pmp mock tests

PMP Mock Tests have an important role in your PMP exam preparation. Practice helps you solidify concepts, and mock tests let you identify your weaknesses and knowledge gaps.

Finding good quality mock tests is challenging. The PMI regularly updates the exam content, and many low-quality sites cannot invest resources in updating their questions. Also, they do not mention that their questions are outdated.

Therefore, I am writing this blog post to help you find a few free and paid high-quality PMP exam mock tests. You can select the resources given in this post and use them to practice questions.

The resources mentioned here are authentic, well-known, and I have reviewed them. I hope you will find these resources useful.

PMP Mock Tests

A single search on the internet will give you many sites providing you with free PMP mock tests. However, you may find that only a few are updated with the latest exam content outline, applicable from the 2nd January 2021. 

You should only use questions from authenticated resources because low-quality questions can corrupt your concepts. I have prepared a list of free and paid PMP mock tests. 

Before going into detail, I will provide you with all of the mock tests in a list with a click-through link, so you can review them quickly.

  1. Oliver Lehman’s 100 Questions (Free)
  2. Edwel Programs’ 75 Questions (Free)
  3. PM Exam Simulator’s 69 Questions (Free)
  4. PMP Question Bank (360 Questions, 4.99 USD)
  5. PMP Mock Test (180 Questions, 4.99 USD)
  6. PMP Exam Simulator (2,100 Questions, 149 USD)
  7. Whizlabs Simulator (1,300 Questions, 9.99 USD)

Now, let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Free PMP Mock Tests

Let us start with free PMP Mock Tests.

Oliver Lehmann

This is the most popular set of questions by Mr. Oliver Lehmann, a world-famous trainer for the PMP exam. His questions are hard, and many experts believe that you can consider yourself ready for the exam if you score over 70% on his tests.

These questions are available online and comprise 100 questions. You can try them with no registration.

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You should attempt these questions at the end of your final preparation.

Edwel Programs

Edwel Programs has been helping project professionals to excel in their careers since 1992. They provide a mock test with 75 free questions.

These are tough questions that you should try at the end of your preparation, or before the exam.

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PM Exam Simulator

Mr. Cornelius Fichtner, who is a renowned PMP trainer developed this simulator. The access is for three days, and you can attempt three mock tests with 69 questions each.

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Paid PMP Mock Tests

You must use a few high-quality sample questions and mock tests. These provide you with many benefits over the free options, such as:

  • The question quality is high
  • They are always updated
  • They are most likely error-free
  • They provide support to your queries

Free options may appear to be good, but the quality of the questions can be poor, and they may not provide answers to your queries.

Mock tests provide you with an opportunity to test yourself against the actual exam and help you develop stamina and patience to sit for a long duration.

Here, I will provide you with some paid PMP mock tests with a short description of each resource.

PMP Question Bank

I developed this question bank. It has 360 PMP exam sample questions. This is one of the most popular question banks for PMP exam preparation and, to date, thousands of professionals have used it to pass the PMP exam.

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The price of this Question Bank is 4.99 USD, and it is available in three formats; PDF, ePub, and Mobi, so you can use it on any device you own.

PM Exam simulator

Cornelius Fichtner, a famous trainer, developed this exam simulator. It has 2,100 PMP exam sample questions, including five PMP mock tests. The content is based on the latest PMP exam content applicable from 2nd January 2021.

The price is 149 USD, and the access is for three months.

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PMP Mock Test

This is also my product. This mock test comprises 180 PMP exam sample questions. They are high-quality questions and are very close to the real exam. This mock test is available for 4.99 USD and the access is for three months. During this time, you have an unlimited number of attempts.

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Whizlab’s Simulator

This simulator has around 1,300 questions, is updated with the latest syllabus, and the access is unlimited. Although the cost of this simulator is 129.95 USD, it is available at 9.95 USD for a limited time.

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Here is where I conclude the list of PMP Mock Tests.

Please note that passing any of the above mock tests does not guarantee that you will pass the real PMP exam. I have seen many aspirants achieve around 80% on Oliver Lehman’s tests but fail the actual exam.

Every PMP exam is unique, and each examinee receives a unique set of questions. If the questions are easy, the passing score may be high and vice versa.

For the PMP exam, you should study the complete syllabus. You should not assume that scoring more in one section can help you in another. If you do so, it may reduce your chances of passing the exam.

Read the complete content, practice enough questions, and then attempt the exam.


Practicing a few PMP mock tests will provide you with the stamina to sit in the exam for 230 minutes. These mock tests will help you find your weak spot, so you can work on improving your knowledge gaps. Attempting these mock tests will provide you the confidence needed to be successful in your PMP exam.

I believe that if you use a few mock tests from the list I provided, you will pass the PMP exam.

What PMP Mock tests have you selected, and how did you find them useful for your studies? Please share it through the comments section.