fill out part of it, save it, and log in later and start from where you left off. You can also edit the entered information.

If you start the application and don’t finish it, the PMI will send you a few reminders. Make sure you complete this process before it’s due.

Review the information at least twice before submitting the application form because once you submit it, you cannot edit any information.

Before submitting the application form, read and agree with the PMI Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct and the Certification Agreement/Renewal Agreement.

CAPM Application Completeness Review and Fee Payment

After submitting the form, the PMI takes 24 hours to review it. They will send you an email with instructions for payment if everything is looking good, or they will ask you for clarification if they find any issues with your application.

Once all issues are resolved (if any), you will get an email confirming your completed application. Then you can pay the fee and schedule the exam.

The fee for the CAPM exam is 300 USD for non-PMI members and 225 USD for PMI members.

Please note that you will have one year and three attempts to pass the CAPM exam. If you cannot pass the exam within a year or after using all attempts, you cannot apply for the CAPM exam for the next year.

CAPM Audit

After submitting the exam application form, you will know immediately if you are selected for an audit.

The PMI will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to complete the audit process if they select you. The audit should be completed within 90 days, and your eligibility period will start from the day you pass.

Please note that selection on audit is a random process and you cannot avoid it.

Therefore, it is in your best interest if you prepare yourself for an audit before applying for the CAPM exam.

In an audit, they will ask you to send a few documents, like copies of educational certifications, experience certifications, contact hours certificate, and more. Send these by mail in a sealed envelope. They may take one week to review and then you will know the result of your audit.

They may ask for further clarification if required. Follow the instructions, and you should have no issues with the audit.

PMI may contact your previous bosses or employers to verify your work experience. Therefore, inform them in advance about your CAPM exam application.

Schedule the CAPM Exam Date

If you are not selected for an audit, PMI will send you an email with a code; simply go to the Pearson VUE site to schedule the exam using the code. If you are selected for an audit, you will receive this code after you successfully clear it.

A Few Precautions for the CAPM Exam Application Process

  • Make sure you have completed the CAPM training before applying for the exam.
  • Inform your bosses and employers before applying so they can respond to PMI queries.
  • Don’t provide overlapping experiences.
  • Keep photocopies of all educational certificates, experience certificates, and training programs.
  • Double-check everything before your final submission.


The CAPM exam application process is a little lengthy but straightforward. However, PMI provides enough time to complete the form, so take your time and fill in the correct information. Check twice before you hit submit, because you cannot make any changes. I will also suggest you keep photocopies of all your documents to help you fill out the application form.

Good luck with your CAPM exam.

Have you completed your CAPM exam application process? If yes, please share your experience in the comments section below.

Please read the CAPM handbook for updated information on the CAPM exam application process.