What is the Passing Score for the PMP Examination?

If you are asking what  the passing score for the PMP certification exam is, then the answer is:

Nobody knows, except PMI.

Up to November 2005, the passing score for the PMP Certification exam was 61%, meaning that one had to answer at least 106 questions out of 175 score-able questions to pass the examination. After November 30, 2005, PMI stopped publishing the passing percentage; therefore, now nobody knows what the passing percentage is. However, I still see on many forums and sites that the passing percentage is 61%. It seems that they are still dreaming of 2005.

Don’t trust them.

My recommendation to you is that it is if you aim for more than 70% (140 Questions out of 200), because since August 2011, the PMI has made little changes to the PMP examination and people coming out from the exam think that it was quite hard.

It seems to me that either the passing score or the difficulty level of the PMP Certification exam might have gone up.

Therefore, study hard, prepare properly for the PMP exam, and pass it.


  1. chiranjib says

    i am planning to appear within 3 weeks time for the PMP exam. I have been using Rita's book and also PMbok for my study. For Q&A, i am using free exam simulation sites. My question is – purely from a 'difficulty' scale, where you would like to place real PMP exam questions ? Are they at par with what we see in exam simulation websites OR they are at par with questions in Rita's book OR they are even more difficult ? Can you please respond.

    • says

      As per 'difficulty' scale, I think Rita's simulation software and uCertify's simulation software are very close to the real exam. If you try any of these then I don't think you'll have any problem in passing the PMP Exam. Exam is not as tough as many people think.
      Hope it helps.

    • 5 yrs pm experience says

      chiran, i just passed on 28th may, blv u me, its very very difficult so prepare accordingly or you are back to square one for the 2nd attempt!

      • says

        Congratulations!It will be great if you post your lesson learned at lesson learned section so that others could get help from your experience.Thank you and welcome to the family.Sent from my iPhone

  2. Nedal Dudin, PMP, PMOC, MCTS says

    Dear All,
    If you are trusting PMI then it’s your mistake, PMI is the most respected, and recognized management standards institute in the world.
    But I belive that most of the people who would like to get the PMP are not meeting the eligibility requirements and trying to pass the exam in any way.
    To get the PMP you must be professional project manager and have experince in project management field.
    pass Score is not an issue, the most important is to be ready for the PMP Exam
    If yes go ahead, if no DO NOT TRY

  3. Nedal Dudin, PMP, PMOC, MCTS says

    PMI is the most respected, and recognized management standards institute in the world.

    If you are ready to be PMP then enter the exam…

    • says

      PMI has changed the eligibility requirements to apply for the PMP Certification Exam. Now, a candidate must have experience in leading the project. Earlier, any one having the experience in project related activities was eligible for it.

  4. pravallika says

    Hi All,

    I have scheduled my PMP exam on 28th June, 2013. When I log in to the PMI website, the current status is shown as schedule for exam.
    I have already scheduled the exam. Is there anything else that I should do? Can I go and give the exam on 28th June.

    • Fahad Usmani says

      Did you receive the email from the Prometric Center?

      If yes, no need to worry, go and attend the test. I think this message will continue to show until you pass the exam.

      Just call the center and confirm your appointment.

      Good luck for the test.

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