PMI Talent Triangle c

On December 1st, 2015, the PMI updated the CCR program by including a Talent Triangle concept.

They changed how PDUs were assigned for each category.

This has caused some panic from PMP certification holders as they don’t know how to earn PDUs and whether or not a program fulfills this new requirement.

I have received many emails from PMPs, and they are worried about this requirement. So, I have studied it and I can say: you should not worry. You can earn the PDUs as usual and see what arm of the talent triangle they belong to. That is it. Make sure you earn 8 PDUs for each arm of the triangle.

In this blog post, I will explain the Talent Triangle and tell you how you can earn your 60 PDUs for free while satisfying the Talent Triangle.

The PMI Talent Triangle

The CCR program was introduced to keep PMPs updated with current advancements in project management. It motivates PMPs to learn new skills and keep up.

This requirement was introduced because of industry demands and employers’ need for specific skills. The PMI consulted with industry experts regarding skills that are helpful for project managers and how to make them more efficient.

The Talent Triangle will help you develop your skills in three areas:

  1. Technical Project Management
  2. Leadership
  3. Strategic Business Management

The PMI calls these three skillsets the Talent Triangle and it applies to all PMI certifications.

Technical Project Management

Every project requires technical skills. A few common technical skills are earned value management, drawing a network diagram, procurement, and cost management.

Other technical skills are project-specific. For example, let us say you are constructing a pipeline. You should know the design of the pipeline system, the materials, and the testing of the system. Technical knowledge regarding welding is also useful.

If you don’t have technical skills, you will face difficulties understanding problems and, therefore, finding a solution. You may lose the respect of your team members if you fumble.

Technical expertise is necessary to complete a project.


Leadership skills are useful for managing the team. These skills help you motivate members and give them a vision. Leadership is about winning as a team.

A leader is always proactive and is a problem solver.

You should have motivating qualities. Connect with team members and keep them motivated until the project is finished.

Management skills are necessary to get the job done. You decide who to entrust a particular responsibility to and when to push. Sometimes, you can make decisions autocratically.

You must make sure that the team member possesses the required skills to complete the task assigned to them. You will give them training or coach them if they struggle.

Strategic and Business Management

Strategic and business management helps you analyze decisions. It includes cost-benefit analysis, strength and weakness analysis, market conditions, legal requirements, compliance, and more.

Strategic and business management gives an organization fresh energy for its betterment and helps achieve long-term goals. All stakeholders must support the strategic business plan for success.

How to Earn 60 PDUs That Comply with the Talent Triangle

There is an easy way to earn PDUs and complete your CCR cycles. Please log in to using your PMI account ID. Go to the recorded webinar sections and start watching. 

These webinars comply with the PMI Talent Triangle and the PDUs will be automatically reported to the PMI.

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A project manager has to be versatile, expertise in one skill is not enough. PMI’s Talent Triangle ensures that you have multiple skills that are relevant to the current conditions. Technical project management skills help you perform specific functions or tasks, leadership skills help you guide the team, and strategic business management enables you to deliver better business outcomes.

Are you facing difficulties with finding PDUs that comply with the Talent Triangle requirements? Please let me know in the comments section, so we can work it out.