PMP PDU Requirements

You need to understand the PMP PDU requirements if you are a PMP.

The PMP certification is valid for three years; during that time, you must earn 60 PDUs in three years and complete the CCR cycle to renew your credential.

Don’t worry! This blog post covers all PMP PDU requirements so you can complete your CCR cycle and renew your PMP certification with no hassle.

Let’s dive in.

PMP PDU requirements

A PMP certification is a proof of project management skills and expertise. Certified professionals have higher chances of employment and greater career growth opportunities.

They earn a higher salary, have enhanced relationship and communication skills, and perform optimally. Therefore, it is in your best interest to always keep your credential up to date.

Current Project Management Professional (PMP) certification holders must fulfill their PDU requirements.

Maintaining an active status is a simple process; it requires you to earn sixty PDUs in three years, which is reasonable and doable. Failing to obtain the required PDUs in time will cost you your active status.

PMP Certification Cycle

The PMP credential expires after three years if you don’t renew it. Luckily, the renewal process is easy; all you need is to follow a well-defined procedure. 

If you don’t renew the credential, it will be suspended for one year. If you haven’t renewed after the suspension period, your credential will expire. 

If you want your certification back, you will have to pass the PMP exam all over again.  This means paying for the exam, re-preparing, spending sleepless nights studying and re-attempting the PMP certification exam. 

So, it would be best if you earn 60 PDUs during your cycle and report to the PMI to maintain your PMP certification.

PMI PDU Categories

To understand the PMP PDUs requirements, you should understand the PDU categories.

The PMI divides them into two categories:

  1. Education 
  2. Giving Back to the Profession

Education PDU

These are organized according to the three tenets of the talent triangle model, and you must earn at least eight PDUs in each. 

  1. The first is technical project management, which includes knowledge and skills related to portfolios, projects, and programs.
  2. Second, the leadership category comprises traits, knowledge, and skills needed to steer, motivate, and direct a team. 
  3. The third category is strategic and business management. This is how professionals acquire relevant knowledge, skills, industry mastery, market trends, and organizational models within the scope of work.

Giving Back to the Profession PDU

The giving back category allows professionals to benefit from the practice or other noble courses, like charities and advocacy. 

Best Practices for Satisfying PMP PDU Requirements

  1. Start earning PDU from the beginning of the cycle to ensure that you have sufficient time; avoid a last-minute rush.
  2. Keep a record of your acquired PDUs in a folder to help you track your progress and make it easier for you to claim them.
  3. After participating in professionally acceptable activities, immediately report them online.
  4. Check the conditions for transferring PDUs to the next cycle and seize the opportunity to move them.

PMP PDU Requirements for PMP Certification Renewal

I recommend you read the PMI CCR handbook and acquaint yourself with the policies and procedures of maintaining your certification. 

The first PMP PDU requirement is to obtain the 60 of PDUs. It is recommended that you log in to your CCRS account and verify that your PDUs are updated. You will see your number of earned, the balance, and the remaining days to complete your CCR cycle.

The second PMP PDU requirement is to satisfy the PMI talent triangle. You need to demonstrate that, besides technical skills, you have leadership skills, a thorough understanding of your business and strategy, and that you can influence stakeholders. In a nutshell, you are required to demonstrate that you meet current business demands.

The third PMP PDU requirement is evidence that you performed the tasks that earned your PDUs. As you will notice in the CCR handbook, if you are audited you will be required to provide evidence of your PDUs. 

Examples of the documents you need to keep include registration letters for courses enrolled, attendance lists, photos, and proof of employment.

The last PMP PDU requirement is the payment. After making the payment, the PMI will renew your credential for a further three years. 

Education PDU Requirements for Appearing PMP Certification

You are required to earn 35 PDUs in the “Education” category. They compose 60% of renewal requirements, making them critical.

You can enroll in classes offered by Authorized Training Partners (ATP) to earn PDUs. You can attend PMI conferences as long as you record and report. You can take part in workshops and training to earn PDUs.  

Giving Back PDU Requirements

You can earn a maximum of 25 PDUs giving back to the profession. They compose 40% renewal requirements. These PDUs allow professionals to grow personally and professionally. 

First, you can volunteer in recognized programs. Also, you can contribute to academia by participating in mentorship, coaching, and writing journals. You can earn five PDUs per year if you are working as a project manager.

Other methods include attending PMI seminars and monthly meetings, public speaking, belonging to PMI executive leadership or serving as a committee member, and becoming a project manager.

You have numerous ways to earn PDUs under the “Giving Back to Profession” category.

Earn Free PDU for PMP Renewal

The PMI is not interested in how much you paid for your PDUs. It just cares about meeting the CCR requirements. 

Do not worry if you cannot afford much; you can earn all PDUs for free. There are several free options available at your disposal.

This article has highlighted specific activities to gain PDUs, including the free ones.  

For example, if you want to volunteer in your community. You can explore publishing content online, attending free webinars, and reading relevant content. The list of free activities is long, and you can find what best suits you or is readily available.

How to Earn All 60 PDUs for Free

You can earn all your PMP PDUs for free. Login to and start watching the free recorded webinars. One hour will provide you with one PDU. Watch 60 hours of recorded webinars to complete your CCR cycle.

These PDUs will automatically be reported to the PMI. This is how I completed my CCR cycle for my PMP and PMI-RMP credentials.

Claim Your PDUs

As you continue to participate in these activities, free or otherwise, your number of PDUs will keep increasing. Make sure to claim everything that you earn. Besides your record and evidence that you have made them, it is best to reflect them in PMI. Therefore, after acquiring them, always login to your PMI account then follow the procedure.

Renewal Process for PMP Certification

The renewal process is activated after you have earned all your PDUs. If you don’t complete the process, the PMI will send you a few reminders about the expiry of your credential.

Make the payment and complete your CCR cycle. 

After completing the process, you will receive an email from the PMI to confirm your renewal and a certificate. Your status will show the new expiration date, and you will receive the updated certificate within four to eight weeks. 

Renewal Fees

The PMP certification renewal fee is 60 USD for PMI members and 150 USD for non-members. 


The two most important PMP PDU requirements are first a minimum of 35 PDU in the education category and 60 PDUs overall. There is no maximum education PDUs; however, you cannot earn more than 25 PDUs in the Giving Back category.

The second most important requirement is to earn 8 PDUs in each arm of the PMI talent triangle. The remaining 11 PDUs can be from any arm.

I recommend you read the CCR Handbook to have the latest information on the PMP PDU requirements.

Here is where this post on the PMP PDU requirements ends; If you have any doubts, please ask questions through the comments section, and I will reply to you.