Capsule CRM Review

Today, I will provide you with my Capsule CRM review, which is a customer relationship management software for small to medium-size businesses

Customer relationship management is essential for business, irrespective of the business size and industry. You will find various tools in the market that allow your business to have an effective CRM, and one such tool is the Capsule CRM. 

Duncan Stockdill, Phillip Haines, and Wendy Rule founded Capsule CRM in 2009. The founders were not too happy with the available CRM services as the tools lacked essential features and were too complex for most businesses. 

So they developed a modern CRM software to assist companies in staying organized, learning about their customers, and building stronger customer relationships. 

The company is based in the United Kingdom and serves over a thousand different-sized businesses and industries worldwide.

Capsule CRM Review

Let us dive into this in-depth Capsule CRM review and see its offerings.

Nurtures Relationships

Capsule CRM organizes your leads and customer information in one place for better understanding and management. You can track all communication and see customers’ history. 

This helps you deliver personalized experiences to the audience, leading to increased conversion and sales.

Nurtures Relationships 1

Generate Higher Sales

Capsule CRM gets you in control of your sales. It tailors your pipeline to match the sales process with your goals and find deals requiring your attention. Capsule CRM’s sales pipeline is solid and can help you increase sales.

Generate Higher Sales 1

Better Decisions

Capsule CRM lets you make informed decisions favorable for your business. You can spot all activities having the highest impact on your sales.  The sales figures and insightful reporting give you the information you need to know where your business stands. 

Data Security 

Any information with Capsule CRM is safe and secured. Data protection is Capsule CRM’s top priority. Their easy-to-use security features like two-factor authentication and user permissions keep your data in safe hands. 

Capsule Mobile

Capsule mobile is another unique feature of Capsule CRM. It has a caller ID and reminder feature that helps you make notes after a call or meeting. Capsule mobile ensures you can access all data on both iOS and Android.

Matches Every Unique Business Need

Capsule CRM has a user-friendly and intuitive design that tailors your business needs precisely how you want them to be. It suits every unique business with a touch of personalization that allows you to look after your consumers more.

Capsule CRM Integrations

Capsule CRM has many integrations for almost all your needs. From inventory management, invoicing and accounting, project management, website chat, telephone, customer success to Google and Microsoft integrations, etc. 

It provides you with tools for all activities, making your work simpler, quicker, and more efficient.

Capsule CRM Integrations

Capsule CRM Industries

Capsule CRM fits all industries, from small startups to big corporations. The software manages each kind of business the way they are supposed to be and helps them grow and flourish. 

Let us understand how Capsule CRM works for each industry.

Capsule CRM for Startups

The Capsule CRM tool comes with a free package for startups to help them manage their time, customers, and sales. Its pricing plans make work for these startups affordable.

The Capsule CRM tool for startups looks after your customers and pulls out their information from different sources. It helps you know them better and make better future decisions. From partnerships and opportunities to media relationships and prospects, you can track it all with a single click.

Capsule CRM for Small Business

Capsule CRM supports small businesses by building relationships with their customers, vendors, and partners. It controls your sales and enhances them further by connecting your business across all proper tools. It gives you control over your sales mechanism and lets you track all opportunities. 

You can see activities and individual performances on the dashboard, and you can identify areas requiring immediate attention. 

It also enables you to make the most out of networking by setting reminders, connecting social media accounts, and creating connections right from the beginning. All this can be done through the Capsule mobile application. 

Capsule CRM for Mid-sized Business

Capsule CRM is beneficial for all mid-sized businesses as well, as it keeps the team organized and focused. It also increases the team’s chances of winning the deal. It offers automated and advanced reporting that helps your business gain relevant insight on individual and group performance and tells you where to improve. 

You can overview your business activities and take actions to improve conversion. 

Capsule CRM for Other Industries

Capsule CRM also targets specific industries like real estate, accounting, construction, travel agencies, hotels, and hospitality to build their customer base and strengthen it even more. 

It manages all the contacts, transactions, and listing from your desktop and mobile to keep you connected even when you are on the go. It has standardized processes and workflows that help your specific business grow tenfold by letting your team know what is expected of them and where they stand. 

It provides all business-specific information at one time and follows up activities stored in the software. Not only that, it lets you deliver a remarkable consumer experience by allowing you to provide customers with everything, starting from a beginner’s inquiry to follow-up feedback, which is useful to travel agencies. 

It assists your business in visualizing business performance, fostering customer loyalty, enhancing customer experience, and growing in the industry through word of mouth. Since the customer is king, Capsule CRM ensures that you treat them like one. 

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Capsule CRM Features

Sales Tools

Capsule CRM offers many sales tools to help you grow and enhance your sales pipeline. It has a pipeline dashboard that tracks your conversions, milestones, and forecasts, etc. 

It offers a Kanban visual pipeline with a drag and drop editor and has multi-currency support. The sales tool includes a filtering feature that filters your leads or customers based on tags, milestones, status, and a lot more.

Task Management

The task management tools help you create different tasks for meetings, phone calls, deadlines, submissions, and appointments. You can set repeating tasks as reminders that provide you with an alert. It can send you task reminders so you can be well-prepared.

The calendar view in the task management tool allows you to see all your tasks in a calendar view based on months or weeks. If required, you can subscribe to the specific tasks to view them on your personal calendar.

Task Management capsul crm


Capsule CRM has advanced reporting that shows sales and customer behavior. The activity reporting shows all activities completed by the team members and advanced sales reporting that tells you about the opportunities won or lost. It also includes pipeline growth, average winning time, etc. 

You can export all these reports and save them into tools like Excel. The Google Data Studio lets you create interactive dashboards and build reports with a report filtering tool that filters everything based on users, teams, or periods.

reporting capsule crm

Contact Management 

This Capsule CRM feature has a full-text search to help you find anything that you need. The enriched auto profiles allow you to add the social profiles of contact associations and attach proposals, quotes, agreements as files, etc. 

It can import contacts to Capsule from a CSV, spreadsheet, etc. 

contact management capsule crm

All these features help you understand your customers.

Security and Permissions

Capsule CRM prides themselves in their strong security and privacy systems. They pledge to never reveal your data to any third party or anybody else. Data leakage with Capsule CRM does not stand a chance. Its two-factor authentication, Microsoft 365 SSO, Google Workspace SSO, and more such integrations add an extra layer of security to its privacy system. 

It can restore all deleted records within 30 days if required. You can export data to transfer it to another system or can keep it as a backup copy. 

Lastly, Capsule CRM has its data processes and practices updated with the GDPR compliance and has restricted access to records that can be edited. 

Ease of Use

Capsule’s clean, intuitive and straightforward interface is its biggest asset. The software is organized and takes you to the right place with one click. The clear icons and instructions help you navigate through the tools easy to understand them better. 

Even if you are not tech-savvy, using Capsule CRM is not difficult. Its straightforward interface ensures you make the most of this tool with no problems. 

ease of use capsule crm


Capsule CRM has robust integrations for iOS, Android, and even web applications. Premium integrations like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Xero, MailChimp, etc., make your work faster and simpler. Zapier support and API access let you capture leads from different sources. You can connect your Capsule account with hundreds of tools with one click through Zapier.


You can customize Capsule CRM by personalizing the tags, fields, milestones, etc. It has a mail drop box that forwards all emails to a unique email address. The custom fields record important information with custom milestones that can be tailored according to your preferences, suiting your workflow. 

The custom branding logo helps enhance your brand recognition. 

Color schemes, custom tags, custom lists, data tags, custom lost reasons, and custom titles are some of the customizations that make your Capsule CRM tool unique and personal to you and your business needs.

Capsule CRM | The Mobile App

The Capsule mobile app always keeps you synced. Here is what the Capsule mobile app does for you:

  1. Manages all upcoming and overview tasks on the move.
  2. It shows you the caller ID/contact information of the person calling you.
  3. Automatically logs all the calls as an important activity. It prompts you to add specific notes after a call ends so that you do not miss out on any important detail.
  4. Starts messages, emails, and calls from a contact’s profile from the Capsule tool for easy communication.
  5. View the contact’s location on a map through the Capsule mobile app.
  6. Views and searches for sales opportunities by seeing relevant information like linked tasks and contacts, allowing you to grab it all at once.
  7. Gives you all information related to contacts on your phone, like the history of emails and notes with one click. It also shows you the attachments, if any.
Capsule CRM The Mobile App

Capsule CRM Pros and Cons

This Capsule CRM review would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss Capsule CRM’s pros and cons.

Capsule CRM Pros

  • Capsule CRM pricing is competitive 
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works well even with applications like MailChimp and Xero, which are third-party applications
  • Solid integrations with Google and Microsoft
  • Stores a massive number of contacts 
  • Offers a 30-day free trial for all plans
  • Advanced reporting, documentation, storage, lead generation, and chatting features
  • Offers a free plan for the basic level with basic features

Capsule CRM Cons

  • It does not offer too many marketing features or integrations
  • Requires you to BCC a Dropbox address every time you mail someone to store the communication
  • G-suite integrations are tough and may require support
  • It does not offer birthday/anniversary reminders, which are important to build interpersonal relationships
  • Does not offer email campaigning
  • Limited support channels, no live chat

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Capsule CRM has an email support system for its users, customers, and clients. They are available via contact email and also reply to Tweets. The helpdesk is at your service all weekdays.

Even though they lack a live chat system or omnichannel support line, they do have an extensive user support portal with blogs, articles, and Capsule experts that are available at your disposal at all times.

They also offer tutorials and videos that explain their advanced features and how to use them successfully. 

support capsule crm

Capsule CRM Pricing

Capsule CRM has a forever-free plan with essential features for up to 2 users and 250 contacts. It also offers three levels of paid subscriptions, as follows:


The Professional plan is suited to small teams that wish to increase sales and more organized. It costs 18 USD per user per month and includes:

  • 50,000 contacts
  • Premium integrations with Google and Microsoft
  • 10GB storage per user
  • Other integrations like Xero, MailChimp, Zapier, and more
  • Microsoft and Google SSO
  • Activity reporting


The Teams plan costs 36 USD per user per month and is suitable for growing businesses and organizations. It helps in segmenting data, managing teams, and tracking their performance. It includes:

  • Everything in the Professional plan
  • 100,000 contacts
  • Advanced sales reporting
  • 20GB storage per user
  • Team and individual record assignment
  • User roles and restrictions
  • Custom activity types
  • Important fields


The Enterprise plan by Capsule CRM costs 54 USD per user per year and is best for larger teams that require premium dedicated account management with priority support. It includes:

  • Everything in Teams
  • 200,000 contacts
  • Complete implementation support
  • 40GB storage per user
  • Import assistance
  • Custom training
  • Ongoing priority support
  • A dedicated customer success manager 

Choose the plan that best fits your needs by clicking here. 

You can try all these plans for free for 30 days with no credit card obligations.

capsule crm pricing plans

Conclusion – Capsule CRM Review

Capsule CRM is an easy-to-use CRM system with a great offering for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those that require Google and Microsoft integrations. The key missing feature is marketing. It does not have any dedicated features that would strengthen its marketing but has some advanced features supporting the CRM functionality. 

In short, if you are looking to amplify your CRM, you should give Capsule CRM a try!

Now, this Close CRM review ends. I hope this review was useful to you.