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Today, in this blog post, I will provide you with my Simple Sheets review, including its features, pros, cons, and pricing plan.

Simple Sheets is a spreadsheet manager which is one of the largest online template libraries. They are comparatively newer to the market and offer all the required and necessary spreadsheet management functionalities that you might need for your day-to-day Excel work – and at a very attractive price. 

This platform serves home-based businesses, small businesses, and all the way up to multinational businesses. It is a top-to-bottom customizable Excel software tool with over a hundred pre-built templates that help you solve your Excel template-related problems quickly.

Simple Sheets Review

Let us delve deeper into the Simple Sheet software and review each of its features and the arenas that it serves.

Top Three Reasons to Try Simple Sheets

Top Three Reasons to Try Simple Sheets

The software is fully optimized for Excel and solves all Excel-related problems quickly. It comes with over a hundred professional templates to suit your Excel requirements. The templates cover all work areas: Employee Scheduling, CRM, Make or Buy, Bill of Materials, Cash Flow, Balanced Scorecard, Business Risk Analysis, Pareto Diagrams, and much more. It is your Excel sheet’s savior as it saves you from having to build hundreds of Excel formats manually.


Simple Sheets does not just offer you Excel templates but a complete “university” experience. It teaches you how you can use these excel sheets in the best possible way. You can also create a customized Excel format of your own.


For easier understanding, Simple Sheets offers how-to guides in the form of videos with each pre-set template that shows you how the template works. It helps you learn to analyze data and master Excel for quality data analysis. The subscription involves 100+ lectures that teach communicating ideas in presentations effortlessly.

To sum up, why you should shift to Simple Sheets today, it would be correct to say that it is your one-stop destination for pre-made Excel templates that almost completely removes your need to create such templates from scratch, and leaves you free to focus on your core job. 

It teaches you the nitty-gritty of Excel and makes you a master in the field of data analytics.

Since the templates are editable, you can segment and segregate them according to your industry, business vision, and personal recommendations with advanced filters that make analyzing data and ideation simpler.

Simple Sheets Coverage

Simple Sheets Coverage

Simple Sheets covers templates related to the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Data Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Strategy and management
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Small Business

Each category has subcategories for every task you can possibly think of. From Payroll to Mortgage Calculation, from Variance Analysis to Cap Table, from SWOT Analysis to Supplier Relationship Management – the list of templates is endless!

Each category involves more than a hundred specific templates to fit the segment in every possible way. The Simple Sheets offers you five templates and five university lectures for free to get a feel of how the software really works. 

How Does Simple Sheets Work?

How Does Simple Sheets Work

Working with Simple Sheets is seamless. You are provided with a pre-designed template that comes with advanced features and a standard set of instructions, including video guides, to help you easily sail through the format and understand it thoroughly. 

The video guides include:

  1. Content: Content is the backbone of pretty much everything. Content in each template explains how it can be used and the situation it best fits in.
  2. Customization Complexities: Every template comes with a different level of customization difficulty. Some of them are easily edited or customized, while some are a bit more complex to tackle. The video guides explain, on a scale of 1 to 3 (3 being the highest), how tough it is going to be for you to customize that particular template.
  1. Template Explanation: Each guide explains how various fields, data sets, and columns are used in the template and how you can use it to make them better and easier to understand.
  1. Customizations: Instructions on how you can tailor, customize and personalize the template to your personal or organizational needs are also present in the video guide. This helps you understand how you can customize the format to fit your or your organization’s needs.

Using Simple Sheets

You can use Simple Sheets by following three easy steps:

Step 1: Download the template from the Simple Sheets Excel Library that is closest to your requirements. Since the library is very organized, it is easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for within minutes. 

Step 2: Learn how that particular Excel template that you have downloaded works. Each template comes with a guide that thoroughly teaches you its know-how with a quick overview for easy usage.

Step 3: Customize the template, if need be. Make whatever changes you require in a few easy steps, save it, and start working!

Simple Sheets Products 

Having used the software personally, I can vouch for the quality, variety, and simplicity that Simple Sheets offer. 

Simple Sheets offer the following products:

Simple Sheets Excel Community

Simple Sheets Excel Community

In this forum, users can post any issues that they are facing in real-time, publicly. The experts from the Simple Sheets team go through all the posts and come back with a solution.

Various software updates are also posted on this forum to keep their users updated, including additional templates and features. However, even with so much offered by the Simple Sheets forum, it is not as active as it should be. I found some unanswered questions by people struggling with the application, and that seems to me to defeat the entire purpose of this specially-formed community.

In my opinion, the forum is a little disorganized and not very pleasing to the eye, which essentially discourages people from being more active. Though, they have active Facebook community and there you can get responses quickly.

Simple Sheets Premium Excel Library

Simple Sheets Premium Excel Library

The Premium Excel Library offered by Simple Sheets is the most extensive library online. It comprises templates ranging from Sales, Real Estate, Accounting, Finance, HR, and so much more, and pretty much sums up everything that an organization needs to analyze. New templates are added every month with regular updates.

Simple Sheets Updates

Simple Sheets Updates

Simple Sheets makes a point of sending valuable updates to their users regularly. From new lessons to lecturers that help you become a master in Excel, the updates comprise automatic formulas for Profit and Loss statements, customer sales transaction analysis, weekly and yearly planners, mapping, and a lot more.

PowerPoint, Excel, and Word Courses

PowerPoint Excel and Word Courses

Simple Sheets not only offers comprehensive courses for Excel, but also has a pool of resources, study materials, and lecturers that help you learn PowerPoint and Word in complete detail. that help you learn PowerPoint and Word. They have overviews of each feature, more detailed explanations, and videos which ensure that you get the hang of PPT and MS Word, as well as Excel.” The lectures include videos on 3D Models, page layouts, design menus, along with Microsoft tips and tricks to Excel in all its software altogether.

Simple Sheets Blog Section

Simple Sheets Blog Section

Simple Sheets have an active blog where they talk about everything related to Excel sheets, including the drop-down lists, comparing two Excel sheets, removing, adding, and changing signatures, Xlookups, and unprotected sheets, just to name a few.

Their blog posts are incredibly detailed and teach you the significant aspects of Excel in simple language. This ensures that you do not just download the pre-made Excel sheets for your use, but you also learn how you can make them on your own. Simple Sheets giving their users the sense of learning and opportunity is beyond expectations and shows us that the team behind the software does not just look at us as customers, but as learners who are willing to learn and grow.

Simple Sheets University

Simple Sheets University

Simple Sheets is not just a pre-designed Excel template provider. It is much more than that. To add to their list of what they have to offer is the Simple Sheets University feature. It provides an all-inclusive course bundle to its users that help them master the skill of Excel-like never before! 

The videos are easy to understand. The best part about it is that it starts from the basics and does not assume that you already know the basic functioning of Excel. The courses are provided in a module form that you can watch according to your convenience and however many times you wish to. 

Since Excel is used by over a billion people around the world, in almost every company and segment, it is the gold standard of analyzing and segmenting information. With Simple Sheets University, you can take your Excel skills to the next level while using the quality templates that it offers and learn to make them on your own.

Key Simple Sheets University Features

Key Simple Sheets University Features
  • Includes all important topics that you need to know
  • It helps your career progression irrespective of your position and job profile
  • It makes you 80% more efficient in Excel
  • Simple Sheets University enables you to learn new skills
  • It automates 70% of the most time-consuming tasks
  • Customizable spreadsheet templates
  • High-rated and quality Excel instructors
  • Courses are designed for both beginners and advanced Excel users
  • It helps increase income and marketability with an irreplaceable skill of Excel mastery
  • Systematically designed
  • Specifically curated drills to master Excel shortcuts with PDFs
  • 100+ formulas and keyboard shortcuts for seamless Excel navigating
  • Guarantees lifetime course updates
  • It also gives you access to the e-books and cheat sheets for a more straightforward and quicker application
  • Elevates you as a professional 
  • Free pieces of training are available too

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Simple Sheets Pros and Cons

This Simple Sheets review will be incomplete if we do not discuss its pros and cons.

Simple Sheets Pros

  • An all-in-one platform with pre-designed templates, customizable templates, and learning material
  • User-friendly interface
  • Guides, tutorials, and lectures in easy-to-understand language 
  • High learning opportunities through blogs and university columns
  • Excel templates for possibly every single thing 
  • Integrated with Microsoft Excel and more
  • The FAQ section provides general answers to the generic questions that one may have
  • Free courses and templates
  • Detailed information about each and every template 

Simple Sheets Cons

  • They do not have a chatbox or chatbot on their profile for instant messaging
  • Grievances by the customer support are currently not taken into consideration immediately
  • Inactive Simple Sheets Excel community
  • No trial courses available for the core courses’ unlocked access

I went through some of the detailed Excel templates that Simple Sheets offers. Let us review how effective this detailed information about the templates is.

Business Valuation Excel Template

The Business Valuation Excel Template comes with an explanatory video that teaches you the best ways and situations you can use this template. It is mainly used to identify the health and future of a business based on its profitability and related metrics. The Excel template allows you to calculate various revenues, including pessimistic and optimistic revenue scenarios that enlighten you with insights into profit and risk.

The template comes with four sheets that are supported in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 (Mac OS). The template is best suited for acquisitors, mergers, and small businesses, as the description and the explanatory video suggests. 

The detailed description of the Business Valuation template talks about the financial health, financial future, and financial valuation of a particular business based on the data given. It provides you with three different revenue scenarios where you can negotiate since you already have an idea about the risk. This makes your task and business decisions simpler.

By making business decisions more straightforward, I do not mean to imply that your decisions should be solely based on what you get through these templates, but that they will be influenced in the right direction by them. 

With each template, they have specifically linked other interlinked templates. For example, with the Business Valuation template, they interconnect Cash Flow Planning, SaaS Metrics Dashboard, Sales Trend Analysis, and Cap Table as the templates that you should refer to and work on simultaneously. This helps organize your work in a more proper format and have every data report ready in place. 

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How to Use the Simple Sheets Templates 

How to Use the Simple Sheets Templates

Step 1: Fill the fields that are highlighted in white in the data input sheet. The areas in gray are the cells that you will put your calculations into, so do not try to make changes there to avoid any possible errors. 

Step 2: You can begin to fill out some headers on your own, like revenue options, financing, business acquisition price, operating expenses, company name, capital expenses, and working capital.

Step 3: Once all the data has been entered by you, the template auto-populates the data in a few seconds. This way, the cash flow sheets calculate things like net profit before tax, capital expenses, annual cash flow, change in working capital, and more.

The summary tab is also automatically populated from the numbers you give in the data input sheet. There is also a drop-down menu that offers you a pessimistic, optimistic, or standard revenue scenario.

Step 4: Most crucial business valuation metrics are automatically calculated. These include numbers like internal rate of return, net present value, cash flow, estimated business valuation, net cash flow after debt repayment, and annual debt repayment. 

Step 5: The Excel sheet creates a chart that measures the business Valuation Level Vs. the business Acquisition Price level. The template provides all formulas, graphs, charts, data sets, prices, and a solid methodology that helps you calculate the state of your business with Excel, whether you are selling a business or buying it.

Other templates work in the same way for the purpose that they are built to serve. For example, a finance-related template will give you insights into your company’s break-even analysis, budgeting, profitability analysis, sales forecast, and more. All of this will be supported by relevant graphs and charts to give you a clear understanding of the same. 

Similarly, a Human Resources Excel template will be linked to templates belonging to employee appraisal, payroll, time management system, and everything else related to the employees in the organization. This will give you critical insights into their salary, forecasted appraisals, timesheets, and more.

Simple Sheets Pricing Plan

Simple Sheets Pricing Plan

Simple Sheets subscriptions come in three different packages. 

  1. The most basic package is the Starter Pack that costs 49 USD (a one-time payment). It does not involve any bundle savings (which I explain below) and offers 45+ customizable Excel templates but with a limited library with single user access
  1. The second pack is the Premium Pack, which costs 99 USD (a one-time payment). It saves you 299 USD on the bundled payment. This is everything included in this pack you get 100+ customizable Excel templates with the entire library, Excel, PPT, and word courses, One user access, and the payment is one time.
  1. The last pack, the Premium + University Pack, is the most elite pack that Simple Sheets has to offer. It costs 199 USD (one-time payment) and saves you approximately 699 USD on the bundle savings. This is what is included in the Premium + University Pack: full access to the entire Excel university, 100+ customizable Excel templates and access to the entire library, Personal membership portal, Excel, PPT, and word courses, Two users’ access, One-time payment, etc.

The bundle savings that Simple Sheets talks about in their payment plan includes the following items:

  • Courses that have the Simple Sheets’ Excel masterclass (efficiency course), costing 199 USD
  • The Simple Shees’ Excel masterclass (functions course), costing 199 USD.
  • Formula and shortcut eBooks, costing 99 USD.
  • Lifetime course updates, costing 199 USD.
  • Excel 101 course, costing 99 USD.

In my opinion, both Premium and the Premium + University Pack are the perfect picks, especially if you are an Excel beginner. These packs will open up learning opportunities for you and teach you from top to bottom about the detailed functioning, importance, and usage of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. However, suppose you are only looking to get access to the pre-designed templates to minimize time spent on creating Excel sheets and already have the knowledge about Excel’s robust functioning. In that case, the Starter Pack is the right pick for you.

As per my understanding of Simple Sheets, small businesses and home-based businesses should either opt for the Starter Pack or the Premium Pack because of their initial stages of operation and functioning.

However, huge companies, especially multinationals, should definitely consider getting the Premium + University Pack due to the abundance of templates it offers that come into use while making major company decisions.

And for a one-time payment starting from 49 USD going up to 199 USD, I find the subscription rate to be both affordable and worth it, comparing it to the features and functions that the software has to offer. 

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Conclusion – Simple Sheets Review

Simple Sheets provide overall a very positive experience. The only thing that I found troublesome in the entire working of the software was the customer support, but apart from that, it is software that is going to help you big time in all your valuations and data analysis. 

It will not only help you save time on creating multiple comprehensive sheets but also help you master the skill of Excel with its bundled courses and shortcuts. Due to its integration with Microsoft Excel, linking your data sets to the templates becomes more manageable, accessible, and quicker for faster application and seamless calculations.

If you are interested in trying out Simple Sheets, below is the URL:

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Here is where this Simple Sheets Review comes to an end. I hope this review was useful to you.

If you are using Simple Sheets in your organization, please share your experience with it in the comments.