Take a Break During PMP Certification Exam

Many aspirants wonder about PMP Exam breaks and they want to know if they can take breaks during the PMP exam.

Yes, you can take as many breaks as you wish during your PMP certification exam.

Please note that there is one scheduled break for ten minutes.

I took two breaks; the first was when I had completed 100 questions and the second was when I had completed all 200 questions.

These breaks allowed me to settle down and rest my mind because I was feeling a little fatigued after finishing the first half of the exam.

I would suggest that you do the same. This way you can give your mind a break and a fresh start.

The Pearson VUE staff sit outside the test room and will check your ID and ask you to enter your name and time out and in when you leave and come back. You may also be checked with a metal detector.


After the scheduled PMP exam break, you can take as many breaks as you wish but this time will be counted towards your exam duration. Therefore, minimize your breaks and use them strategically. If you are feeling tired or need to go to the washroom during the exam, do so but don’t take too long.

Did you take breaks during your PMP exam? Did doing so help you or relieve any pressure? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.