pmp exam simulator review

In this blog post, I will provide you with my detailed PMP exam simulator review, pricing, pros, cons, and top features. This review will give you enough information to decide whether or not you should use this exam simulator for your PMP exam preparation or not.

Let us get started.

PMP Exam Simulator Review

The PM Exam Simulator is a product of OSP International and developed by a famous PMP trainer, Cornelius Fichtner, known for his PMP training course “PM PrepCast.”

Today, PM Exam Simulator has helped thousands of PMP aspirants pass the PMP exam.

PM Exam Simulator has a key feature, “Live Feedback.” This feature allows you to ask for help while attempting a question in the simulator; an expert will answer your question. 

This feature is unique to PM Exam Simulator; no other competitor offers this feature. 

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PM Exam Simulator Content

This PMP Exam Simulator provides you with over 2,100 PMP exam sample questions. You will have five exams, which each consist of 180 questions (a total of 930 questions) and a total of  1,200 practice questions. 

Note that all these questions are separate. 

In the quiz pool, you can practice as per the domain area and find your weak spot. Once you are ready, you can attempt the full-length exams. 

All these questions are developed by a team of PMPs and the difficulty level of questions is similar to the real exam. They comply with the latest PMP exam content outline, applicable from January 2, 2021.

Key Features of PM Exam Simulator:

  • High-quality questions
  • Detailed explanations with PMBOK references
  • Simulated exam environment
  • Different learning modes (Exam, Timed, Learning)
  • Question reviews
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Live Feedback

Other Bonuses

You get five bonuses with the PM Exam Simulator Purchase.

1. An Email Course on PMP Exam Strategies. This is a five-email course where you will learn about exam-taking strategies. 

2. Discussion Forum Access. You get access to an active discussion forum where 12 PMP certified moderates will help you clear your doubts.

3. Sample Exam Score Worksheet. This scoresheet helps you keep track of your performance so you can find your weak spots and fill your knowledge gaps.

4. Contact Hours Worksheet. This sheet helps you keep a record of your contact hours so you can report them correctly while filling out the PMP certification exam. It also provides many FAQs regarding the contact hours.

5. Weekly Exam Tips Newsletter. This weekly newsletter will provide your tips, tricks, study strategies to help you better prepare for the PMP exam. 

Using PM Exam Simulator

After purchasing the subscription, you will see the following dashboard:

using pmp exam simulator 1

Click on the PMP Exam Simulator and you will be taken to the following screen:

using pmp exam simulator 2

For this PMP exam simulator review, I have created a free PMP exam simulator account. This free simulator has the same features as the premium version. It has 69 questions per exam.

With PM Exam Simulator, you can have either a practice quiz or a simulated timed exam.

Let’s start with the quizzes.

using pmp exam simulator 3

Here you can select the quiz mode, i.e., whether it should be Timed or Learning, then you can select the number of questions you want to attempt.

Then you can select if you want random questions or from a particular knowledge area of a particular domain.

I have selected ten random questions from all questions. The mode is Learning.

using pmp exam simulator 4

You can see the hint or the answer in Learning Mode if you wish. You can mark and unmark questions and see all of the questions in the grid.

The question types include multiple choice with a single response, multiple responses, answer selection, fill in the blank.

After submitting your answers, you will see the detailed analytics as shown in the image below.

using pmp exam simulator 5

The same report will be sent to your email ID. 

I have spent a considerable time reviewing the questions, and I can say that PM Exam Simulator has high-quality questions.

In Exam mode, you will not see the “hint” or “show the answer” buttons. Also, there will be a timer to show you the time you have taken so far.

using pmp exam simulator 6

Pros and Cons of PM Exam Simulator

This PM Exam Simulator review would be incomplete if we did not discuss the pros and cons of this software.

PM Exam Simulator Pros

  • Aligned with exam content outline applicable from January 2021
  • A detailed explanation of questions
  • Detailed analysis of your progress
  • The PMBOK and Agile Guide reference
  • Ability to get expert help directly from the question
  • Mobile responsive
  • Prompt support
  • Constantly updated
  • Money-back guarantee

PM Exam Simulator Cons

  • I did not find any significant drawback

PM Exam Simulator Pricing

The course price is 149 USD for 90 days. You can get a 30-day extension for 25 USD and a 60-day extension for 39 USD.

Though the access is for 90 days, it does not start from the day you purchase the course. Instead it begins when you first attempt the exam or quiz.

The PM Exam Simulator comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee provided that: 

(a) you haven’t started and/or finished two or more exams 
(b) you haven’t started and/or finished three or more quizzes

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Conclusion – PM Exam Simulator Review

The PM Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner is the best for PMP exam preparation. If you are looking for a PM exam simulator to practice some PMP exam sample questions, I recommend you subscribe to PM Exam Simulator.

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However, for any reason, you want to try the free version before subscribing for the full version, below is the link to get started:

Click here to subscribe to Free PMP Exam Simulator.

I hope this PMP exam simulator review was useful to you.