pmp example questions

Here, I will provide a few resources for high-quality PMP example questions to help you practice PMP example questions.

The resources given in this post are well known, and I have checked them thoroughly. All are updated and aligned with the latest PMP exam content as of 2 January 2021.

You can review these resources and select a few of them.

Let’s get started.

PMP Example Questions

First, is a list of free and paid PMP example questions for quick review; afterward, I will describe each resource in detail. 

Here is the list of my top PMP example questions resources with a clickable link:

  1. 120 Questions from PM PrepCast (Free)
  2. Edwel Programs’ 75 Questions (Free)
  3. Oliver Lehmann’s 100 Questions (Free)
  4. Oliver Lehmann’s 180 Questions (Free)
  5. PM Exam Simulator’s 69 Questions (Free)
  6. PMP Exam Simulator (2,100 Questions, 149.00 USD)
  7. Whizlabs Simulator (1,000 Questions, 9.99 USD)
  8. PMP Question Bank (360 Questions, 4.99 USD)
  9. PMP Mock Test (180 Questions, 4.99 USD)

Free PMP Example Question

These days, free high-quality resources are rare because the PMI has recently changed the exam pattern and question types, and free resource providers have little incentive to update. 

Though you may find many free PMP example questions, note that most of them might be outdated, so practice due diligence before subscribing to any free resources.

120 Free Questions from PM PrepCast

These 120 PMP example questions are taken from the PM Exam Simulator. I have checked these questions and found them error-free and high quality.

These questions are available with registration; simply visit the webpage and start practicing.

You can view hints, mark / unmark questions, and upon completion, submit the answers and view your results.

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Edwel Programs’ 75 Questions

Edwel Programs, established in 1992,  is one of the oldest institutes providing training for various project management courses. 

You can access all questions with no registration by visiting the page and beginning.

After selecting the answer, you can immediately see if it is right or wrong with the explanation.

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Oliver Lehmann’s 100 Questions

This is the first set of questions from Oliver Lehmann. These questions are quite challenging, so if you score over 70%, consider yourself ready for the exam.

These questions do not require registration; you can visit the page and start practicing right away. 

Once you complete the questions, you can submit answers and see the result.

Oliver Lehmanns’ 180 Questions

This PMP example question set has 180 questions in pdf format. Again, no registration is required to access these questions.

You can visit the site, download the pdf file, and start practicing questions.

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Paid PMP Example Question

While the free resources can get you started, I highly recommend you subscribe to a few high-quality paid resources to practice PMP example questions.

The free resources have many limitations and do not provide you with enough questions, nor do they offer support, and the content is often outdated. With paid resources, all your exam prep needs are met.

Here are a few paid PMP example questions that I have reviewed and selected for you.

Cornelius Fichtner PM Exam Simulator

This simulator offers over 2,100 PMP example questions and three months of access.

These are the most popular PMP example questions, updated with the latest exam content outline, and I have reviewed them myself. You can filter practice questions by domain, knowledge area, or topic. The score reporting is useful to reveal your weak spots.

The price of this software is 149 USD. 

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Whizlabs PMP Exam Sample Questions

Whizlabs provides around 1,000 PMP exam sample questions at very affordable pricing. Whizlabs is a global leader in providing IT, quality management, and project management training. 

Once you subscribe to this simulator, Whizlabs provides unlimited access for life.

Currently, this platform is available for 9.95 USD.

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PMP Question Bank

I have developed this question bank, and it is one of the top resources for PMP exam preparation. To date, over 10,000 PMP aspirants have used this resource for successful PMP exam preparation.

This PMP Question Bank has 360 PMP example questions and covers the complete exam content outline, current as of 2 January 2021.

I have explained each answer and given references to the PMBOK/Agile Guide wherever applicable. Each question and answer is hyperlinked so you can review the answer and return back to the bank.

The price of this question bank is 4.99 USD, available immediately upon payment.

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PMP Mock Test

This is again my product,  an online simulator with 180 PMP example questions (different from the PMP Question Bank). This software allows you to test under conditions similar to the real test. 

The price is affordable, 4.99 USD, and the access is for three months. 

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I hope you’ve found this review of PMP example questions helpful.

You need at least 1,000 to 1,500 PMP example questions for practice. More than this is not required. 

I recommend you choose a few resources from this post and complete your study.

Good luck with your PMP exam preparation.