pmp exam simulator

In this blog post, I will provide you with a few of the best PMP exam simulators that you can use for your PMP exam preparation.

The simulators have an important role in the PMP exam preparation. They provide you with PMP exam sample questions and simulated tests.

The PMP sample questions let you practice the questions. They help you build your understanding of the concepts and develop logical reasoning.

Simulated tests let you check your readiness for the real exam. The duration of the PMP exam is 230 minutes. Attempting 180 questions continuously is not easy, therefore you need to practice a lot. 

These simulators help you practice the simulated tests, and you can build your stamina. They will make you ready to sit the exam and attempt the questions.

These tests will find your weak spot, so you can work on improving your performance.

Without further delay, let us get started.

PMP Exam Simulator

If you are in a hurry, here are my top favorite PMP Exam Simulator with a click-through link:

  1. PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner
  2. PM Fast Track by Rita Mulcahy
  3. PMP Mock Test
  4. PMP Question Bank

Now, we will discuss them in detail.

#1. PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner

The PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner is the most popular PMP exam simulator and is used by thousands of PMP aspirants to pass the PMP exam.

The famous PMP trainer, Cornelius Fichtner, is the developer of this exam simulator. 

This PMP exam simulator has more than 2,100 practice questions, including five simulated tests. Each simulated test has 180 questions.

A few features of this simulator are:

  • High-quality PMP exam sample questions
  • Five Simulated exam tests
  • Detailed explanations
  • Different learning modes (Exam, Timed, Learning)
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Live Feedback

With the live feedback option, you can ask for help directly from the question window, and an expert will respond to you with an explanation.

Other than practice questions, this PMP exam simulator provides five bonuses:

  1. A five-email course on PMP exam strategies to learn how to take the exam. 
  2. Access to an active discussion forum supported by 12 PMP-certified moderators.
  3. A sample exam score worksheet to help you keep track of your performance and find your knowledge gaps.
  4. A contact hours worksheet to help you keep a record of your contact hours so you can easily report to PMI while filling the exam application form.
  5. Weekly exam tips newsletter to provide you weekly tips, tricks, study strategies to help you prepare for the PMP exam. 

PMP exam simulator has useful analytics, and it provides in-depth data on your exam preparation. I have not seen such detailed information on any other PMP exam simulator.

You can compare your performance against other students and find where you stand. You can track your progress by domain or topic wise. This helps you find your weak spot. 

The price of the PMP Exam Simulator is 149 USD, and the access is for 90 days. This PMP exam simulator is updated with the latest exam content outline applicable from the 2nd January 2021.

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Read my in-depth review of the PMP Exam Simulator By Cornelius Fichtner.

#2. PM Fast Track by Rita Mulcahy

This is another popular PMP exam simulator developed by world-famous PMP trainer Rita Mulcahy. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us, but her team actively manages the product.

The product is available at 299.00 USD and is the most expensive PMP exam simulator on this post.

A few features of this simulator are:

  • Over 2,000 PMP exam sample questions
  • Simulated tests within a real exam environment, including the rest
  • Study modes to take exams by Domain, Process Group, Knowledge Area, or Keyword
  • Cloud-based access
  • Cross-referenced to Rita PMP Exam Preparation book
  • Full exam history to check to find your knowledge gaps
  • Available in Spanish and Portuguese

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You can select any one of the above PMP exam simulators. I recommend you go for the PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, as it has more in-depth analytics and live community than Rita Fast Track.

Also, Cornelius’s Simulator is much cheaper than Rita Fast track.

#3. PMP Mock Test

This is a timed simulated test with a duration of 230 minutes. This test is priced at 4.99 USD and is the most affordable PMP exam simulator test.

The content is based on the latest exam content outline, and it covers situation-based questions, formula-based questions, interpretation-based questions, etc.

This simulated test has multiple choice questions with a single response, multiple responses, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Many successful students have taken this test, and questions have been reviewed and validated multiple times.

The access is immediately after the payment, and the access duration is three months. You can attempt the test unlimited times.

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#4. PMP Question Bank

I have developed this question bank to provide PMP aspirants a set of high-quality PMP exam sample questions with affordable pricing.

This is not a simulator, but an eBook that has two sets of 180 PMP exam samples questions, i.e., 360 questions in total, and is aligned with the latest exam content outline applicable from the 2nd January 2021.

This eBook is available in three formats: pdf, Mobi, and ePub, so you can use them on any device you own.

The price of this PMP Question Bank is 4.99 USD, and the access is instant.

Click here for more details.

This eBook comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can ask for a refund. Refund is immediate with no question asked policy, and you can keep the eBook.

A Few Tips on buying PMP Exam Simulator

  • Ensure that it is aligned with the latest exam content outline. The current exam content outline is applicable from 2nd January 2021.
  • It should have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
  • It should be from a renowned provider with a solid track record.


I have listed a few popular and high-quality PMP exam simulators. You can choose the one best suited to your requirements; however, I recommend you subscribe to the PMP Exam simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP Question Bank, and PMP Mock Test.

Practicing questions from these resources are for the PMP exam preparation.

What PMP exam simulator have you selected for your studies? Please share your experience with it in the comments section.