Today, I will provide you with my review. is one of the fastest-growing marketing automation and CRM platforms, focusing on building affordable all-in-one software that allows people to run the entire business with no fuss. has helped businesses replace several services that managers use separately. It helps people save thousands of dollars every month. Review

In my review, I will cover everything that does, but my special focus is going to be on its Customer Relationship Management functionalities that set the platform apart from other software.

What is dashboard is an all-in-one sales funnel software with features that help businesses up their marketing and CRM operations. It does so by providing functionalities like option forms, landing page designs, page templates, a ticketing system, and a lot more.

This helps businesses increase their sales, engage visitors, collect leads, and provide excellent after-sales servicing. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the market currently. as a CRM comes with several CRM tools that help businesses store all potential customer information, enhance sales and revenue opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, and record any after-sales service issues. 

This helps in positioning the business in a stronger light and positively increases business sales and revenue, leading to effective customer engagement and better customer satisfaction. 

The CRM tools offered by Groove are listed below.

#1. GroovePages


GroovePages is a powerful drag-and-drop landing page builder making it easier for you to create opt-in and landing pages in no time. It is best suited for online marketers because it has all the features you need to build your own product/business page.

It helps businesses create stunning yet professional-looking landing pages, websites, and funnels seamlessly.

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#2. GrooveMail


GrooveMail is another powerful tool that helps you in email marketing, servicing, and automation. This leads to the creation of solid lead and email lists that help you gather the contact information of all your customers and send them emails that can turn them into actual customers. 

Broadcasts, autoresponders, email sequences, and many such automatic emails can be sent through this tool to build customer engagement and interaction.

#3. GrooveSell


GrooveSell allows you to create intelligent checkout pages that come with upsells, cross-sells, downsells, custom offerings, and so much more. 

This CRM tool is used as a digital sales platform that enhances the checkout experience for your user. When the checkout experience is easy and simple, the chances of visitors turning into customers increase, leading to greater sales and revenue and better user satisfaction. 

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#4. GrooveKart


GrooveKart aims to help businesses promote their physical products to the buyer, ultimately encouraging them to buy them. It presents your goods to your target audience in a concise, organized, and better way that helps in increasing your sales. 

Not only that, GrooveKart is an important CRM tool that contributes to the user’s shopping journey with you.

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#5. GrooveDesk 

GrooveDesk is’s built-in help desk that ensures no customers go unsatisfied after purchasing your product.

It has a solid ticketing system that keeps all your tickets organized and enables you to get back to your customers’ queries in a detailed manner. With GrooveDesk, your after-sales service executives are able to respond to problems quickly and more effectively.


GrooveFunnels is’s most robust CRM tool, as it includes the most features with respect to landing pages, websites, selling products online, sales funnels, and a lot more. You can build the online store you envision, and there is everything you need in this CRM tool.

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#1. Custom Domains offers unlimited custom domains (pro plan) for your website and online business that best fit with your business tone of voice and vision. It helps you brand all your affiliate links, track the links, checkout from pages swiftly, and set up affiliate sign-up pages as well. 

The custom domain feature helps you brand your business to attract more and more leads.

#2. Unlimited Hosting and Bandwidth

Once you subscribe to pro plan, you get access to unlimited hosting and bandwidth without paying even a single extra penny. The more your traffic grows, the more leads you can generate. does not charge you extra according to your traffic size, unlike other hosting providers.

#3. Unlimited Funnel Pages

With pro plan, you can create unlimited funnels that look professional, attractive, and stunning. These funnel pages help in generating more leads and making more sales with a flourishing business. Add as many pages as your business needs, and you can add more as your business grows.

The platform provides you with templates and a drag-and-drop builder to create upsell pages, web pages, landing pages, and so much more.

#4. 100+ Designs, Elements, Wireframes

The platform comes with over one hundred designs, blocks, elements, and wireframes that help enhance the quality of your pages. Generate more revenue and sales by getting your pages running faster and easier through blocks that do not even require coding. 

Add elements, wireframes, countdown timers, pop-ups, process bars, and more to add more life to your business page—the more attractive your page, the higher the lead generation.

#5. Powerful Affiliate Program has a powerful affiliate program. This helps you communicate with unlimited affiliates and manage them easily. It includes promotional tools that help sell products easily and enable more and more affiliates to get associated with your business. This also helps maintain a healthy relationship between your affiliates and you, your customers, and the brand. 

groove affiliate

#6. Powerful Email Marketing comes with a powerful set of email marketing tools that hugely attract customers to the brand. This helps in increasing sales, revenue, and leads converted into customers. 

Its behavior-based email marketing helps you deliver the right message at the right time with a personal touch. This builds your relationships, grows the business, and increases conversions. At times, powerful email marketing also results in a satisfactory after-sales service that customers love.

#7. Unlimited Products

With this platform, you get unlimited products, upsells, order bumps, and down sells with just one click. It helps you sell as many products as your business owns, without any maximum limit. 

Attract unlimited customers without worrying about any additional cost, as everything is covered in a single payment itself.

#8. Site Builder

You can create a membership site with within minutes through its powerful site builder. 

You can customize every element and attract as many people as possible to expand your business. 

#9. Video Marketing provides you with a set of extensively powerful video marketing tools. It allows you to edit and modify videos and add automation based on user behavior at a minimal cost. 

This makes the precision and quality of your video top-notch without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars per month. 

#10. 190 Pre-built Websites consists of over 190 pre-built websites that are ready to be launched within minutes. You can edit the template as per your business, save your changes, and launch the website under your custom domain. 

It does not require you to have any coding knowledge, and the website template is installed in one single click. Creating a website is not easy or affordable, but has made this possible with its revolutionary pricing plans.

groove prebuilt website | Main Products


GroovePages is an extremely powerful website, sales funnel, and landing page builder equipped with several features that make the building process seamless. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor, pop-ups, progress bars, free hosting, wireframe blocks, customizations, and more. 

The product comes as a free and paid version.

The free version includes:

  • One project sites
  • One custom domains
  • Free hosting
  • One funnels
  • One funnel template
  • Premium blocks
  • Wireframes blocks
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • Unlimited Products
  • Five videos

The free offer is available forever. So, I recommend you create a free account to test features.

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The paid version includes all the above features, plus:

  • Split testing
  • Importing web pages
  • Importing funnels
  • Analytics
  • Team members
  • Sharing funnels
  • Email leads, cart abandoners, and customers 
  • Unlimited pages, page sites, websites, funnels, bandwidth, pop-ups, elements, royalty-free images
  • Free SSL certificates
  • New templates every day
  • Full growing funnels template
  • Unlimited team members
  • Agency feature
  • No site branding 
  • Unlimited custom domains


GrooveMail is an email marketing service provided by, and it helps you build your email and lead list. It allows you to send email campaigns, including email sequences, broadcasts, auto-responses, automation, and more. 

GrooveMail comes packed with many email marketing features, such as forms with custom fields, managing email leads, suppressions with GrooveMail forms, and email and SMS campaigns based on segments, tags, lists, etc. 

You can also turn on marketing automation based on your customers’ behaviors and enhance their experience on your website. You can get analytics and insights on your email list, leads, broadcasts, and email sequences. 

The platform’s autoresponder and CRM capabilities are among the best customer relationship software that does much more than email sending.

Here is everything you get in the free GrooveMail version:

  • 500 contacts
  • 2,5,00 email sends per month

With a pro plan, you get the following:

  • Advanced automated campaigns
  • Personalization tags
  • Over 500 integrations
  • CRM features for digital and eCommerce marketers
  • Bandwidth for as many as 30,000 contacts at no additional cost
  • Segmentation features
  • Dynamic variables for personalized emails
  • Conditional splits

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GrooveSell is’s sales tool that makes it super easy to sell all your products and services to the right customers. It is a comprehensive platform that enables you and supports you in selling digital services, subscriptions, and more. The GrooveSell features handle everything from listing your products on the platform to affiliate management. 

GrooveSell is free if you create your account now. With this platform, you can easily integrate with all your payment options and platform without any hidden fees or charges. It also supports downsells, upsells, and cross-sells. It allows unlimited products, advanced reporting, and analysis as a major part of the GrooveSell servicing. 

It helps enhance your customer relationship management by providing your customers with multiple payment options and avenues, making it easier for them to choose the payment method that suits them best. 

GrooveSell subscription offers:

  • Unlimited product selling in unlimited product funnels
  • Order bumps upsell and downsell
  • Unlimited checkouts and shopping cart pages
  • The flexible pricing structure for multiple products 
  • Follow-ups for cart abandonment
  • Affiliate software
  • Advanced reporting and analytics


GrooveKart is one of the newest eCommerce platforms, a Shopify alternative, and offers powerful features enabling merchants to list and sell their products online. 

It covers everything that an online store must cover, from converting templates, strong reviews, and a lot more. It focuses on reducing your time and money spent on selling your products online and lets you divert your focus to better customer relationship management by taking care of all your online store needs.

It does not require any inventory, warehousing, or shipping. With its print-on-demand and drop-shipping capabilities, you can sell with no physical product. With its easy user interface, even a non-tech-savvy person or a beginner can enjoy all its features without much hassle.

The top features offered by GrooveKart are:

  • Quick import from another platform to GrooveKart
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Plug and play solution 
  • Unlimited upsells
  • Customizations through GrooveKart studio
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Built-in help to solve any issues
  • Better payment methods with multiple options

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GrooveDesk is a top CRM product from that helps the support agents find quick resolutions for customers. The productivity is increased with less complicated management functions. 

Most people prefer GrooveDesk because of its simplicity and ease-of-use functionality.

Here is why you should shift to GrooveDesk to enhance the functioning of your support team and improve your customer relationship management:

  • Offers 24/7 support through self-help to your customers through’s Knowledge Base center
  • Help in adding internal notes that you can see with the team and improve collaboration
  • Helps your customers by assigning conversations
  • Built essentially for small teams to ensure that a field expert treats each customer
  • follows a more personal approach to make your customers comfortable
  •’s customer success team always checks in with each customer and proactively answers their questions.


GroovePay is another product that enables easy, fast, and secure digital payments for eCommerce. It is a leading merchant solution for online and eCommerce businesses that offers quality servicing.

It enhances customer relationship management by providing your customers with multiple payment options from across the globe. 

It also includes integrations with several platforms like NMI, gateways like, and more. It can be set up within a few minutes, as it has super-fast approval systems and real relationship handlers that work on your behalf when you are away.

GroovePay only charges a payer 2.85% per transaction, which is substantially less than other merchant providers.

The following are GroovePay’s offerings:

  • Zero application fees
  • No monthly statement fees
  • No PCI fees
  • No annual fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No minimum monthly processing fee
  • Flat rate pricing only
  • The lowest flat rate offered per transaction
  • The lowest flat rate offered for debit card transaction
  • No long term contracts
  • Fat deposits
  • 24/7 support availability 
  • Enables selling to the global market 
  • No holdbacks
  • No reserves
  • Domestic banks
  • Next day deposits

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GrooveFunnels is one of the most comprehensive products that offers and focuses highly on the CRM aspect of marketing. It is the fastest-growing sales platform and website builder that lets you expand your online business seamlessly. 

All you have to do is pay a one-time fee to enjoy its features forever. It also comes with a free plan, while the premium plan costs 1997 USD for a lifetime of usage.  

Note that soon this offer will go away, and you will have to pay 299 USD per month to get the premium plan.

It comes with over 19 marketing tools that help you take your business to new heights. It creates professionally stunning funnels for you and makes your company grow in ways you would have never imagined.

If you have access to GrooveFunnels, you can create funnels and websites, conduct webinars, conduct email marketing, and manage your affiliations, all through a single software. This makes business management easy and quick.

Here is what is included in GrooveFunnels’ basic free plan:

  • Up to three websites
  • Up to three custom domains
  • Five received shared funnels
  • 15 import pages
  • One share funnel

The Groove paid platinum plan includes:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Unlimited share funnels and received shared funnels
  • Unlimited import pages

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Support’s support team is available 24/7 to help you out with any issues related to the software or your website built through the platform. The team has a comprehensive knowledge base and responsive customer support to help you out of any situation. The GrooveDigital space is dedicated entirely to the question-and-answer section.

It also includes training and tutorial videos to help you navigate through the platform. It has a special GrooveDigital Academy space that is solely meant to share informative webinars and training materials with you in text and tutorial format to help you understand the software and how you can make the most of it. 

In-house experts conduct seminars and webinars where they teach you digital-related and eCommerce tricks, the latest online marketing strategies, CRM tips, and more. They also have a ticketing system where you can share your problem, and they will create a ticket to follow up for a quick resolution. Pricing Plan pricing plan updated comes with three pricing plans: Free, Starter and Pro. The free basic plan allows you to enjoy basic features to enhance your business without paying a single penny, whereas the paid plans have much more advanced features that can help you take your business to new heights. 

The free basic plan includes:

  • Selling unlimited products online with order bumps, upsells and downsells
  • Building brand websites and free host provider
  • Robust funnel builder
  • High converting templates
  • Solid eCommerce store to sell products physically
  • CRM tools to automate marketing with SMS, email, direct mail, and voice calls as per customer behavior
  • Online course creation
  • Membership site creation
  • Easy blogging platform built with expert SEO
  • Automated webinars
  • Affiliate management
  • Mobile app functionality
  • Professional video hosting platform 
  • Online credit card rate of 4.95% + 30c USD and 2% third party payment processing fees
  • 1 blog
  • Unlimited posts 
  • 500 email contacts
  • 1 membership and share funnel
  • 5 videos
  • 5 receive share funnels
  • 1 websites and custom domains 
  • 2,5,00 email sends every month

Click here to open your free account with no credit card required.

The Starter plan pricing is 99 USD per month and includes:

  • Everything in the free basic plan
  • Five custom domains
  • 250 pages hostng
  • Unlimited received share funnels
  • Five memberships
  • Free encoding
  • 50 video hosting
  • Five team accounts
  • 5,000 email contacts
  • 50,000 email sends every month
  • No third-party payment processing fees
  • No platform fee

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Annual payment offers a 20% discount and if you pay annually, the pricing will be 79 USD per month.

The Pro plan pricing is 299 USD per month and includes:

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Unlimmited pages hostng
  • Unlimited received share funnels
  • Unlimited memberships
  • Free encoding
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Unlimited team accounts
  • 30,000 email contacts
  • Unlimited email sends every month
  • No third-party payment processing fees
  • No platform fee

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Conclusion is one of the strongest online software options for marketing and CRM-related purposes for any business. It has several products that help you reach out to your customers, easily generate more sales and revenue, and resolve any issues your customers may have after-sales.

It also helps you build your website from scratch through its numerous website templates and other features like countdown timers and elements that make your website look more attractive in front of potential customers. Overall, the platform is a must-try, as its free plan includes several useful features that will enhance the look and feel of your business online.

I hope this review was useful.

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