What are the PMP Eligibility Criteria?

July 26, 2020
Fahad Usmani
pmp eligibility requirements

The PMP stands for Project Management Professional, a certification awarded by the Project Management Institute, USA (PMI) to professionals who have passed the PMP certification exam. This is the most desirable and recognized certification in the project management industry, worldwide.

Many employers have this certification as a prerequisite for jobs, and according to some surveys, PMP holders have, on average 20% higher salaries than their counterparts do. As this certification is growing in importance, more and more professionals are opting for to take the exam.

Therefore, you need to understand the PMP eligibility criteria, to know if you can apply for the PMP exam or not.

In this blog post, I will explain the PMP eligibility requirements so you will know if you are qualified for this exam or not.

PMP Exam Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the PMP exam, you have to fulfill three eligibility requirements mandated by PMI:

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Training

Let us discuss each of these requirements in detail.

pmp eligibility requirements table

PMP Eligibility Requirement #1 – Education

A project manager must be educated. You must have the ability to read and prepare a report, make plans, and understand new concepts to make well-informed decisions.

You should be either a bachelor’s degree holder (or global equivalent) or a secondary degree holder (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent). This can be in any discipline.

PMP Eligibility Requirement #2 – Experience

The project manager is an authoritative position; you have to be accountable for your actions. You must understand your responsibility and accountability, and you must have managerial and leadership skills.

These qualities are necessary to complete the project with minimal obstruction.

If you are a degree holder, you should have at least 4,500 hours (about three years) of experience in leading and directing projects, and 7,500 hours (about five years) for a diploma holder.

Please note that project management experience should be non-overlapping, unique, and earned in the last eight consecutive years.

Moreover, you should have this experience in all domains of a project such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. If you are lacking experience in any process group, you will not be able to apply for the PMP certification exam.

PMP Eligibility Requirement #3 – Training

This is the last eligibility condition. You must attend 35 contact hours of formal project management training. This training can be obtained from either a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) or non-REPs.

Please note: If you are an active CAPM certification holder, your project management training requirement is waived.

In PMP training, the provider will teach you about project management concepts, tools, and techniques. This training should be aligned with the latest version of the PMBOK Guide and the PMP Exam Content Outline.

Training providers use different mediums: online, live classes, hybrid, and virtual live classes. Among all, online training programs are much cheaper than live classes.

Although you may be working in project management, the field is so vast that you may not understand all the tools and techniques. You might only be aware of techniques used in your locality or organization.

Project management training will provide you with theoretical knowledge of all the tools and techniques so that you can apply them to your projects.

If you are looking for a training program that can help you prepare for the PMP exam with minimal effort while providing you with a 35 contact hours training certification, you can join my PMP Training Program.

So, these are the three eligibility criteria for the PMP exam.

I have received many questions regarding the PMP eligibility requirements. Although I have clarified them here, there are a few other queries that need to be addressed separately.

#1: I am Not a Project Manager. Can I Apply for the Exam?

Most professionals working in project management do not hold the title, so they can be confused about their eligibility.

Please note that the PMI says that “you should have experience in leading and directing projects.”

This means the tasks, knowledge, and skills specified in the PMP Exam Content Outline. If you are not a project manager but are working in the field and have experience as mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for the PMP exam.

I have gotten some queries from people who are not in project management and want to know if they can apply for the exam.

Project management experience is mandatory to apply for the PMP exam. If you have not worked on projects, you cannot apply for the exam.

#2: Only Registered Education Providers (REPs) Can Provide the 35 Contact Hours Training.

This is incorrect.

Many professionals do not know that there are many other ways to earn 35 contact hours. In fact, there are five other ways. The methods are as follows:

A. PMI Registered Education Providers (REPs).

B. PMI chapters.

C. Employer/company-sponsored programs. 

D. Training companies or consultants (e.g., training schools). 

E. Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment. 

F. University/college academic and continuing education programs. 

The following do not satisfy the educational requirements: 

  • PMI chapter meetings
  • Self-directed learning (e.g., reading books, watching instructional videos or sessions with coaches or mentors).

If you attend training from a non-approved provider and PMI selects you for an audit, you may have to prove that the content of your training was aligned with the PMBOK Guide.

However, if your training provider is a REP, you only have to show your training certificate; their courses have already been reviewed and approved by the PMI.

So, you can get your training from any provider regardless of whether they are PMI approved. Although it is not necessary, I suggest you get your 35 contact hours training from any well renowned training program, who is PMI approved REP.

The other advantage of a PMI approved training programs is that the material is reviewed by the PMI, which assures you of the quality of the product.

#3: The PMP Certificate is Only for IT Professionals.

I have also received some queries from visitors who wondered whether this certification can be obtained by someone working outside of the IT industry.

The PMP certificate is industry independent and the project management principles provided in the PMBOK Guide apply to all industries. You are eligible to apply for the PMP exam if you are in project management.

#4: I am a Diploma Holder; Can I Apply for the PMP Exam?

Yes, of course.

#5: What if I am Not Eligible to Apply for the PMP Exam?

If you are a diploma or a degree holder but do not have project experience, you can apply for the CAPM exam. CAPM is a certification for entry-level professionals.

This certification does not require any project management experience.

Once you attain enough experience, you can then apply for the PMP exam.

#6: I am a CAPM. Can I Apply for the PMP Exam?

If you have the minimum project management experience, you can directly apply for the PMP exam. The PMI has relaxed the training requirements for active CAPM certification holders who want to apply for the PMP exam.


The PMP certification is for professionals who are working in project management and want to enhance their skills and become more employable. If you are in project management and want to excel in your career, you should apply for it. However, if you are not involved in this field and want this certification; you should first earn some experience, and then you should apply for it.

This is the second part of a series of five posts. The other blog posts are as follows:

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  2. What are the PMP Eligibility Criteria? (You are here)
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  5. What is the PMP Examination Structure?

You can also find all the necessary information about the PMP certification exam in the PMP Handbook available for free on PMI’s website.

PMP Question Bank

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Speak Your Mind

  • Hi,
    I have 3 years of bachelor’s degree from Delhi University, India and 1 year of Post Graduate Diploma from India. When I am filling my PMP application which of the above will be considered as my highest qualification. Can I consider Post Graduate Diploma as highest education and select Post Graduate Degree from the drop down menu in the new application format applicable since June 2020? There is no option to for Post Graduate Diploma in the application.

      • Thank you, Fahad! Will my 3 year’s degree (Bachelor’s of Commerce from Delhi University) will be considered as Bachelor’s Degree (require 36 months of experience) and or will it be considered as secondary education (require 60 months of experience) ?

  • Hi Fahad,

    I am trying to determine if I have enough work experience to qualify. I have been in the workforce since 2015 and am trying to count the hours/months of the past five years that I can consider project management. I know having a bachelor’s degree over a diploma means a lesser work experience requirement; does an advanced degree count towards work experience, such that I may apply with under 4500 hours?

  • Does working in non-profit where you were a part of a 2-person team qualify as project management experience? I worked as the other half of a 2-person office where we had to take care of everything including managing the volunteers for over 5 years.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have more than 3 years of project management experience from 2014 to 2017. Then I had a break from project management and was in execution because I moved from India to UK. But now I want to apply for PMP and continue my career in project management. Do I still qualify for the application.


    • If you are a degree holder, you can apply for it. And you hold a diploma degree you will have to earn two more years of experience.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have 13 year experience in Gulf (K.S.A) as Secretary and Document Controller I have 3 years Bachelor’s Degree, can I apply for PMP (My experience in Consultant and Project Management Consultant).

    • You said you have experience in secretarial job and documentation. This is not a project management experience, so as per my understanding you are not eligible to apply for the PMP exam.

    • Hello Sethu,

      Running three different branches is not a project experience. It is an operation. If you want to grow your career in finance/banking, I would suggest you contact someone in the same field.

  • Hi , its great that you are helping others out. As for me, I am currently working as a Branch Manager in Union Bank of India for 3 years with overall experience of 7 years in banking.I have headed 3 different branches from August 2015 to September 2018.Being a Branch manager I am responsible for the over performance of the branch and is responsible for achieving target at each branch. I want to know whether heading 3 different branches will count as 3 different projects? and whether I have the eligibility to appear for PMP. Role of a Branch Manager is that of a CEO of the branch & will strive to achieve assigned targets of each branch within stipulated time , i.e at the end of the financial year , ( timeline of the project). I have to manage several staff members and have various different parameters to achieve in a timely manner. If not PMP the could you tell me which other certifications i can pursue.


  • hi
    i have done my masters of project management from sydney australia , which was a 2 year programme , what else i need to elgible for pmp…?

  • Hi
    I have 4 years of experience in operations and 3 years of experience in customer support.I completed Post Graduate from NITIE in 2014. My courses in NITIE included 108hrs of Project management training which PMI certified too.
    Whether I fulfill eligibility criteria (point 2&3 in your article) for PMP certification?

  • Hai,
    I Have Master degree in commerce (Regular) & Master of Business Administration ( distance education)
    With experience 9+ years

    3 years senior Accountant & 5+ years as Finance/Human Resource Manager

    Please Advise, i can apply PMP?

    • You need experience in all domains of project management. Your current experience does not make you eligible for the PMP exam.

  • Hello
    I am doing b.com (pass)from du sol
    Can I do pmp after b.com
    Is it important to do m.com or mba after b.com to do pmp
    Does it is required to do m.com or mba from regular? Can i still do pmp after mba correspondence ?

    • You need project management experience to apply for the PMP exam. Since you are still a student, you can not apply for it.

  • Hi I am working in PMO role since May,2016, am I eligible now to go for PMP certification, if yes how to get learning hours?

  • Hello,

    I’ve around 16 years of experience in IT (Software), below is the bifurcation of my total experience.

    1) Software Developer : 11 years
    2) Project Associates : 09 Month
    3) Sr. Tech Lead : 01 Year
    4) Project Manager : 06 Month
    5) Lead (QA and Support) : 02 years and 03 Month

    Please let me know my experience meets the eligibility critera for PMP certificaion exam.

    • I think you only have 15 months (9+6) experience in project management, so you are not eligible to apply for the PMP exam.

  • Hello Sir,

    I have an overall working experience of 2 years – 10 months (Jul-13 to May-14) in Design in Engineering Services dept (for running projects as well as those projects we were bidding for) & Quantity estimation in Tendering department for the projects we were to bid for and 14 months (Apr-17 to Jun-18) in Planning, Monitoring & Coordination. I am thinking of applying for PMP exam next year when I’ll complete 3 years of working experience. My question to you is – Whether I’ll be eligible for PMP next year ?


  • I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and about 8 years of experience in Power plant operation.am i eligiblle for PMP certification.

  • Hi,

    I have a 3 years Bachelors degree from Mumbai University and 2 years post graduate diploma in Business Management. How many hours of project management experience I need to show for PMP application

  • Hi i am into BPO/sales with exp. of over 10years and now work as a business development with BBA Degree which i did last year, can i do PMP certification.

  • Hello, a quick question?
    I was working on my PhD (Environmental Engineering) and a full time consultancy project (Producing technical manuals for water utilities) during my last 8 years.
    Does it cover the 4500 working hours?
    Thank you,

  • Hi,
    I have done 4 years BTech degree and have 7.5 years of total experience as a QA Engineer. Out of which, for last 2 years I am working at ‘QA Lead’ position (My role includes managing all QA activities for our project). So will I be eligible for PMP after completing 3 years as a QA lead?

    • You need complete project management experience in all five domains. A part of it won’t make you eligible for the PMP exam.

  • Hi Farhad, I have a 3 year bachelors degree from Delhi university , how many hours of project management experience would be required ? 4500 or 7500 hours ?

  • I have a 3 years Bachelors and have completed 2 years Masters . Do i have to show 4500hrs or PM experience or 7500hrs?


  • I have completed 4 years of mechanical engineering degree and i hold project management too and i am working as a site manager in a gas station could i appear for the pmp exam

  • Hello
    I have done B. Tech and MBA and also I have an experience of 2 years. Will you please tell me im responsible for PMP Certification program

    Thank you

  • Greeting of the day,
    Hoping everything is doing well.
    I ve a four years becholar degree (BA hons) and one year diploma (distance learning) in Telecommunications. And having more than 6 years practical experience in different Telecom projects, in Saudi Arabia.
    But my question is that my degree is not related only Diploma is related, to my experience, so can i apply for PMP certification and my work expeience wiuld be considered for IT & TELECOMMUNICATION.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Mr. Fahad,

    I am an Engineering Graduate completed 4 yrs degree on 2008.I worked as Graduate Engineer Trainee for – 1yr 9Months to implement a power project at site. Then I worked as Tendering and Marketing Engineer with Construction companies for 3yrs.Then I joined a product based company as Manager Marketing and worked for 3 yrs in Marketing and Business Development and Now working with another Construction company as Manager Bidding and Costing for 6 Months.
    Please advise whether I am eligible.


    • It seems you have required three years of experience in dealing with project management activities.

      So as per my understanding, you can apply for the PMP exam.

  • Hello,

    I have total 8+ year of IT experience. On paper 2.7 years management experience and before that also i was working on same but it was not on paper. I have discussed with my manager about my PMP aspirations and he is happy to support. Please let me know if i am eligible and in case of audit which all document i need to provide and while applying for PMP do i need to show my total management work experience or do u need to consider from my on paper role change.

    I got my On paper role change in Oct 2014 but i had started taking responsibilities from March 2014.


    • Since you have worked and your boss is agreed to support, you may qualify for the exam. I suggest you contact PMI customer care for further clarification.

  • Hi,

    Please clear my Doubt, I have three years degree (B.com) from distance (2008) and have an experience as team member in multiple projects but not a project lead or project manager, and one more think I have total 6 years experience in a project as a team member but did not worked in whole six processes of PMI Process liked direction, controlling, planning, execution etc… I did work in 4 or 5 phase in all experience so can I eligible for PMP exam…..

    IS that experience should be in whole 6 processes of management or 3 and 4 phase may have sufficient for eligible for attempt the PMP…Pls, suggest.

    • You mean you was in project management for 2.6 years in which some experience is overlapping. In this case, you can only count 2.6 years as your project management experience.

      What about 7 years of experience in IT? Is it project management or something else?

  • Hi Fawad,

    I having 3 year Bsc IT Degree from India. Recently, I had completed Project Management Training. & planing to appear exam in March-2017.
    I leaded two major projects in my last company, project has been overlap for some period of time.
    In my current company I am full-time leading one project since six month.
    How can I calculate 4500 hrs., like by considering 8 hrs working in day or time spend on individual project ?
    Please clear my confusion about 4500 Hrs.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi Fawad,

    I applied for PMI-PMP.I have my masters and relevant experience back in India. I moved to united states last year. Started working for one organisation here as a project manager. I took PMP-PD’s from organisation in united states.I got picked for audit. As i have international experience.One of my manager whom id, i mentioned in the application has a different id now(however he is with the same organisation,same designation) Please do let me know how to proceed further.

  • Hi, I did my bachelors in computer science but it was 3 years not 4 years as suggested by PMI, globally it is equivalent to bachelors degree but how do I prove that? I am in a fix do I fill my application with 4500 hours of experience or 7500??

    • As per my understanding you are graduate and can go with 4,500 hours of experience. Anyway, contact PMI for further confirmation.

  • I completed My 3 year diploma in 1994 and having 20 years of experience in various domains and L&D.
    Am I eligible to table PMP?

  • i will have a 3 year BA degree out of Canada. i have not worked in the field yet. i am currently still a student, i’m looking to pursue a PMP.
    is my 3 year BA degree from sufficient enough to make me eligible to pursue a PMP?

    • Without project management experience, you can not apply for the PMP exam. Since you dont have experience, I would suggest you go for the CAPM.

  • am holding 3 year university diploma in electrical engineering from Sudan , preparing to take my PMP exam in October but am not sure yet what to register is my diploma consider as a degree ? but its not a Bachelors Degree yet not a high school diploma , and also how many years of experience i need to proof is it 3 or 5 ., its very gray for me now

  • Hi, I have completed ITI after SSC not graduation,i have 14 + years experience in IT environment, am i qualified for this exam

  • Hi ,

    I completed my Bachelors Degree (BBA) in 2013 and I am doing my MBA now.I have an experience of 3 year as a Travel Consultant.I wish to write PMP exam.I dont have any project experience , but i use to refer some PMP online classes.Am i eligible to go for PMP training and write the PMP exam?Also is it possible to write PMP exam just after completing PMP training?

  • I am currently working as an equipment technician and i have completed my degree as part time. I would like to switch my career to project management. I would like to check whether is it possible for me to take PMP certification without any experience. If can take what will be the job opportunities as a fresh graduate.

    • In this case you can go for the CAPM exam and try to switch the field. Once you get the required experience, you can sit for the exam.

  • And I have 3 year bachelor degree from India..wanted to know if this is considered as Bachelor’s degree or Associate degree according to PMI

  • I have some project management experience prior to my graduation. Can I include it to complete my 4500 hours eligibility

  • Hello Mohammed,

    I was a Team Lead from 2009 – 2010 for 15 months. After that I joined a larger concern as Process Associate and spent two years. From 2012 to 2014, I joined the same old company and working as Production Manager. My experience of leading projects crosses 3 years with more than 4500 hours 9split as Team Lead 2009-2010, Production Manager 2012-2014). Am I eligible for PMP Credential….

  • Dear Fahd,

    Firstly thanks for the feedback and lot of effort put into. Well passed in 1980 Diploma would like to appear for PMP exam, following experience below:
    12 Years Computer Aided Design (CAD) application.
    11 Years IT product Operations and Maintenance of different products.
    10 Years IT Project Management Role with vendors.
    Pls. advice what are the documents required to prove above said experiences.

    Thanks in Advance
    Kind Regards

    • Hello Mohammed,

      Only your experience certificate is needed. This certificate may include your job description in brief.

  • Hi Fahad,

    Thank you for this detailed information. I need to know what do we need to provide as a proof of 4500 hrs of project management experience. Do I need to submit some kind of letter for this.


    • You can submit your experience certificate to the PMI if they ask you through the audit. If you are not selected for an audit then you don’t have to submit anything.

  • Fahad,
    I have read through the PMP handbook and other materials and could not find an answer to my question. I’m hoping you can help. How far back into my professional career can I go to document legitimate Project Management experience?
    Years ago (from 1993-2003) I was a construction project manager leading an average of 40-50 turn-key home building projects annually. I migrated into the IT field in 2003 and since have had some (maybe 2500+ hours) of PM experience, but those 10 years would definitely ‘seal the deal’. I have a Masters Degree in International Affairs.

    • Hello Pete,

      If you read the PMP Handbook page:8, it clearly says,

      “….All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight
      consecutive years prior to your application submission…”

      As you’re saying that you hold a master degree, so you need to have at-least 4500 hours of the project management experience in order to apply for the PMP exam. And these 4500 hours (3 years) should be earned in last eight years.

      To answer your exact question – You can not go back beyond eight years into your professional career to document your project management experience.

      Hope it helps.

  • I am having 7 years of exp. and working as Business System Analyst.
    Please let me know if I am elligible for PMP exam or not.

  • Please note that the PMP certification is not domain specific. It is a generic Project Management training certification.

    Given below are the requirements for applying for the PMP Certification Exam:

    For a person having a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree,
    Minimum of 4500 hours of personal project management experience AND
    Minimum of 36 non-overlapping (unique) months of personal project management experience.
    For a person not having a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree, but who holds a high school diploma or equivalent secondary school credentials,
    Minimum of 7500 hours of personal project management experience AND
    Minimum of 60 non-overlapping (unique) months of personal project management experience.

    More details login to : PMstudy

  • Hi Fahad,

    I am not a holder of 4 year degree(As mentioned in PMI website). I am BSC graduate, 3 years degree holder and working in the IT product and bank industry for nearly 10 years.

    But, relevant project management experience as follows: would require your valuable input/advice whethe i am eligible to write PMP.

    ==>Worked with Banking industry under operations for 5 years. – This would not be considered. I am aware.
    ==>Worked with an IT Product vendor for 2 years under implementation team for various bank projects and also involved in Presales activities of various banks.
    ==>Working in IT division of a UAE bank for nearly 18 months under strategic projects team on implementaion of new banking product.

    Please validate my eligibility. Looking forward. Thanks in advance.


    • PMI asks you to be a bachelor’s degree holder or a global equivalent. In many countries; e.g. in India three years BSC degree is considered as a graduate degree; therefore, I believe that PMI may consider you as a degree holder.

      As per you, your experience is as follows:

      5 years – under operations,

      2 years – under project management

      18 months (1-1/2 years) – under project management.

      If you add all of it, it is equal to eight and half years, and your experience in 10 years. I did not see your remaining one and half year experience. If you have this remaining experience in project management as well then you should not have any problem because you can be eligible under the secondary degree qualification.

      However, I suggest you that in case of such technical doubt, it is best to contact the PMI customer care.

      Hope it helps.

      • Hi Friends,

        I have done B. Com from india which is a three year degree program. And have about 4500+ hrs of experience in leading and directing projects. Am I eligible as per PMI for PMP. I contacted PMI in this regard and they said that the degree can be equivalant of USA 4 year degree program and asked to verify this with the universitiy I studied in. Will some one be able to provide further information in this regard?

        @Mathan: Were you able to complete you PMP based on your 3 year degree. Please provide input.

        Thanks and Regards
        Pawan Rai

  • Hi Fahad,

    Found your site really useful; great source on info for future PMs.

    I will complete 3 years of leading projects in Feb 2013, when i ll be eligble. So i ll probably plan giving my PMP in June or Aug 2013. Plan to study for 6 months a minimum.

    I wanted to ask you is PMBOK 5 coming soon, does it make sense to me to study PMBOK 4 or PMBOK 5 will be totally different, were the past versions very different?

    Ok, also I see that you are from INDIA (checked ur profile on linkedin), does CAPM have any value in INDIA?

    Thank you so much for the info you have posted..

    Experienced Product Manger

    • Hello Sankalp, thanks for liking and visiting my blog.

      Since you will be eligible for the PMP exam in February 2013, and considering the fact that within this month you will have the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide in your hand, I would recommend you to prepare with the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide.

      There is a little difference between the 4th edition and the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide because it is an upgraded version of the 4th edition.

      Regarding CAPM certification, I advise you to not go for it because you are about to be eligible for the PMP exam.

      CAPM certification is for the people who has very little or no experience.

      And of-course this certification will help a fresh graduate to be noticed.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks for a prompt response Fahad!

        I just got the info from link below that PMBOK5 will be coming in 31/12/12
        link: http://www.velociteach.com/2012/09/pmbok-guide-5th-edition-pmp-exam/

        This article also states changes to the PMP Exam based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK® Guide will not occur until sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2013. So till June applicants will give exam based on PMBOK4

        1. You mentioned that 5th ed is an upgrade of 4th ed PMBOK. Should I be expecting whole lot different questions in exam based on PMBOK5 ?


        2. PMBOK5 will have a little extra content than PMBOK4, and most of the questions and question types is the same?

        3. Will it be advisable to jump and give exam before JUN 2013 as exam pattern and question types will remain the same then and change thereafter?


        • Yes, you’re right that the PMBOK 5th edition will be coming on 31st December 2012 and up to 31st July 2013 you’ll be allowed to take exam based on the PMBOK 4th Edition.

          New PMBOK Guide will be an update on the old one. In new version of guide, PMI has added a new knowledge area about the Stakeholder Management and slightly updated the content. I don’t see any revolutionary change there.

          Of course, there will be changes in exam questions as well; however, this change will be moderate and reflect the latest version of the PMBOK Guide.

          As you said that in February you will become eligible for the PMP Exam and then you will apply for the exam and you will take six months for preparation. That is why I suggest you to start preparation based on the fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide.

          Don’t take me wrong, but consider the worst case that you applied for the exam in March and attended the test at somewhere in June or July and you failed. In this case, you will be in difficult position because you still have two attempts and after July exam pattern is going to be changed.

          Moreover, it is always good to prepare with the latest edition of the standard rather than the edition which is already been expired.

          • Thank you Sir.

            Just the perfect answer.

            I am starting my studies in mid JAN 2013:-

            Starting it off with

            1. Andy Crowe Passing PMP in first attempt & its brain dump (the present version)

            2. Will purchase updated version of Rita later when it comes for PMBOK5

            However, I am happy to know that PMBOK5 is not a major makeover and upgraded version of PMBOK4.

            Be assured that I will trouble you with lots of questions once I start preparing.

            Thanks a lot for guiding me! PMSC rocks!

            Keep up the good work, God Bless You!!

            Sankalp Navghare
            Experienced Product Manager

  • I’m form Ethiopia I would like to take online training but it seems some what difficult to set for exam online because there is no center in our country. So…..

    • I hope that soon you will a Prometric test center in you country. Anyway but still you can learn the best project management practice, and when the Prometric set their center in your country, you can apply for the PMP exam.

  • This is very helpful site for the students who want to pass out PMP certification exam to become a certified project manager. This site provides the information about the eligibility criteria for PMP. This site provides the details about the education qualification required for PMP Certification examination.

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    Recommended Resources

    Use these resources for your PMP certification exam preparation and pass the exam with minimal effort.

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    The PMP Training Program

    The PMI approved 35 contact hours training program that is 100% online, affordable, and help you prepare the PMP exam.

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    The PMP Exam Preparation Tool

    A PMP exam preparation course, that is 100% online and provide you everything you need to pass the PMP exam.

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