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This post is a review. Here I will explain the key features of and my experience with it. is a cloud-based project management tool that lets you manage projects and tasks with collaboration and workflow automation.

Roy Man and Eran Zinman founded in 2012, and at the time, it was known as daPulse. In November 2017, the company changed its brand name from daPulse to It is a privately held software company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. is not just a project management tool; it is a complete CRM solution. It is helpful in many organizational activities. It can be used for:

  • Team management
  • Project management
  • Work planning
  • Marketing
  • And much more.
Usage of

Key Features of

The followings are a few key features of

Collaborative Team Management Tool provides real-time collaboration among project team members. Being cloud-based makes it accessible from anywhere and on any device.  All project files are saved on a web server, allowing team members to have the same version of the file. This avoids conflicts with having different versions of the same document and increases productivity.

You can manage your team with a graphical user interface. You can assign a new team member, assign the task, change the task, customize workflow, and monitor progress until the project completes. provides templates for almost all scenarios; if you are in a hurry, you can use them as-is and customize them later. is not only a project management collaboration tool; it is a complete CRM package. You can collect and nurture your leads using web forms, sell your product, track orders, etc.

Visual Planning and Automation is a graphical-based platform. You can plan projects and then track their progress and compare them with the planned progress visually.

This project management platform lets you automate many recurring tasks and streamline workflow using automation recipes. It provides you with many recipes (a combination of triggers and actions) to create workflow automation.

A few pre-built recipes are:

  • Notification
  • Status Change
  • Recurring Tasks provides customizable pre-built workflows. You can select a template and customize it as per your needs.

Boards and Columns

On a board, you can group items. It is a virtual place to help you keep track of your project and everyday activities. It lets you manage your tasks and sub-tasks. Tasks and subtasks are known as items and subitems on offers different boards for different purposes, such as:

  • A mainboard that all team members in your account can see.
  • Shareable boards to share with people outside your team, such as clients, contractors, and consultants.
  • Private boards are accessible to the creator and those who have access.

You can change the boards as per your needs.

Your board comprises columns. You can add as many columns as you require, such as:

  • Team member column
  • Timeline column
  • Status
  • Priority
  • And more

You can remove columns and set permission to access, view, and edit. You can pin a column as well.

Integration offers many integrations to make your life easy. A few popular integrations are:

  • GitLab
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • Zapier
  • Integromet
  • Etc.

A few other essential features of are:

  • A many-to-many communication tool
  • An Execution Board with a big screen display
  • Email notifications and updates
  • Personal and public boards
  • Pre-built checklists
  • iOS and Android app.

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The Benefits of is a complete project management software platform, and you can manage everything from your admin dashboard. You won’t require any other third-party services.

You can sign up for and start using it from day one. Though every software has a learning curve, learning is quick.

The following are the key benefits of

Built-in Time Tracking and Progress Visualization

You can see your project overview in a Timeline column, which is required for schedule management. Here you can track team performance and take corrective action if required.

To track the time, you can add a Time Tracking column to your board lets you track the time spent on each task.

This column shows you how long you or your team took to complete a task or project. You can see the timeline for any tasks or group of tasks. This is a quick way of seeing the project progress, task assignment, etc. Mobile App offers mobile applications for iOS and Android OS. You can download the mobile app on your mobile device and stay connected with your team to collaborate on work.

The mobile app is very popular in app stores with high ratings. On iTunes, as of writing this review post, it has a rating of 4.5 from 3,000 users. On Google Play, it has a rating of 4.6 from over 10,000 users.

Who Should Use

If you are managing projects regardless of waterfall or Agile methodologies, you can use Apart from project management, it is quite useful in product development, sales, business, marketing, HR, PR, client management, etc.

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Qualities to Look for in a Good Project Management Platform

You should look for the following qualities while selecting a collaboration software platform for your team:

  • Ease of use
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Price passes these quality tests, but I find it a little expensive.

A Few Clients of

A few popular clients of are:

  • Discovery Channel
  • Fiverr
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • WeWork
  • Wix
  • Philips
  • Carlsberg

Today, over 80,000 teams in different industries in over 140 countries use to manage their day-to-day jobs and achieve their goals.

Working with

Let us start with creating an account with does not ask for credit card information while creating an account. You can use it for free for two weeks.

Enter your email id and password, and your account is ready. After the first login, will ask you for some information to provide you with a customized experience.

creating account with

Then you choose whether you want to manage a single project or multiple tasks.

creating account with

Then you will select your team size.

creating account with

Now you can invite your team members. This is not a mandatory step. If you are not sure about your team members, you can ignore this step and invite them later.

Inviting team members with

Finally, you can see your main dashboard. admin dashboard

You can create boards for many project management tasks or organizational functions such as human resources and help desk.

To add a new board, click on “Add.”

add dashboard

For this review, I have selected the template “Team Tasks.”

add dashboard

You can create mainboards, private boards, or shareable boards. I have selected “Main.” Below is the default look for the Team Tasks dashboard: admin dashboard-2 provides hundreds of templates for you to get started. You can select the most suitable template and customize it as per your requirements.

Your board has many boards that contain tasks. You can add, remove, or modify a group. Click on the group name, and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Add Group,” and your new group will appear.

add group to

Likewise, you can add new tasks after clicking “New Task” and a new column after clicking the “+” sign. You can add as many tasks as you wish. The group has no task limitations.

After completing the board, you can assign the task to a team member. If you have not added a team member to your project, you can do so easily.

invite new team members after creating account

Click on the human icon and add the team member.

The next thing is setting up the task priority; the choices are high, low, or medium. Click on the task and select the priority. You can add custom priority levels and modify/change the color of the blocks.

set up task priority in

You can also check and update each task’s status with a status column, such as working on it, waiting for review, or done. This is a useful column that shows you completed tasks and where you are stuck.

You can start a conversation with your team member from the mainboard. Click on the chat icon, and a chat window will appear. If the team member is using the mobile app, they will receive the message instantly. Help and Support provides email support 24X7. Contacting them is easy. Click on the question mark in the bottom left corner for help and support. help and support

From here, you can watch videos, read tutorials, and raise support requests. I have watched several videos and gone through tutorials, and I found them very useful. All videos and tutorials are action-oriented; no fluff here.

The knowledge base provides in-depth knowledge and covers every aspect of

I have contacted their support two times, and both times, I received a friendly response to offer me help.

Drawbacks of

This review would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about its limitations.

Expensive Pricing Plans is expensive, and I believe they need to look into it and provide a more affordable pricing plan. They also lack a free basic plan.

The basic plan costs you 10 USD per month per user, but it does not offer you any integration and automation, and it starts with a minimum of three users.

No Free Plan

I have used a few other project management tools, and some of them offer a free plan.

A free plan helps motivate prospective users to test the platform with a free mind. I hope will recognize this fact and start offering a free plan. Pricing Details pricing plan has four pricing plans:

  1. 1Basic: The price is 10 USD per seat per month, and you must have three team members, so the effective minimum price is 30 USD per month. This plan includes unlimited boards, over 200 templates, 20 column types, iOS, and Android app, etc.
  2. 2Standard: The price is 12 USD per seat per month, and you must have three team members, so the effective minimum price is 36 USD per month. This plan includes everything from the Basic plan plus timeline and Gantt view, calendar view, guest access, 250 automation, 250 actions on integrations, create a board that is a combination of three boards, etc.
  3. 3Pro: The price is 20 USD per seat per month, and you must have three team members, so the effective minimum price is 59 USD per month. This plan includes everything from the Standard plan plus private boards, chart view, time tracking, formula column, 25,000 automation, 25,000 actions per integration, create a board that is a combination of up to ten boards, etc.
  4. 4Enterprise: If you need enterprise-level features and support, you can go for this plan. To get a quote for this plan, you must contact support.

The yearly plan offers an 18% discount on all plans.

Conclusion – Review is one of the most popular project management software options available for project professionals. It is a complete CRM tool to help you run and manage your project. If you are looking for a useful project management collaboration tool, a tool that can motivate your team and make them more productive, is the right choice.I hope this review was useful for you.

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