PMP Study Material Resources

PMP aspirants are always looking for PMP study material to help them with their studies. I did the same during my PMP exam preparation. I used to search on the internet to find free PMP resources.

During my search, I found many sites, blogs, and forums. A few of them provided good PMP material, but the internet is full of resources, and it is impossible to review them. 

Most of those resources were neither authentic nor updated with the latest PMP exam content outline.  

It was not easy to find a high-quality PMP study material resource.

After passing the PMP exam, I saved the list of resources I used, then I forgot about it. A few days ago, I found it on my computer, and it reminded me of the struggle to find good PMP exam study resources. 

Since I now have my blog, I am publishing my list so PMP aspirants can take advantage of it and focus on their studies instead of wasting time on an internet search. 

I have re-checked these PMP resources to ensure their validity. 

These are of high quality and aligned with the latest exam content outline. I will not provide you with hundreds of resources and leave you confused about deciding which one is the best. I intend to provide you with enough resources to prepare for and pass the exam. Stick to these high-quality resources and focus your efforts on studying.

PMP Study Materials

I have divided PMP exam study resources into four parts:

  1. Training Programs
  2. Reference Books
  3. Sample Questions
  4. Other Resources 

1# PMP Study Resource: Training Programs 

Unless you are an active CAPM, you must attend a 35 contact hours training course in project management. This is a PMP exam eligibility requirement. In this section, I will provide you with two high-quality 35 contact hours training programs. 

These programs are 100% online, offer a money-back guarantee, and pricing is affordable.

PM Sprout

PMSimplify and I jointly developed this program, and PMSimplify is a PMI-approved ATP.

This is the best training course available for PMP aspirants. Other training programs offer video sessions and mock tests, while this course is way ahead of them. It includes everything you need to prepare for the exam. 

Apart from video sessions and mock tests, this course has study notes, flashcards, a PMP Formula Guide, true/false statements, over 800 practice questions, and much more. 

This course is available for 150 USD with one year of access. 

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PM PrepCast

OSP International developed PM PrepCast for PMP training. Mr. Cornelius Fichtner is the founder of OSP International. 

This program is made up of video sessions and end-of-chapter quizzes. Once you are finished watching, you can attempt a final exam and download your 35 contact hours certificate. 

The price of this program is 279 USD, and they allow access until the exam content changes. If you buy the course within six months of the release of the new exam, you will get a free upgrade. 

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2# PMP Study Resource: Reference Books

To pass the PMP exam, you have to study the PMBOK Guide and PMP exam reference books. The PMI publishes the PMBOK Guide, and this guide is a must-have for your PMP exam preparation. 

I suggest you read two good reference books to understand project management concepts, in addition to the PMBOK Guide. 

The following are a few good PMP exam reference books.

The PMBOK Guide

You can get your digital copy of this guide for free if you are a PMI member. If you are interested in hardcover, the link is given below. 

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Rita Mulcahy

This is the most popular PMP exam preparation book and many professionals consider it to be second only to the PMBOK Guide. This book was written by a world-famous author, Rita Mulcahy. 

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Head First PMP

This is my favorite book, and I recommend you to buy it. This book explains concepts in easy-to-understand language with text, graphics, etc. I strongly believe this book will be a great start for you. 

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Kim Heldman

This is my second favorite book. One thing I like is that it explains project management concepts through phases. This book explains the concepts in detail. 

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Andy Crowe

This is another renowned book for PMP exam preparation. It provides you with one week of online access to a Velociteach program called InSite. You can use it one week before the exam to revise your concepts. 

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3# PMP Study Resource: Sample Questions

Practicing PMP exam sample questions is an important part of your preparation. 

All resources given here are 100% online and updated with the sixth edition of the PMBOK Guide and the latest exam content outline.

Oliver Lehman’s 100 Questions

This is the most well-known set of PMP exam sample questions. Many experts agree that you are ready for the exam if you score above 70% on Oliver Lehman’sbs’Fichtner’shman’s tests. These questions are hard, so don’t be frightened if your score is lower. The link for these questions is given below, and you can try them when your preparation is complete. 

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Oliver Lehman’s 180 Questions

This is Oliver Lehman’s other set, which has 180 PMP exam sample questions. These are available in a pdf file, so you can download and use them offline. Again, if you score over 70%, consider yourself ready for the exam. 

These questions are tougher than the PMP exam questions, so don’t get discouraged if you score less here. 

I recommend you attempt these questions in the last stage of your PMP exam preparation. 

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Cornelius Fichtner’s PM Exam Simulator

Mr. Cornelius Fichtner developed this PM Exam Simulator. It has more than 2,100 PMP exam sample questions. 

The price of this simulator is 149 USD with 90 days of access.

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Whizlabs’ PMP Exam Simulator

This simulator was developed by Whizlabs, who have been providing training for certification courses since 2000. 

This simulator has around 1,300 questions aligned with the latest exam content outline. 

The simulator is completely online and available for 9.95 USD. 

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PMP Question Bank

Disclosure: I developed this question bank. 

This PMP Question Bank has 360 high-quality PMP exam sample questions aligned with the latest updates to the exam as of January, 1st, 2021. 

To date, thousands of professionals have used it and passed the PMP exam. This is one of the most popular question banks for PMP exam preparation. 

This is the most affordable set of questions available at 4.99 USD. 

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PMP Mock Test

I developed this mock test comprising 200 PMP exam sample questions. This is a timed test, and you can check your readiness for the exam with it. 

Please note that the questions in this mock test are different from the PMP Question Bank. 

This is the most affordable and high-quality mock test for the PMP exam. I recommend you try it before the exam. 

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4# PMP Study Resource: Other Resources

Here, I am providing you with a few PMP study resources that are optional but useful. You can use them as supplementary resources for your PMP exam preparation.

PMP Exam Preparation Tool

If you have attended the training, you can use this course for your PMP exam preparation. 

I designed this tool for professionals preparing for the PMP exam. 

The tool includes study notes, true/false statements, flashcards, practice questions, etc. 

The price of this tool is 49.99 USD, and the access is for six months. 

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Learn PMP EVM Concepts

This course helps you understand Earned Value Management, and it explains earned value formulas and how to solve mathematical questions based on them. 

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Please note that most PMP study resources given in this blog post are not free because I did not find any free and equivalent resources. 

For example, I did not find any equivalent free resources for practicing ITTO or PMP flashcards. There is no free alternative for the 35 contact hours training program. No good PMP exam reference books are available for free.


To pass the PMP exam, you have to study wisely. You should start your PMP exam preparation with the right PMP study material. In this blog post, I have provided you with high-quality PMP study resources that all have a solid track record. I recommend you use them for your studies. The PMP exam is not tough, and with proper planning, you can pass it on your first attempt. 

Good luck with your PMP exam preparation.

Some of the links above are affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase after clicking. Please understand that I recommend these resources because they are useful, not because of the commissions I make. Please do not purchase unless you feel you need the materials or that they will help you achieve your goals. Read the disclaimer.