pmp exam fee

The PMP exam fee is 405 USD for PMI members and 555 USD for non-PMI members.

If you’re studying for the PMP exam, you should look into the entire certification cost. The PMP exam fee accounts for the majority of the expense of PMP exam preparation.

There is a 150 USD price difference between PMI members and non-members, as you can see.

Because the PMI membership price is 139 USD, it is recommended that you take the PMP test after joining PMI. It will save you 11 USD, and you will be able to obtain the PMBOK guide for free. The digital version of the PMBOK guide costs 36.50 USD on Amazon.

You may also be curious about the PMP re-examination fee.

If you fail the PMP exam on your first try and want to retake it, the fee is 275 USD for PMI members and 375 USD for non-PMI members. The fee for the third attempt at the PMP exam is the same as the amount for the second attempt.

Please visit the following link to know the latest on the PMP exam fee:

Before, PMI used to provide details on the PMP exam fee in the PMP handbook, but the current version of the PMP handbook misses this information.


The fee for the PMP exam is 405 if you are a PMI member; otherwise, it is 555 USD. Also, the re-exam fee is 275 for members and 375 for non-members.