This can be a painful experience. You may become nervous and fret that you will never pass the PMP exam and your all dreams will be shattered.

I regularly receive emails from aspirants who have failed the PMP exam. Their frustration is evident. Sometimes, these aspirants have failed the exam for a second or third time. .

If this has happened to you, you may have the same, unsettling feelings. However, I ask you not fret because you can pass the PMP exam on your next attempt.

Please note, if you failed the PMP exam on your first attempt, you will have two more attempts with in your one-year eligibility. If you do not, you will not be able to fill out the application again for a year. Even if you don’t attempt the exam or you failed in the remaining two attempts, you cannot take the test for this restriction period.

However, if your eligibility is expiring soon, you should not apply for the PMP exam. Let the eligibility expire. Then you can apply again with a new one-year period and three attempts. If you don’t get this option, please contact PMI customer care, and they will help you out. Therefore, don’t rush to schedule your exam quickly if you failed and your expiry is near.

The above issue was experienced by an exam taker who failed the PMP, his eligibility had expired and he was able to apply for the PMP exam without waiting for a mandatory one year suspension period.

A few more aspirants have confirmed and supported this strategy.

A Things to Know if you Have Failed the PMP Exam on your First Attempt

Before we discuss strategies for your next attempt, let’s look at some facts.

The exam fee for the second and third attempts is discounted and will be different for PMI members and non-members.

The fees for the second or third re-examinations of the computer-based test are as follows:

  • PMI members: 275 USD
  • Non-members: 375 USD

The fees for the second or third re-examinations of the paper-based test are as follows:

  • PMI members: 150 USD
  • Non-members: 300 USD

What is the PMP Exam Failure Rate?

Since you have failed your test, you might be wondering what percentage of aspirants are in the same situation. 

The PMI does not publish any official data, so it is not possible to guess what percentage of aspirants fail the exam.

However, from my experience, I can say that the number is quite high, and that is why this certification is highly valued.

There is good news though; the passing percentage for the second attempt is considerably high. Although this is purely speculation, from my interactions with hundreds of second-time successful exam takers, it seems to be true.

Therefore, you have a better chance of passing the PMP exam on your second attempt than your first.

Your First Step After a Failed Attempt—Self-Audit

If you fail the PMP exam, you should start with a self-audit. You have to find out the exact reason why you did not pass.

There can be many reasons for your failure. Some of them are:

  • You failed to prepare well
  • You relied only on free resources
  • You fell to exam pressure

You Failed To Prepare Well

This is the most common reason for PMP exam failure. 

I have seen many aspirants who attended the PMP exam directly after completing their training and they failed. They were not aware of the difficulty and assumed that there would be some easy questions, like an in-house self-assessment and they would get them through easily.

Many other aspirants had considerable time to prepare but did not study well or with the proper resources.

Some PMP takers studied one reference book, manuals provided by training providers, and practiced some questions. Other studied the PMBOK Guide only and practiced maybe a few questions.

Please note that to prepare well for the PMP exam, you must study a quality PMP exam reference book, the PMBOK Guide, and practice sample questions. If you neglect any of these, you will face difficulties in passing the PMP exam in your next attempt.

In fact, I recommend that you study at least two PMP exam reference books instead of one. This will give you a different perspective. Some concepts will be tough, and you may find a better explanation in your other book. .

I recommend you subscribe to any good PM Exam simulator to get enough practice questions.

My favorite is the PM Exam Simulator by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner.

Give yourself at least three months for preparation. This is enough time if you are able to study three hours per day.

Don’t schedule the exam immediately after failing. I have seen many aspirants who failed the exam in the first attempt immediately schedule again, then, after one or two weeks, they fail again.

Don’t do this. Take the time to prepare well and then apply for the exam.

Before you restart your PMP exam preparation, you must analyze your results of the failed test.

On your result report, you will find out which domains your performance was poor in. Make sure to note them down. You will need to study these domains extensively to improve.

It is also important to identify what kinds of questions you find difficult. 

In the PMP exam, you will see six types of questions:

  1. ITTO-based
  2. Definition-based
  3. Situation-based
  4. Formula-based
  5. Interpretational questions
  6. Professional and social responsibility-based

I have noticed that most professionals score lower on ITTO-based questions.

Other than these, aspirants often find mathematical and situation-based questions tough as well.

If you are scared of ITTO-based questions, I suggest you read the PMBOK Guide to visualize processes flow in a project. Never try to memorize ITTOs; it is difficult and doing so will defeat the purpose of ITTOs. The PMI wants you to understand these ITTOs, not memorize them.

Now we come to the mathematical questions. Some professionals ignore math-based questions, assuming they are too difficult to solve. They think it is a waste of time and they can compensate for these questions by scoring more in other areas.

This is a bad strategy and you should avoid it. If you understand the logic, mathematical questions are easy to solve and can help you get a high score on the exam. A little practice can help you solve this type of questions quickly.

If you are having difficulties with math-based questions, you can try the  PMP Formula Guide. This guide has everything you need to understand and solve the math-based questions.

Now we come to situation-based questions.

To solve situation-based questions, don’t think like you would when working in your organization. You are attempting the PMP exam; you have to think the way the PMI thinks. Assume that you are working in an ideal world and every process should follow the guidelines.

You have to be careful while solving situation-based questions.

For instance, let us say you are going to attend a meeting; you are a little late, and you come up to a red-light. Nobody is there, and you do not see anyone on the road. What will you do?

The options are as follows:

  1. Since no one is there, you will ignore the signal.
  2. You will not ignore the signal.
  3. You will ignore the signal this time, but not again.
  4. Since you are going to an important meeting, you can ignore the signal.

In the question above, you may think that since you are going to an important meeting and nobody is there, you can ignore the signal. This is incorrect, because you cannot break the law. There are no exceptions.

There will be many questions that require you to synchronize your thinking with the PMI guidelines.

I would also recommend you read any lessons learned written successful exam takers. This way you can avoid mistakes made by these professionals.

Please read my blog post how to become a PMP to learn how to prepare well for the exam.

You Relied on Free Resources

You will find many free resources to help you prepare for the PMP exam on the internet. You studied them exclusively during your preparation and failed. Therefore, I suggest you now stay away from these free resources and use a few high-quality, paid resources.

Free resources are not always updated, may contain errors, and do not provide you with a clear picture of the exam. There is also guaranteed support.

I have seen some sites that provide ten thousand or twenty thousand free PMP exam questions. But who can guarantee the quality? Besides, you do not have to practice several thousand questions to pass the PMP exam. This is a waste of time and effort.

I have seen many professionals complaining that they got more than 70% on one online test, 80% on another test and so on; and still, they failed the exam. Please note, there is no guarantee that you will pass the real test by doing well on an online practice test.

While reviewing some of these free tests, I realized that most of them have very easy questions and lacked the ITTO-based questions, which are a major portion of the real exam. I believe this is due to copyright issues. 

So, you passed the online test with easy questions without attempting ITTO-based one. These tests give you false confidence.

I suggest you stop practicing with these free tests.

You are applying for the PMP exam and have already failed the test once; it’s now time to get serious and subscribe to a few high quality resources.

Try to study in as many different formats as you can. For example, you can use flashcards, true/false statements, etc.

One such tool is The PMP Exam Preparation Tool. I strongly recommend you sign up for this course to boost your PMP exam preparation. Learning the concepts using different methods will help you solidify the concepts.

You Fell to Exam Pressure

Some aspirants find it difficult to handle the pressure of the exam. They cannot concentrate and are not even able to read the questions properly. They choke during the test.

This problem can be solved with confidence. Study well so you can be confident about passing the PMP exam.

Also, try a few PMP mock tests. These will provide you with an exam environment and give you a fixed time. If you do this, you will have realistic practice for the exam and you will gain the required confidence.

Please understand that this is just an exam, and even if you fail, nothing bad will happen to you.

If you are still not able to cope with exam anxiety, I recommend you attend confidence building sessions.


Passing the PMP exam is not like a race where only one candidate wins; there are more than half a million PMP certified professionals who have passed the exam. There is no reason you cannot be one of them. Do not be frightened if you fail the exam on your first or second attempt; find your mistakes and identify knowledge gaps, make a plan to correct the mistakes and fill the gaps, and follow this plan. I hope you pass the exam.

I wish you good luck on your next attempt. If you need any help from me, you can use the comments section. I will be happy to help.

I have written an eBook for professionals who have failed the PMP exam on their first attempt and want to pass it on their second try. You can find it in the link below:

How to Pass the PMP Exam on Your Second Attempt

PMP Question Bank

This is the most popular Question Bank for the PMP Exam. To date, this PMP Question Bank has helped over 10,000 PMP aspirants pass the PMP exam. 

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More Details

PMP Formula Guide

This is the most popular Formula Guide for the PMP Exam. If you face difficulty with attempting mathematical questions for the PMP exam.

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Speak Your Mind

  • I am scheduled to take the PMP soon. One of my acquaintance who took the test recently had some technical issues. What are my options in such a situation? Will i be allowed to finish the test same day or will i have to reschedule?

  • Hi Fahad, thanks for your article, it allowed me to find out about the extension possibility. The following sentence, however, is either misleading or incorrect:

    “Even if you don’t attempt the exam or you failed in the remaining two attempts, you cannot sit for the test for the next year.”

    This could suggest to people that not attempting the exam at all or attempting it only once during the eligibility period forces you to wait one full year before you can re-apply. And that’s not true, at least not if you fail only once during your eligibility. I am about to take my first exam and won’t have enough time to re-take it within the same eligibility period. The PMI customer care confirmed that if I fail this first attempt, I can re-apply for a new eligibility at any time.

    Please correct the above sentence as it may cause people to panic 😉

    • Hello Mike, this is something new to me.

      Thanks for letting me know about the issue. I have updated the blog post.

      • Hi Fahad,

        just to clarify and leave all doubts out – there is a penalty period of that 1 year in the case that for instance you schedule the exam, but don’t show up. Also there is the penalty year for failing 3 times within one eligibility period. There is no penalty year to re-apply if you don’t fail all your 3 attempts or don’t attempt the exam within one year at all.

        But all in all many, many thanks for the very informative content here!


  • I also want to ask, how long does it take for PMI customer care to reply.If they extend, will they send an email to you or you will just check ur PMI page.Thanks

  • Pls Sir, I have already paid to take my exams but couldn’t schedule because there was no space in the prometric center for me to sit for exams. My eligibility will expire tomorrow and I have send an email to PMI customer care to extend the eligibility date for me.I haven’t seen any response and am worried.Pls is there any other thing u can suggest for me? I need urgent reply.Thanks

  • Fahad,
    I took my first attempt on May 17th and failed. I got needs improvement in 4 areas and below average in one. I was devastated because my test was very easy. To get scores that awful is unbelievable and is causing me to believe that the test is clearly rigged. I do plan to retest but it’s like I have to start all over. I guess I didn’t understand anything.

  • Hello Fahad. Many thanks for your availability to support. I will take the PMP 1st exam on 9May. My eligibility ends on 23May.
    In case I need to use a 2nd attempt can you share if it is usually accepted the request for the extension period of eligibility for more 3 months?
    Also, is there any particular information we need to send to PMI to request for the extension period or just an email requesting it is consider to be enough?
    Many thanks for sharing your experience. Regards

    • It depends on case to case basic. Generally they are lenient and an email with a proper explanation will be enough to get a three months extension.

  • Hi,

    I failed on my first attempt today. When I join the official pmi website, I don’t find the retake exam(apply) link. Page is still showing my first exam information. How much time does it take?

    thank you

  • Hello,

    I was failed my first attempt in November 2018. My eligibility date was expired on 14.1.2019. So, I was requested extension three months from PMI care center. I got it but if I can’t try PMP second attempt in extension three months when I can start second attempt and I need to apply application form and pay fully member fee again? Please give me information detail.

    • If you don’t pass the PMP exam and your eligibility expires, you will have to wait for one year to apply again. Yes, you will have to pay full exam fee.

      • Hi Fahad, you are incorrect in saying that even if someone does not attempt a second and third exam during his eligibility, they then need to wait one year until they can re-apply for the exam. If you don’t use all your attempts during your eligibility, you can re-apply for a new eligibility straight away. This is confirmed by the PMI customer care.

    • Hi. Many thanks for sharing your experience.

      Can you please confirm if the PMP eligible period was increase by 3 months?
      Can you please share what kind of details you forward to PMI so that they accept the eligibility extension?

      I’m in a situation that eligibility will end soon and I need more time for exam preparation

      Many thanks for sharing
      Kind regards

  • Hello Fahad – You patiently replied to all questions posed. I got better clarity now. I want to attempt for the first time may be in April or May 2019. Thanks for the information provided.

    By the way I have one more question – I took training in 2015 wherein PMBOK has version 5 and obtained 35PDU’s but due to various official concerns I couldn’t give exam and now i took training again as PMBOK Version 6 is updated. I again got 35PDU’s. So in total Can i consider i have 70 PDU’s ?? Else first 35 PDU’s will be expired after certain period??

  • My one year eligibility will end December 19 2018. I already attempted the exam once and failed. When I reapply, do I have to do everything all over, or do they pull up the old application and i resubmit it?

    • You have to reapply before 19 July.

      Or you can ask for three months extension from the PMI so you can prepare better.

  • Hello,

    I gave exam for the first time on Mar 21, 2018.
    My PMI Renewal date is Dec 31, 2018.

    I also paid my exam fees of 275USD for the second time. However, I haven’t received yet any confirmation for my payment.

    Also, should I wait for the confirmation? When can I schedule the exam?


  • What happens if I fail my second attempt and my eligibility expires without taking my third chance, would I be able to do my PMP application again right after or I would have to wait one full year to apply again?.

    • Hello Mar, I would suggest you contact PMI customer care. They might be able to increase you eligibility expiry so you can use your third attempt.

  • I am planning to give PMP exam but, If I fail the exam in the first attempt, how soon I can give the second exam? When will I be eligible for the second exam?

    • You have two more attempts left with you. You can give the exam within one year from the date you get confirmation to apply for the PMP exam.

  • Hello

    Im in desperate need of your help.

    My expiry date to write the exam is 5 September 2018. I desperately need to extend this timeline.


    i wrote the test and failed 2011/2012 (i think). I built the courage to retake the course in 2017 which I did. I have undergone an operation November 2017 and underwent IVF treatment 2018 so was unable to prepare for the test. It was the fear of retaking the test and the stress of the IVF treatment that I kept postponing. I do honestly want to pass this exam, please advise if I can extend the expiry day to December 2018?


  • Hello,

    I had taken a PMP exam beginning of March and I failed at my first attempt. I want to go for second attempt. However, my eligibility date to take the exam expires on May 29th. Now, there is PMBOK version 6 which includes additional material to study. I need an advise whether I should wait to take the exam or should I go ahead and study and take the exam before May?

    • Hello Umair, I suggest you contact PMI customer care to extend your eligibility expiry date by three months as you will have to prepare again with new study material.

      Once you get the approval, you can start fresh.

  • I got the 35 PDU in 2013,
    then attempted and fails twice 2014 Jun & 2015 Mar.
    do I need to get 35 PDU again to register for PMP exam??

  • i could not attend on a scheduled date. now i want to attempt it. i have still two attempts and nearly 1 year before my application date expire. but i do not know the step to reapply.

  • Hi,

    My Eligibility expires on 12th Aug’17. still i didn’t attempt my first try.

    I would like to extend the eligibility for 3 months, to whom i should write a request email?

    please advise what is the E-mail id…?

  • I have attempted and fails about two years ago, do I need to put all experience again in the PMP examination application and do I need to get 35 PDU again to register for PMP exam

  • I submitted my application and it is approved by PMI, on the day of approval I submitted my exam fee $405 and scheduled exam but my membership expired after 02 days i.e. 31 May 2017 but I already scheduled it on Sep 2017.

    Expiry of membership shall affect my exam schedule or not??

  • I didn’t appear for the exam and my eligibility period was expired on 17th July 2016. Now am preparing for the exam and am planning to appearing for the exam on August 2017. Is there will be any ban for me for the same?

  • I failed once in PMP and my one year eligibility is valid till 24th September 2017, I want to take my 2nd attempt on 3rd May. Is there a possibility that my profile goes for audit now in 2nd attempt? which may delay my exam date.

    • You may or may not be selected for an audit. Please note that, you may also be selected for an audit after passing the PMP exam.

  • Hello All ,

    Today i failed in my pmp exam , i am so much depressed as i studied continiously since 4 months and i preapared alot almost study around more than 500 hours in these 4 months .I read the PMBOX couple of time plus rita also and solved more than 2000 questions , but i dont know why i failed .

    I got below proficient in 3 knowledge areas and and 2 moderate .

    Can some one here guide me any tips how can i pass my pmp again ?

  • Dear fahad,
    How are you? How are you doing?

    I need your help on two scenarios:

    First scenario:
    Application has filled and provided eligibility of one year given by PMI to take exam, if i do not take exam i will forefeit my fee. is this right. i can reaaply with full fee and can take exam right without waiting for one year, please advise.

    applied for exam, since i could not manage my my preparation, can i can cancel my exam how much refund PMI provide and important thing is eligibility period of one year is going to expire in few days. Is it advisable to take exam at this point of time, since self on corner situation where things cannot be pulled out.if i take the exam and failed, shall i wait for one year for taking the re-exam. please advise.


  • Hi Fahad,

    Should we pass the 5 process groups to get the certificate or it depends on the total score regardless the process group?

  • Hi Sir, I have PMP exam today but failed. I thought the questions were easy and was going for a positive response. I got MP in initiating, planning and closing and bp in executing and M&C. I had studied Rita twice, Andy twice and pmbok once and given some mock test where I got consistently 67%. Also in Rita n Andy text book tests I scored 80+. Now that I have failed, what should be my approach? I think pmb questions were mostly situational based. Please guide.

  • I took the PMP 3 times.

    First time was on Oct 22 2016, I got 1 Moderately Proficient (Planning) and the other 4 were all Below Proficient. I failed.

    Second time was on Oct 29 2016, I got 2 Moderately Proficient (Monitoring/Controlling and Closing). The other 3 were all Below Proficient. I failed.

    Third time was on Nov 27 2016, I got 3 Moderately Proficient (Initiating, Monitoring/Controlling and Closing). The other 2 were all Below Proficient. I passed.

    From what I heard and what I seen as an experienced PMP test taker (took it 3 friggin times), I can tell you that they made the PMP exam a lot harder but made the passing rate easier to achieve. I knew all the terms and processes but almost all questions were situational.

  • Dear sir ,
    I failed in my first attempted in the exam , the eligibility was near to end, I sent to PMI to get an extension.
    they kinldly sent an extesion for 3 months .
    but when I search for courses to enforce my knowledge & to study hard to pass the exam, I found the course duration is 4 months.

    So, I decide to join one of them to study well, but my eligibility will end before this course ends.

    My question : is there any punishment if I don’t take the exam during the eligibility period which ends in 13-2-2017
    . And can I reapply for PMP certification again to have three chances & study well to pass the exam.
    thank you
    My respects

  • I have appeared in pmp exam and failed. My application was not audited first time. Now, I am again thinking of reappearing. Will my application will be audited second time when I will pay the fees as I am out of country and it will be difficult for me to arrange my documents if my application got audited?

  • Hi,

    Yesterday I have fail in my first PMP attempted. I had read PMBOK and Head first book and also attempted many online mock test e.g. headfirst and score 88 %.

    I have got below proficient in planning, execution, and monitoring.

    a. Please suggest me how can I improve for next time.
    b. Is it possible for paper test instead of online test in north india.


  • Hi, how in advanced can I schedule the PMP exam? I have started preparing for the PMP exam and would like to pay and set the date at least 4-6 months in advanced.

  • I failed PMP exam and Iam trying to sit for the second time and my Eligibility Expiration Date: 26 Nov 2016 and member ship will expired on 26 dec 2016 if I paid for the exam before expiration of my Eligibility is this will extend my Eligibility or I have to sit before its expiration

  • I just took my pmp exam but couldn’t make it.I got 3MP in closing,executing & initiation process group while BP in planning & executing.I read PMBOK many times & take exam simulator from PM study & Cornelius scoring above 80% .Plz wht should I do?

    • Hello James, I’m sorry to know that you failed the PMP exam.

      First of all I would suggest you to take rest for couple of days, then start planning to pass for the next time.

      I suggest you download my free eBook “how to pass the PMP exam on second attempt” and read it.

      After you finish reading, you can contact me again if any further help needed.

      Good luck.

  • Hi Fahad,
    I failed in first PMP exam attempt, I would like to sit for the exam again and my PMI eligibility
    is valid till 18 Dec.16.
    For re-exam,do I need to complete entire application process as a fresh applicant,Fill application and submit credentials and pay fee or previous PMI application will work and I need to make only payment for re-exam, receive PMI code and schedule Exam with parametric test center

    Kindly advise on the procedure for 2nd resubmit /re-exam. Thanks


  • Hi Mr. Fahad,

    I am in the process of preparing PMP exams since from Jan-2016.I started with Head First after that Edward and finally Rita, however i didn’t referred PMBOK Fifth edition. Should i need to prepare PMBOK? or i can revise the above three book once again before preparing exam.

    Also i need some clarity in expiry date for PMP exam fee, for instance if i am paying my exam fee in the month of Sep-2016, is it Valid till Sep-2017 with 3 attempt minimum or it’s Valid till Dec-2016 and i need to Pay once again in the year of 2017.Kindly clarify this based on which i need to plan my exam date and pay for my exam.

    I have been using Mobile app for answering PMP questions, should i need to follow other way. Kindly suggest better one to crack the exam.

    Thanks in Advance!

    Kannan Hariharan

    • You must read the PMBOK Guide to pass the exam, there is no alternative to this book.

      Also, your eligibility period starts from the day you received the email from PMI confirmation acceptance of your application.

      Regarding practicing questions, you can use any suitable medium.

  • Hello Fahad,
    I’ve failed my examination twice now and am planning to sit for the 3rd attempt, however, should i wait for my eligibility to expires so that I do not have to wait for another year to sit for it in case my 3rd attempt also fails?
    There are some site stated, best to wait for the expiry of the eligibility period and to reapply for 3 tries without to have wait for a year.
    Appreciate your feedback

    • As per my understanding, if you are not able to pass the exam within one year, you will have to wait for one year to apply for the exam again.

  • Dear sir,
    Today was my first trial for PMP exam and I failed .(low moderate in planning and closing). Although i studied very well (Pmbok ,Rita,fast track..) More than three times and my score was 95%!! Sometimes more.anyway I replied very good in the exam but the results was unexpected to me. So would you help me in replying the following:
    1- what is the max. No. Of process could be low proficient to pass? As I saw between your comments that one candidate failed and has only one low proficient !!
    2- there is any possibility to claim my results? Or get it detailed score?
    3- how long you think it is enough to get prepared for second trial.
    Thanks and best regards

    • Hello Ayman,

      If you are getting consistently more than 95% in mock tests and failed the test, I believe something is wrong.

      First of all I suggest you contact PMI customer care and let us know their response.

      If you were not well prepared in first trial, one to two months times is enough for second trial.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I just want to ask if how can I schedule my reexamination after failing my first attempt in my prometric exam this month?I try to use my eligibility number to schedule again but it keep on saying that it doesn’t exist.
    I need to retake the exam as soon as possible,can you help me?

    • Login to your PMI account and make the payment. You will receive an code from the PMI and then you can proceed to Prometric to schedule your exam.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I just took the pmp exam yesterday for the second time and failed again :-/ I am quite discouraged as I felt like I did really well on this exam and felt I would/should have passed it, but I got BP in all process group areas. I thought for sure I would have at least gotten two or three MP. Is there a threshold that PMI sets for each process group in order to get a passing score?

    Also, studying for my second attempt I took 50 question practice quizzes (timed) every day for the past 3 months I felt ready for this but still failed, I don’t test very well though. Do you recommend me possibly getting a Tudor? If so, do you know of any that are affordable and useful? So far I’ve found, ever heard of it?

    • How did you prepare for the first and the second time and what material you used? Please let me know these things then I will reply you.

      And don’t go for any other training, as per me, it will be waste of money.

      • The first time I took a boot camp course with a company called intense school/infosec institute. The class covered PMBOK material and what to study for. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take the exam right after the class ended when it was still fresh in my mind, because there was no available seating at the closest test center for me. I took practice quizzes, read the PMBOK and went off exam tactics that was offered from the course, had a dump sheet etc…

        The second time I paid for an exam simulator at It offers 9 practice exams and over 1500 questions, as well as timed quizzes and practice quizzes. I mainly focused on this exam simulator as I felt it offered a lot of situational questions which is what I struggle with. I took these quizzes and prep exams from January up until I took the real exam this past Friday.

        My concern is I don’t know what else to do and how else to prepare and for how long in order to pass. This will be my 3rd attempt coming up and I don’t want to have to wait another year and go through the application process again.

        • Erich,

          Was the PMP exam any where near/closer to the mock exam you bought ( If yes, please check for gaps. If no, do you think PMP exam was near any other mocks you under took. Please reply with the comparison of Mocks Vs real PMP exam.

          Also, what other mock exams did you try other than (

          • Hi Kri,

            I would say that the mock exams and quizzes that I bought from were actually pretty close in comparison. The situational questions were pretty similar, only thing was the wrong answers in the mock quizzes were more obviously incorrect than that of the pmp. I felt the real exam made all the answer choices seem correct and didn’t really have an obvious incorrect answer, which made it that more difficult for me. That would be the main difference I would say.

            I didn’t take any other mock exams only the pm simulator and also the questions I got from doing my boot camp class

        • Did you refer any PMP exam reference books?

          If not I suggest you buy Head First PMP and Kim Heldmen (or Rita). Read Head First from cover to cover and then go for Kim heldmen.

          Also refer the PMBOK Guide as many times as you can.

          I also recommend you extend your simulator access for further three months.

          I hope this will be enough for you to pass the exam.

          Also, don’t take stress it will only demoralize you. Prepare a study plan and follow it accordingly.

  • Is audit process applicable for second attempt also ? My first attempt, I wasn’t selected in audit but I am confused if there is a chance I will be picked up in audit or not. Please clarify.

    • The PMI can select you for an audit even if you have passed the exam.

      Anyway, the chances of getting selected for an audit on second attempt is very less.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I scheduled my exam for 1st attempt but was not able to appear for test due to health problem, by the mean time my eligibility was about to expire, then I cancel my appointment and request for extension, PMI approved 3 months extension. In next three months I failed in my 1st attempt and does not scheduled 2nd attempt, now my eligibility got expired.

    Please advise now I need to wait for one year or I can apply for exam any time with full exam fee or re-exam fee.

    • As per my understanding, you will have to wait for one year to apply again for the PMP exam. Please contact PMI customer for further clarification.

  • I failed today and am heart broken
    I was scoring 70+% in all the practice tests and even while giving the test was hopeful that I will pass. Would it be a good idea to appear within the next 1 month? I have read Rita 3 times and PMBOK 1 time. What are your suggestions for me

    • This is the first time I am hearing that PMI has extended the deadline for someone.

      Thanks Ahab for updating with this information.

  • Hey Fahad,
    My eligibility for the PMP exam ends soon. I have failed in the first two attempts.
    The books I have referred are the PMBOK guide first & then Rita’s book.
    Now, I still have another attempt left, but would need more time to prepare. If I do not attempt the third time will I have reapply as a fresh applicant and to be eligible or do I have to wait for another year before I re-apply?
    Could you please reply on this?
    In the case I have to wait for another year if I do not attempt the 3rd time, I rather put in extra time and go for the third attempt & see how it goes. What do you have to say on this?

    • As per my understanding, if you don’t clear the exam within one year, you will have to wait for one year to apply again.

      So you should try your third attempt before you eligibility period expires.

      I also suggest you contact PMI customer concerning the issue.

  • I have failed my PMP exam in the first attempt and also my eligibility period of 1 year is over now. From PMP hand book it is not clear whether I can reapply now or wait for one year .
    What about contact hours ? Can i use previous one ?

    Thanks in advance

    • As per my understanding, you will have to wait for one year to apply for the PMP exam again.

      Dont worry about your contact hours, you will be valid for ever.

  • Hi Fahad,
    I recently bumped into your blog a week back while tracking my failed attempt at my PMP exam the first time. The insights are straight forward and very directional and I would like to thank you.
    Could you please confirm by when will your question banks be updated and available, since I plan on buying this question bank for my practice? Cheers!!

  • Hi Fahad,
    I took the PMP Exam on Jan 5, 2016 before PMI will change to the new after 11 January 2016. But, I failed at my first attempt. After I read your blog, I will take the second time for the examination. I’m quite worry about this change. Could you please suggest for PMP preparation specific to this change?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I find your post very easy to understand. Now that the course is changing would you be updating the question bank.

    And i would like to give the exam by the end of this month and would need your advice on understanding how to logically recall the ITTOs.


  • hi Fahad,
    i need your guidance on passing PMP on second attempt. some stratergy as I can not spend much time on preparation but wanted to clear my basis concepts.


    • Hello Bhagya, I am sorry to know that you have failed in your first attempt but dont lose your hope, you still have two more attempts with you.

      Tell me how did you prepare for the exam in detail, then only I will be able to advise you accordingly.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I regularly read your articles and all are crystal clear.I have confusion about categories of contracts. Could you please explain as in your simple language?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Fahad,

    I had to do a no-show in my first attempt at PMP due to me working in another country. Unfortunately my one year eligibility expired after my no-show. Should I wait for a year after my exam in order to apply again or can I re-apply immediately? I couldn’t see an explanation for such a case in PMI website. Also what would be the exam fees to re-apply?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • As per my understanding, no show is like a failed attempt unless you have some strong medical or any other reason to support your absence.

      So now you may have to wait for one year to apply again.

  • I have attended the exam and failed.In two knowledge area are Below (Closing and Executing) and other are moderate.

    I faced the main problem is the time shortage.It required more mock test.Requested to guide and share any experience

  • I just failed. What was up with the critical path question that had circles with durations on the lines between. I had never seen critical path question like that. I was confused to which acitivy the duration applied to. I’d like to pummel the geek who wrote some of these questions. If you brought that logic to a company I ran I would fire the guy for trying to confuse you. The purpose should be to make sure the PMP applicant gets the concept and shouldn’t be let’s see how we can trip them up. IBM test were similar years ago to when they thought to use education as a revenue stream, but realized the cert requirements actually hurt software and hardware revenue. I guess it funds a whole industry of test writers. Why not tell me how many questions I got wrong so I can prepare. I have no idea if I scored a 30% or a 60%. in each category.

    • It was PERT not CPM.

      These days they only provide you the result with three grades, proficient, moderate proficient and below proficient.

      See in which process groups your grade were below and moderate proficient, and study hard to improve them.

  • Hi All,
    I attempted the PMP Exam and failed in the first attempt. I read PmBok throughly only once , Rush through Rita Book last minute , did Sybex Test only 1 out of 10 and then revised the notes of my class . I solved Pmp oliver lehmann android and scored 81 percent and mini pmp 75 percent and sybex test 65 percent and I got below proficient in all process . Can you please help me .

    Thanks and Regards,

    Siddharth Surte

  • I know 61% is not a pass mark to get certified, what if we get 3 BP and 1 MP and 1 P. would it be consider pass or fail, is there any link related to this conversation?

    • I did not see anyone with 3 BP and pass the exam. You can pass the exam with 2 BP if you score well in others process group.

  • Hey Fahad,
    I would like to thank you for all your valuable info, guidance and effort in this blog. I passed my PMP exam 2 weeks back. Many of my PMP concepts became clear ‘coz of your blog and directions. Your blog was one of the key resources I followed during my study period. Right now, I am following your “How to get 60 free PDUs” blog and that is very helpful.
    Thanks again

  • thanks fahad for your response .

    do you recommend to read the whole material again(pmbok and Rita book) or concentrate with the execution part.

    how many exam shall i do before the exam day?

  • You failed in one process group and score moderate proficient in other domains, I think your preparation was not good enough. One month time is enough for your to prepare for the exam.

    Also never share real PMP exam questions in any blog or forum as you are not allowed to do so.

  • Hi Fahad,

    i failed in my exam last week with Moderately Proficient in all areas except the execution below proficient .

    it is okay and iam planning to try again by the end of this month .
    however, i found some question in the pmp exam and until now i can not find the right answer .so,please help me

    the fist question as follows :

    ********* deleted *********

  • Hello Everyone,

    Today I just passed PMP exam and wanted to share with you my experience.

    First thing you should do is to avoid losing too much time on internet, forums even this kind of websites. Definitely, you may need some information and as soon as you get it, turn it off.
    Second, do not demotivate yourself in the exam. My first 30 questions was horrible, there were all scenario questions and I was just selecting random answers and watching remaining time which made me nervous. At this point, I though I will fail today and also started to think how to re-schedule my new exam 🙂 Suddenly, some definite answer questions started to show up like Earned Value, Floats etc. and started to feel me more comfortable. When I reached 80th question, I take a break 3-4 minutes and then go back to exam. After 100th question, I realized that I am getting more familiar about PMI’s point of view and its exam structure more and more. When I reached 150th question, I started to feel that I will pass it TODAY. By the time I finish 200 questions, I had 40 minutes more and jump back to horrible first part of the exam and revised them. I changed my most of the answers up to 50th question.

    As a result, I passed
    Levels of proficiency:
    Initiating the Project: Moderately Proficient
    Planning the Project: Proficient
    Executing the Project: Moderately Proficient
    Monitoring and Controlling the Project: Moderately Proficient
    Closing the Project: Moderately Proficient

    How did I study?
    7 consecutive (non-stop) days to study Head First PMP.
    I DID all exercies in Head First PMP, puzzles, and final PMP mock exam.
    Before 1 day to exam, I re-studied Integration process and Initiating and Closing phases in Head First PMP.
    I NEVER read PMBOK,
    I NEVER read Rita’s or other books,
    I NEVER did a full 200 question mock exam to prepare PMP test because it is boring.
    I DO NOT have PM experience in my daily jobs.

    Please ask If you need more clarification.

    • Congratulations for passing the exam, however I will suggest you refer the PMBOK Guide at least two times to understand it.

    • wow-that is awesome!!! Not everybody can be like you, but I will be a diehard in the last week, I agree that the internet has many distractions. Thank you very much for sharing. I really appreciate your insight.

      Sorry I am reading this two years later, but for some reason your post really inspires me. Thank you.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I failed the PMP test on 25th August 2015. My area of weakness in process area(Monitoring and controlling and closing area.) and knowledge area ( Risk and quality)

    Kindly guide me .

    • Hello Bhoopathi, I am sorry to know that you have failed the exam.

      Anyway, what are your grades in other process groups?

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have just failed on my first Trial PMP exam yesterday , i really shocked as i was preparing very well for this exam i have studied Rita Book 2 times , PMBok Guide , Answer 1200 Question from Rita Fast Track, download oliverlehmann Exams ,PM Exam simulator overall i have approximately answer around 3500 Questions . I have start studying middle of June and enter the Exam on 9th August. In addition to in the last 8 days before the Exam , Every day i was answering full 200 Question and my daily score was 80%,75% 74%,76% .

    My question now that i need to enter again but i don’t know what to do more than I did. I think i do my best .

    Advice please .

    • I am sorry to know that you have failed the exam.

      You have right material with you. However I suggest you buy head first PMP and read it thoroughly. Then go through Rita and the PMBOK Guide. After you complete it, you can start practicing questions.

      Hope you will pass next time.


  • Hi,

    I have failed the PMP exam in first attempt, I am planning to take another attempt now.
    The re-examination fees is 405$ for computer based and 205$ for computer based. Pls. let me know if there are any paper based examination centers in India? I failed my exam, because of poor timing, I couldnt attempt significant chunk of questions.


    • Why you want to attempt paper based testing? Time is same for both formats and in fact in online mode, you can do things faster and easily.

      I would not suggest you opt for paper based testing.

      Re-exam fee for paper based exam is 150 USD for members and and 300 USD for non-members. And for computer based test it is 275 USD, and 375 USD.

      Also, as per the PMI, “You do not have the option of taking a CBT or PBT exam. You can only take a PBT exam if you meet one of the two criteria listed above”.

      These criterias are:

      1. Candidates who live at least 300 km (186.5 miles) from a Prometric CBT site.

      2. Employers (Corporate Sponsors) who wish to administer a PMI examination to their employees. In this case, there is no restriction on distance; however, only employees of the corporation may test at these events.

      Hope it helps.

  • Hi Fahad,
    I took the test late last month I did not pass although I thought I am well prepared for the test, I was running out of time during the test when the four hours ended I had 67 questions did not solve! I felt bad because I was not able to know what process is my weakness, I only got professiont in initiating proces and the rest all below professiont. My question is what is your advice in terms of managing the time during the test? I noticed that no one has the same problem as I did please your advice

    • I am sorry to know that you have failed the test. After reading you comment I can say that you were simply not prepared for the exam. So, you need to start from scratch to pass the test.

      Please let me know that how did you prepare for the exam in detail then only I will be able to advice you accordingly.

  • I am just getting started studying for my Pmp. I noticed that the test and material covered are going to change nov 1st. Should I wait to schedule my exam for after nov1 in case I do not pass? How could they retest you on different material?

  • will the second attempt at the PMP exam be the exact same exam or is there more than 1 version at any given time?

    • All exams are different. PMI has a pool of questions are exam questions are randomly selected from this pool.

  • 2 days ago I took the first trial exam in Prometric testing center, but unfortunately I didn’t pass.

    Really I’m surprised when I saw that on the screen after finishing the exam because during the 4 hours exam I was selecting the best choice as recommended by PMI and for each question I was precisely check it before selecting the choice, during my preparation I solved more than 20 exams from different sources (Rita,Exam Central,PM study,Head First) and my score between 72 TO 84 % that’s why I scheduled the exam !

    Really I don’t understand how come I didn’t pass ! I spent more than 6 months in studying(Rita,PMBOOK,HeadFirst) and did a lot of efforts, Actually I’m disappointed from this result!

    I feel that exam score is evaluated based on something hidden and it depends on luck not on studying.

    I don’t know if i’ll have courage to take the exam again or not because I don’t have the trust.

    • If the questions are easy, the score is higher and if the questions are tough, the passing score is lower. All questions do not carry the equal weight.

      I am sorry to know that you did not pass the exam in your first attempt. I hope you will pass the exam in your next attempt.

      Good luck for your next attempt and let me know if you require any help from me.

  • I had given PMP exam 2 weeks back but failed. I had taken computer based test.
    Monitering and Control, Executing and Closing are Below Proficient. I had studied Rita once and PMBOK once. I had done 2 moc tests headfirst and PMstudy and scored 70% in both. I had practised tests from PMI site too and on average scored 65% in all tests.

    First 25 ques were lengthy. I was very confused nd got struct in first 25 ques and spent first 1 hour only to complete 26 ques. At the end of 1 hour had completed only 26 ques. I was tensed then and just then there was another person who started his exam and started making lound typing noise of keyboard which was distrating me a lot. At end of 2hrs I had completed only 78 ques. I got panicked and then could not concentrate on the remaining 2 hrs and remining questions 122 ques. Felt that last 50 ques were simple. But as I had less time in hand could not read the whole ques and undestand and pick answer.

    I fould that I had difficulty on answering situational ques of what next. I was not able to pick proper option. Secondly was with mathematical questions. Can you let me know where I will get practice questions for situational and mathematical.

    Now I am planning to take paperbased exam on 25th July. Could you please advice how I can study and pass in second attempt.

    • Your scores were not good in mock tests. You must score above 80 to 85%, then you should go for the exam.

      Let me know how did you study, and what resources have you used during your preparation.

      • I had read PMBOK and Rita once and did all 29 practice tests from PMI sites PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo . Had done 2 free mock tests of headfirst and PM study. Want to pass in my second attempt at any cost. Please help

        • This was not enough. You should read PMBOK Guide at least twice or thrice. I suggest you buy head first PMP and read it from cover to cover. Then refer the PMBOK Guide again, and Rita Mulcahy.

          Buy any good simulator to practice some questions.

  • Hi Fahad,
    I have failed my PMP exam in First attempt , BP in initiating &closing

    please send for me the typical sequence of action for CLOSING PROCESS for the exam

    Thank you

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have failed my PMP exam in First attempt , really was confident before exam as i had study Rita mulchahy 2 times , head first 2 time and PMBOK 1 time . And was able to score on Mock test close to 80 % to 87% and also was able to score on Oliver 175 questions at 71 % .
    The exam questions were really confusing the starting few 10 to 20 questions really got my confidence low and it had also taken lot of time . And it was really hard to recover back !!!
    I feel i know the concept really well but the questions had demoralize me so much that i don’t know what to do.
    I want to re plan and take the exam really quickly and also want know which website mock test i need to practice to have quality questions like the real time exam …
    Please suggest
    zaheer abbas

  • Hi Fahad,

    I really enjoyed reading the postings on here, and found them encouraging, as I failed my 1st attempt at the PMP exam a couple of weeks ago, and I am now preparing for my retake. I was moderately proficient in the initiating and monitoring & controlling process groups, and below proficiency in the other 3. I have a really strong grasp on all formulas, and the pretty much all of the inputs and outputs, I’m now trying to get a complete grasps on the tools and techniques. I feel that the hardest part of the exam for me, were the situational questions, and I really struggled to understand how to use my understanding of all the project management framework, processes, process groups, knowledge areas, and ITTO’s to answer these questions. My instructor from my boot camp, explained to me that I needed to use the ITTO’s to answer situational questions, however I the way the situational questions were set up, didn’t really give me the opportunity to apply them. Can you explain how you can actually use the ITTO’s or what you feel would best help guide me in answering situational questions? Most of them don’t explain what process you are in, or what you would do next. For example, if I get a question that states you are defining scope, what would you do next, I know I am going to create the WBS, but the situational questions seem like you really can’t use the process flows, or ITTO’s to answer them, they are very tricky and confusing. If I can understand how to use my knowledge of PM framework, to answer these type of questions, I know 100% I will pass my retake.

    Thank you!

    • Hello William,

      I am sorry to know that you have failed the exam. However, I hope that you will pass the exam in your next attempt.

      Regarding the ITTO based question, there is no short cut. You must study the PMBOK Guide as many times as you can and try to visualize the process flow. You can also take help from rita process flow chart.

      For situation based questions, aspirants fail because they think the way they are doing the job in real world. Note that, you are attempting the PMP exam and you have to think the way as PMI. Imagine that you are working in a project which follows the PM principles as given in the PMBOK Guide. This will help you answers to situation based questions.

  • Failed in first attempt. Want to sit for 2nd attempt. want to sit for paper based test in Jaipur on 25.07.15. As fee is 150 $ instead of 275 $ for computer based PMP exam and mark the important points on paper and feel more confident. Please advise on the same.

    • Let me know how did you study it before attempting the exam and which books, resources you followed. Then only I would be able to advice you properly.

    Unfortunately I had failed in my first attempt from 2 years ago , now if I decided to do the exam again shall I will start from scratch ? Does it mean means they will deal with me as new users? , shall they do audit again and all process from zero ? Or have I just pay the fees for the exam ?

  • Hi…thanks for your lovely article. Today I failed in my PMP exam for the first time. It’s a wrteched feeling. I tried very hard and in most of the simulation tests I scored 70 per cent. PMP exam is tricky as some questions are easy while others we. Some formula based questions were really tough and hard to understand. Feels sad not to make it on the first attempt. Read PMBoK many a times with head first.

    • Don’t worry, hopefully you will pass the exam next time.

      Take some rest, and start your preparation again with fresh mind.

  • Dear

    I am trying to pay the fees fro the second PM,P exam, actually I couldn’t be able!!, could you please advise the step- step to complete my payment& to get the new Eligibility no. to re-schedule the exam.

    Thanks for your advise.

    • You have to enter the PMI site and click my certification. From there you will be able to make the payment. If you are still not able to do that, contact PMI customer care. I can guide you step by step because I don’t have this option with me.

  • Hi Fahad,

    Good work from you, really appreciate it.
    My question is, I’ve failed in my first attempt on oct *8th 2014, as my eligibility was ending on 07th April 2015, I’ve scheduled my exam on the same day, though I must admit that I couldn’t prepare for it as I had thought because of my work commitments.

    In case, if I fail in the second attempt, do I’ve to resubmit the application again and do I have to wait for a year before applying, because I was going through your earlier comments and somewhere you mentioned about waiting for an year.

    Please advice and clarify.


    • I think you can resubmit your application once your application expires because you did not utilize all three chances.

      Anyway, I suggest you contact PMI customer care, and update us as well.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have got my application approved for PMP in 2014 March but didn’t book or appear for the exam.My eligibility 1 year period expires in March 2015,do i have to resubmit the application or just go ahead and book a test in 2015 without waiting for 1 year as i didn’t attempt the PMP exam.


  • Hi Fahad,

    I am Senior Principal Consultant working in testing side. Have experience of 1.5 years. Can I take the PMP exam? I don’t have any project management experience. Is PM experience mandatory to take the exam?


  • Dear Mr. Fahad Usmani,
    Hai , I would like to share my experience to yourself and need your guidance to move forward and I had failed in 3 attempts, in 2 and 3 attempts I had scored BP in execution and Monitoring and control and others are moderately proficient.
    I would like to know whether can I reappear for the exam immediately or do I need wait for some more time including ,
    Would like to receive your valuable advice for above informed and wanted to get the PMP certification at the earliest,


    • Hello Suresh,

      I am sorry to hear it, however, I hope that you will pass the exam in your next attempt.

      Since you have failed in all your three attempts, and as per my understanding, now you will have to wait for one year before you apply for the exam again.

  • I am planning on taking my PMP Exam in one month from now. If I ever failed in first attempt and passed the 2nd one, is it reflected/shown in my certificate? in online directory or anywhere else?? Anyway for anyone other than me and PMI to know I failed once??

    Too, I am thinking of using language AID hence English isn’t my mother tongue, the same, any way for anyone to know I used lanuage AID?? reflected/shown in certificate or online?? anyone other than me and PMI knows it??

    • If you failed in the PMP exam, no one will ever know about it, except you and the PMI. It will also not be mentioned in the certificate. So no worries.

      Regarding the language aid, I believe this will also not be shown in the certificate.

  • Dear

    I had appeared on 27th Jan but failed. BP in Planning & EXecuting. Infact i had done pretty well in the exam.
    Done Oliver 175 Q-61%, Simpli Learn -60%, Scordo Sets Avg- 65-70 %, PMFast Track-61%,Pmstudy-73%.

    Will Plan to appear in next 12-15 days. with Just Rita + PMBOK only reading.
    Is it ok for my Study plan for 2nd attempt. My Plan is for 9th or 16th Feb 2015.

    Pl Suggest your opinion. I have understand the processes & flow of each PG & KA.

    MD Javeed

    • I see that in your all tests you score less than 73%. This is not a good score, and you should score more than 80 to 85%.

      Since the time is less, I suggest you focus on what you have studied, revise it again, and don’t search for any new resource.

      Put more emphasis on the PMBOK Guide.

  • Hi Farhad,
    1) I am an MBA and MGM with significant project experience in Oil and Gas Industry.
    2) I was focused for six weeks to prepare for my PMP exam.
    3) I went through Rita’s prep book twice , PMBOK 5th edition to follow ITTOS, e learning program from Knowledge book and refered various websites for reference study. I solved knowledge woods mock test papers ( three of them ) and I found poorly structured and discouraging which was very different from actually PMP EXAM.
    4) Truely your website was very useful.
    5) After all my attempts to get through the PMP exam in first attempt I was unsuccessful.
    I am motivated to get through PMP in second attempt. So I seek your advice to follow a path that would guarantee my success.
    6) as I know the subject well and got the ITTOS into my head. I guess I need to practice 4 four exam and try to get a score of 80 plus.
    7) I was wondering if you can help me to find about 20 sets of 200 questions that would enable me to practice 20 times like real PMP exam.
    7) I found Knowledgewood question were frame in context with Indian market conditions and too wordy and repetitive.
    8) As PMI is global based acre edited program and some basic construction culture and philosophies differed across culture, I was wondering if the PMP QUESTION structure and the pattern differs as well. In that case I would request to kindly help me the practice test questions based in Mort America as I am based in Canada.
    9) your kind concern and suggestion would be much appreciated.
    10) In addition I look forward for your valuable inputs and suggestion in this blog as well as in my email [email protected]
    Thanks much and Have a good day.

    • Hello Raj,

      It seems you prepare quite well; however you loss it. Any I have a few suggestions for you.

      1) Buy Head First PMP Book and study it.

      2) Buy PM Exam Simulator from Cornelius Fichtner and practice questions.

      3) Read the PMBOK Guide as many times as you can.

      This will be enough for you to pass the exam.

      • Thank you Farhad for your valuable advise and suggestions which is much appreciated .
        I was wondering if you know the statistics as to How many candidates write PMP every month/year and what percentage encounters success or failure in first , second and third attempt.

        Is there any way I can have access to at least 500 mathematical questions focusing on EVM, CPM, EMV, NPV, IRR, communication channels for best practice.
        Thank you once again for your time and consideration.
        Very Best

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have failed in my PMP exam the first time couple of years back. I am planning to take the test again, should I take up the 35 hour course again which I have taken last time? Please let me know the process.

    Thanks so much.

  • .Was liltle surprised.As mentionedd by some one in the comment above.I was dumb struck with few of questions which were either confusing with too many details(red ferrying) or all options were close to accurate answere spending more time which one to chooose.
    Secondly i did not get single question on professional ethics.I was hoping this was mandatory topic and ensuring i coould score
    The questions were not across knowledge areas .They were filled for Costs and Quality audit only .I mean it as I counted questions while i ansered for quality and cost they comprise of 85% and I was really un happy !!!

  • I want to enquire about the 35 hrs education training ,that is required for appearing in PMP exam. Now my doubt is ” In my MBA their was Project Management course of 35 hrs, so if I cite this as my eligiblity criteria, then will it work”

    • Compare your course content with the PMBOK Guide. If it covers the PMBOK Guide, you can claim 35 contact hours of training.

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have a different Question to you.

    Could you please clarify that I can appear for PMP without CAPM based on my profile below
    Mechanical Engineer Graduate with 12 years of experience .From being a shop floor engineer to present Technical lead , my entire experience is in technical domain (Automotive and Aerospace). My area of expertise is product design and development.

    Presently I am associated with aerospace firm leading the team , and previous employers being BOSCH, GE –Medical systems
    I wish to change to from technical to managing the projects, by doing so I believe my technical expertise will be a blessing in project management.

    • See if you have around three years experience in directing and leading in project, or have played role in project management related activities, you are eligible to apply for the exam.

  • Oh – I also meant to ask. I would like to purchase the Formula Study guide, but I am receiving an error on the page. Could you assist?
    Thank you

  • I took a PM Study boot camp (did not have a good instructor). I also studied with 2 co-workers for several weeks where we each outlined a PMBOK chapter and “taught” it to the other 2. I have done MANY practice questions and exams through PM Study, HeadFirst and other sources. I felt completely prepared, but I have now failed my first AND second attempts. My co-workers all passed so I feel completely discouraged and stupid. I have been trying to verify with PMI if the 12 month period for re-examination is a calendar year or a rolling 12 months, but have not been able to find a definitive answer and Customer Care is not getting back with me. Do you know? As the end of 2014 is approaching that answer will factor into when I try again.

    I have never failed at anything academic in my life and at a loss as to how to proceed. I would appreciate any advice you could offer.

    Thank you,

    • Review your result and see where you performed poor. I also suggest you buy kim heldman or rita’s book. Head first is good book but you must study any other book to understand the concepts better.

      Don’t try too much questions.

      Read the PMBOK Guide as much as you can and try to visualize the process flow.

      Hope it helps.

      Hopefully you will pass the exam in your next attempt.

      Good luck.

      • Why are you not recommending your “200 PMP Exam sample questions” to people? You don’t think it is good enough to help pass the exam?

        • Of course it is a good product which has helped many aspirants to pass the exam.

          Anyway, I’ll take care of it in future.

  • Hi

    Today i failed in first attempt of pmp exam….I had studied pmbok twice, Rita once …memorized all itto of 47 process, practiced Rita software so many times and was scoring 85% …even real exam test I found quit easier. N clicked for answers appropriately based upon itto based question…for mathematical question very easy to get answer …found situational question matching Rita fast track situal question n answered accordingly …even during exam I was damn sure will pass the test…but once finished I failed,even in all domain areas….

    I don’t feel regret nor have any doubt on PMI test …just can’t find the reason how I failed…am not sure but feel perhaps you can clarify
    1) most of the question I marked
    2) i runned at last out of time n can’t click on end
    3) review all marked question by clicking previous button

    Can the above be reason that when ….hope you may enlighten

    • Hello Sohail,

      I am sorry to hear about this but I assure you that none of the reasons you mentioned above may cause your failure.

      Please note that in the exam each question carries a different weight, so if you answer a easy question, you get less mark and if you correctly answer a hard question, you get more marks.

      I hope you will have your report card. Review the result and work on areas where you score less.

      Let me know you require any further help.

    • This is the same what I would say – I studied so hard, I read so much, for 3 months I used to study between 8 and 16 hours per day. When I saw the real exam questions I was absolutely happy – I was 10000% sure I will pass. I had no problem even with one question. What was my surprise when I got a “FAIL” result! I didn’t believe! I was ready to swear on every my single answer, that it is correct. I follow strictly Rita’s methodology – especially in the Risk area – first evaluate, after that take actions! And I follow that. After I failed, i start to wonder maybe there is something wrong with Rita’s questions/answers, or I misunderstood everything. It is just unbelievable!
      Now, I am going to start everything over again and I am scare … I don’t know from where to start, because, as I said, I am really ready to swear that I answered every single question in the way I have studied and I have understood it.
      I am just lost….

      • Hello Ivchi,

        What was your score in the exam, also what how was you scoring in mock tests. I am sorry to know that you have failed.

        But dont worry, you still have two attempts with you. Work hard, prepare well and pass the exam.

        I suggest you buy Head First PMP Book and read it from cover to cover.

  • Hi Fahad,

    Currently im working as a PMO and I want give any certification, I’m not sure i should take PMP or not.

    Could you please suggest

  • Hi Farhad,

    I am planning to prepare for PMP exam.

    Is there any eligibility criteria for enrolling for this exam, like one should have couple of years of experience as a project manager, is this mandatory.

    Also please suggest the books I should refer for preparation and approximate period we should prepare before giving exam.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • I sat for PMP in August and failed,though felt bad but am preparing seriously to make second attempt in November.Please,just need to know if the questions are still going to be the same or I should be expecting new set of questions? Thanks.

  • Hello,

    I had failed in fist attempt just because I was below average in monitoring and controlling process.
    when I had applied for reexamination ,cant schedule the reexam because its says that eligibity ID is used ,what do I do ,do I need to resubmit the application though I have another 2 attempts and 6 months validity ,please advise

  • I had applied for PMP and application is expired. I’ve to re apply to take the test. My question is can I use the same experiences that was listed in my previous application? or is it mandatory to share different experience? Please advice.

    Thank you,


  • Hello, I sat for the PMP this past saturday and I didnt pass. I read in your blog that you can see the areas of weaknesses on the report, but I only received a below proficient level notification. it didnt specify any particular area. Also, can you say if the exams are similar the same questions the second time?

    I know that my areas of weakness were the formula and critical path section so I am planning on concentrating on those two areas. I have to retake it within two weeks as my application is expiring.

    Can you please recomend a link of questions related to the formulas and ccm?

    thank you,

  • I failed in my first attempt, then I paid for second attempt but could not appear for the exam due to work in another country.
    What is my position now?
    I mine going to wait for another one year or I can re-apply immediately?
    If I re-apply now, what is the requirement and what is expected of me?
    How many attempt would they give me to try again – one or two slots?


    • You applied for second time but did not appear. This will be considered as a failed attempt.

      Now you have one attempt left. If your one year eligibility period is balance, you can re-apply for the exam, otherwise you will have to wait for one year.

      Hope it helps.

  • Yesterday I have appeared for PMP test but failed miserably. I have taken pmstudy test and scored more than pmbok, sybex and taken online exams..what shud I do now? How to improve…

    • See in which process you performed badly, work hard on those areas. Study the PMBOK at-least three time, try to understand the logical flow between processes and ITTO.

    • SR,
      Don’t be too hard on yourself – if you didn’t take a class of some sort, the probability of passing the exam the first time is pretty low. I’m glad you used a PMstudy test, but we recommend that you score at least 75% before trying the exam. That said, do you have lessons learned? Do you understand what you need to still learn?

      If you can afford to, you might want to consider taking a class with PMstudy – either online or in person. I teach the class and it’s not at all uncommon for people to realize that self study is pretty tough for the PMP. If you are going to continue to use self study, understand the 47 processes and be able to reproduce them before trying again. The exam is very heavy on Planning, Executing, and Monitoring/Controlling. Be sure you understand these concepts/processes. If you are doing a practice exam – with PMstudy or otherwise – use the PMBOK for review. It is a reference guide, not a sit down read. Do as many practice questions/tests as possible. PMstudy also has great apps you can download for this.

      If you have any other questions, you’re welcome to email me at [email protected]. Best of luck on your next try!

  • Help – I took the PMP exam twice in 2011 and failed. Work is now requiring a certification because of my level. I’ve studied HARD for it, and just failed AGAIN. I know the material inside and out. I feel it’s the questions, or perspective I’m taking. I’ve read the Rita book twice, PMBok once took a course in 2011 and took a on line course in the past month. Any advise since I’m expected to be certified by 6/30.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Fahad,

    I have failed in my first attempt and my 1 year eligibility has expired. I am a PMI member How much more would I have to pay to give my next attempt.

    Please advice. My results have not been updated yet on myPMI on PMI site


  • Hi Fahad,

    I need to appear for the retest before June 9th, 2014, but I could not find the link to apply for that in the PMI website.
    In their handbook also they mentioned only the fees but how to pay that is not available.
    Can you please let me know.


  • Hello Fahad,

    I am reading your blogs from last many days. I am planning to take PMP exam this year 2014. Could you please suggest what are the best books(ebook) avaible for PMP preparation.


  • Hello,

    I failed in my first attempt at PMP, unfortunately my one year eligibility expired, should I wait for a year after my exam in order to apply again? I couldn’t see an explanation for such a case in PMI website.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • hi Fahad,
    Your forums are always very helpful, thankyou.
    Please clarify as does there any difference in 1st and 2nd attempt weightage. If cleared in 2nd attempt will my collegues know about same or is it reflected any where in report/certificate?


    • 1) There is no difference in 1st and 2nd attempt weightage.

      2) If you clear in your second attempt, your colleague will never know about it unless you tell them.

      3) This will only reflect in your PMI account from where you can download results of your all your previous attempts.

      Hope it helps.

  • if I am not able to apprear in exam ( as I can’t reschedule ).. will my exam fee for retest will be
    PMI Member: $275 as I am PMI member… ?? or I have to pay again full amount.. ??
    please advise…

    • As per my knowledge, this attempt will be considered as a failed attempt and for next attempt you will have pay the retest fee (Not full fee again…).

  • Hi,
    I want to give CAPM exam. In the application handbook , I saw that there were 3 attempts to give the exam in 1 year which is a similar case to PMP.

    Can you please clarify that if I fail in my first attempt, will I have to pay anything at all to go to the second attempt within that one year range?

    Please let me know. Thanks.


  • I failed my PMP in first attempt and would like to write CAPM Exam Now. However, i was not accepted by PMI as saying your application is processed for another certification. can you please explain, whether i could write CAPM or not?

  • Hello Fahad,

    I have failed in the first attempt and also my eligibility period of 1 year is over. How do i rescedule my PMP exam and what would it take to do so( in terms of money as well as application)

    • Since your eligibility period is expired, you must apply for a fresh application to PMI. Once your application approves, you can pay the full exam fee and schedule the exam.

  • I took my pmp and failed. When i went through the first 10 Questions i was dumbstruck. All questions found to be new to me. I feel lost.

    I studied pmbok-1 time, head first -1 time and Rita – 3 times.

    I scored 70+ while i did rita and pmfast track simulation (2010 version) when i attended the exam I feel none of them looked similar as how i went through on mock test on rita or pm fast track.

    All found to be difficult.

    Now im scared to take up 2nd attempt

    I want to know how to study or start it again. I want to see or practice questions as similar like actual pmp exam. I want to break it up on my 2nd attempt in another 10 days.

    Let me know in detail how to get ready

    Do we have any sepearte blog, link for only problem Qns on cost and other mathematical problems?? I think im weak in this area.

    Also get confused on selecting options for conflict resolution/Opportunity-threat stragedy selection for mitigat/exploit/enhance

    • Hello Prakash.

      I’m very sorry that you have failed the exam. But don’t be frightened, you still have two attempts left with you.

      Please do not schedule your exam within 10 days. Take at least one month for complete preparation.

      I see that you have studied the PMBOK Guide only once. Please re-read it as many times as you can.

      Review the books again and practice the questions.

      You can also subscribe to my blog and read A2Z Guide of PMP Exam.

      I hope you will pass the exam this time.

      Good luck on your exam.

    • I 100% agree with you! I felt blind sided and feel like I have to completely start over with my studying! Nothing I studying before helped me on the exam.

    • Hi, it is hard for me to finish the 200 questions. English is my second language. I could only do around 160 questions. I got moderate proficient in closing and initiating. I am seriusly thinking about studying againg Rita’ book but now on Spanish. Any advice?

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