pmp audit failed

Being failed in a PMP audit is the worst nightmare of every PMP aspirant. If you are interested in the PMP Certification, you may have many worries. Failing the PMP audit is the scariest.

It’s not just you; almost all aspirants wonder what will happen if they are selected for an audit and they fail it. I have seen many professionals worry more about the audit than the PMP exam itself.

Honestly, you should not fear an audit; it is nothing but a verification of the facts you provided while filling out the PMP exam application form. You will be asked to submit copies of your education certificates, experience certificates, and PMP training certificates.

Once you provide these documents, your audit will be cleared within one week. If you are truthful, provide legitimate information to the PMI, and all your papers are in order, you will not fail the PMP audit

How Can You Fail the PMP Audit?

  1. When the situation is beyond your capability.
  2. When you decide not to proceed with the audit.
  3. If you have provided incorrect information to the PMI.

#1. When the Situation is Beyond Your Capability

You failed the audit due to no fault of your own.

It happens. Perhaps your company closed or your boss is not available. This means that you cannot verify the information given to the PMI, and that is not your fault.

In this case, you will fail the audit; however, you can apply again once this issue has been resolved.

You will not be suspended, in this case.

#2. When You Decide Not to Proceed with the Audit

The PMI will simply ban you from applying for the PMP exam for one year.

#3. When You Have Provided Incorrect Information to the PMI

Here you failed the audit because you provided the wrong information and tried to persuade the PMI to believe in your false claim.

You will be banned for life, and you cannot apply for the exam again.

If you have provided false information by mistake or entered the wrong data while typing in a hurry, you must contact the PMI’s customer care to correct the error.

You should never intentionally submit incorrect information to the PMI.

These days, I have noticed that the PMI is selecting more candidates for audits and many aspirants are failing. The checking has obviously become more rigorous. Make sure that you provide the correct information while filling out the PMP application form.

Please refer to my blog post on how to avoid a PMP audit.


The PMI audit is an essential tool to ensure that people are who they claim to be. This process establishes the credibility of the PMI and its certification process. Be truthful and honest; this is the only way to pass the audit.

If you fail the audit, you may or may not get a suspension period. However, there is a chance of a lifetime ban if you provide false information intentionally. 

Have you failed the PMP audit? If yes, please share why and how you plan to proceed now.