If I Decide Not to Proceed With the PMP Audit c

A few days ago, I received an email from a visitor to my blog.

He was selected for the PMP audit and was worried. He asked me what would happen if he decided not to proceed with it. He was concerned and wanted to know if he could apply in the future if he did not comply with the PMP audit.

Please note that if you’re selected for an audit and you decide not to go ahead with it, your audit will be considered a failure. After this failed audit, you must wait one year to re-submit your application form.

Now let me ask you one thing: why wouldn’t you want to proceed with the audit?

Is it a fear of failing or have you provided some incorrect information?

If it is fear of failing, it is rare for anyone to fail. If you have provided the correct information and have proof to support your claims, you will be fine. So, don’t worry, and do not cancel the audit. Just proceed with it, and you will pass it.

Now, perhaps you have provided some incorrect information while filling out the PMP application form. You were selected for an audit, and now you are scared of it.

In this case, I also suggest you not worry about it. Many professionals submit the wrong information while applying and contact the PMI to correct their errors. This will be the first time for you, but the PMI may handle this type of case all the time.

So don’t worry about it and contact PMI customer care to correct it. I sincerely believe that your issue will be sorted out and you will not need to cancel your audit.

I have written another blog post to explain how you can better prepare for the PMI audit. Please refer to the blog post on how to avoid a PMP audit.


If you don’t want to proceed with an audit, your audit process will be considered failed and you cannot apply for the PMP exam for one year. If you have provided the correct information, you should not cancel it. However, if you have made any errors while filling out the application, you can contact customer care. Unless you have any other reasons, I do not suggest you cancel the PMP audit.

Has the PMI selected any of you for an audit? If so, let me know what happened in the comments section below.