my first ebook a2z pmp exam

I often receive emails from PMP aspirants enquiring about their exam preparation. They have many doubts, like wondering how to prepare, what resources they should use, and many more. 

They are looking for answers.

Many who have failed the test came to me and shared their experiences. They were nervous and wanted to pass the PMP on their next attempt.

A PMP aspirant contacted me one week before his test. He asked me about some study resources as he was not confident in the ones he had. I asked him how he was studying.

He was using the PMBOK Guide, some notes, and a manual provided by his training provider. He did not have any reference books.

I gave him a few, last-minute tips.

One week later, he contacted me again and told me he had failed the exam.  He wanted to pass the PMP on his second attempt. This time, I explained how to prepare for the exam.

I regularly receive emails from aspirants asking for help with their preparation.

Although I reply to each one, sometimes it is difficult to answer all the concerns. Therefore, I wrote an eBook that answers commonly raised questions about PMP exam preparation.

This eBook, A2Z of PMP Certification Exam Preparation, is complete and today I am launching it on my blog. 

You can download this eBook by filling out the subscription form in the right sidebar of this blog. It is free; subscribe to my mailing list by entering your email and you will get the eBook for free.

What is in the eBook?

This eBook has everything you need to understand and prepare for the PMP exam. 

It starts by explaining the PMP exam requirements, then it tells you how to prepare for the exam. It provides you with information on all of the resources that you can use for your PMP exam preparation.

Many Frequently Asked Questions are covered in this eBook. 

It has a PMP exam strategy that you can adapt for your own studies. 

I have added a separate section for 60 PDUs to help you renew your PMP credential.

This book is for you if:

  • You want more information on the PMP exam.
  • You are preparing for the PMP, for your first attempt or any try after that.
  • You have your PMP certifications and are looking to complete your PDUs.

Read this eBook and let me know how it worked for you. 

If you have any suggestions or advice to improve this guide or if you find any errors, send me an email at [email protected] or post it in the comments section.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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